Alibaba is, as most of you know, a wholesale website where you can communicate and shop with suppliers from all over the world.

AliExpress is another offer from Alibaba. It is an online e-commerce company that acts as Alibaba’s retail arm.

Although Alibaba is a well-known company, the quality of the salespeople is not always uniform. Often people have been cheated or have gotten products under the wrist.

  • The best way to get a good experience with AliExpress is preparation.

Here are 10 AliExpress security tips to protect you against fraud.

Aliexpress Warranty - Open Look for Years of Openness, Feedback and Buyer Protection

10 AliExpress security tips to prevent fraud

1. When did the store open?

This data point informs you about the date on which the seller opens the shop.

If it takes more than two years, they have some authority and, to a certain extent, some sustainability. If it has been open for less than a year, its quality has not yet been confirmed.

So, if you want to make a very expensive purchase or buy a technological product, you better choose the AliExpress store, which has been around for some time.

2. Store guidelines Buyer protection

AliExpress has within its platform protocols to protect the buyer as well as possible against fraudulent sellers.

Protection of Aliexpress customers

In the case of a purchase, it will be useful to examine the protection of the buyer that the seller enjoys.

Each seller shall have at least the following protective equipment:

  • Full refund if you do not receive your order
  • Full or partial refund if the course does not meet the description.

For more information on this subject, please read the vendor’s available warranties (found in the product description section).

3. Star rating and assessment – Research

You’ve probably already checked the reviews and reviews.

A good way to browse through the comment section is to select the With photos option.

Many customers upload pictures of their products and give their opinion. This is a good way to ensure that people always get the right product (and are satisfied with the quality).

You will receive a full page feedback from the seller when you click on a diamond icon in the Sold section.

Aliexpress comments page The comments page gives an overview of the product and the service of the seller.

4. Last purchase and purchase frequency

Exams are marked with a date.

Check the last purchase you saw, and if it was recent, it’s a good sign that people are buying it.

Also pay attention to the frequency of purchases, if it is constant, this is also a good sign.

If people haven’t bought a product in the last six months, it could be a red flag. Either the product is not available or the shop is closed.

Comments from Aliexpress Product comment sheds light on complicated details

5. Contact the retailer before purchasing.

It is possible to contact the seller prior to purchase.

Ask all necessary questions about the quality of the material, the warranty, the return policy and everything else you need to know.

Make sure your answers match what you have stated on the product page.

  • Pay attention: A good salesperson will tell you in detail about the product and will not try to force the product on you.

6. Very low priced positions can be forged

Everything has been done to make the Ali Express store look good.

If a product costs a ridiculously low price, you have to be very careful, because it can just be fake.

7. No free shipping on expensive items

Free shipping can be a tempting offer, but for your product it’s more risky.

Delivery by post is free of charge and there is no guarantee on the handling of your product.

If your product is expensive or out of order, you better spend a few extra dollars to have it delivered by a reliable service like DHL.

8. Customs and import duties may be levied

Goods from China may be subject to import duties in your country.

This can represent about 30% of the value of your product. It’s very indirect.

It is best to use a tool such as the service calculator, which tells you the estimated cost of the service.

9. Do not try to start a dispute before you receive yourproduct.

AliExpress disputes can be complicated.

You are trying to file a dispute, and if you are using this dispute because you did not receive your product, you have exhausted all your disputes before the product arrives.

When the seller dispatches your goods and puts an end to the dispute, you cannot fail to make any checks. So if your product is defective, there is nothing you can do because you have exhausted your arguments.

10. Use your product before recognizing.

It is possible to confirm receipt after the goods have been received.

Do not confirm your cheque immediately upon receipt of the goods.

Test and check if this is how the advertising is done and if it works to your satisfaction. Only when you are satisfied, you must confirm receipt.

If you follow these tips, you should be able to shop at AliExpress without any problems.

What are your experiences with AliExpress? Have you ever been fooled? Please let us know in the following remarks.

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