Like any technology, Windows has problems from time to time. Error 1603: A fatal error that occurs during installation is a warning displayed by the Windows installation engine that indicates a problem with the installation of a particular program.

In this article we will look at error 1603, what causes it, and what you can do to fix the problem.

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There are actually a number of reasons why this error may occur, as described below.

  • Creating short file names is not enabled on your device.
  • The user action in the installation script is not correctly defined.
  • You are trying to overwrite a locked file.
  • The Windows installation service has not been installed correctly.
  • Windows temporary folders are full.
  • If the installation file has become corrupted after installation, this error may occur during uninstallation.
  • The Install Shield Developer version is outdated.
  • Printer and file sharing is not enabled or installed when the application requires this service.
  • The program you are trying to install is already installed.
  • The folder containing the installation path is encrypted.
  • The installation pad plate is intended as a replacement plate.
  • The system drive does not have full permissions to manage the folder where you are trying to install the Windows Installer package.

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Here are six solutions you can use to resolve error 1603 on your computer.

Check if the programis already installed.

The first thing you should do is check if the application or program you want to install on your computer is already installed.

Step one: Press Windows key + X to bring up the context menu and select Apps and features.

Step two: Make sure the program you are trying to install is already in the list. If so, delete it and try again.

Make sure the folder you are trying to install is encrypted.

If the destination folder is encrypted, you cannot install packages there. Check if the destination folder is encrypted and if so, try installing it under a different path.

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Install the package on a disk that is not marked as areplacement.

Another common reason you see this error is that you are trying to install a package to a drive that is marked as replacement in your operating system.

To get around this, try changing the installation location and the 1603 error should disappear.

Delete all temporary folders

Removing all temporary folders can help free up the cache memory that installers need to extract and install their packages.

Just type %TEMP% into the Run command prompt, which you can open with the Windows + R key combination, and delete all the files in the folder.

Make sure no simultaneous applications are running.

During the installation of the package, it is recommended to close all applications running on the PC, as they may interfere with the requirements of the installation program.

If you leave the application running in the background while you install something, close the application and try again.

Give full control of the SYSTEM account

If your operating system’s SYSTEM account does not have full management privileges, you will likely encounter similar errors. To resolve error 1603, do the following.

Step one: Open Windows Explorer, right-click on the drive where you want to install the package, and select Properties.

Step two: Click on the Security tab and select the SYSTEM account. Make sure that full control authority is enabled. If not, click the Edit button and add the desired resolution.

Step three: Now click on the Advanced button.

Step four: Choose Change permissions.

Step 5: Select SYSTEM and click the Edit button.

Step six: Select this folder, this subfolder, and these files from the Apply drop-down list and click OK.

Wait for your system to apply the changes and then try restarting the installation package. This should fix the MSI 1603 error: A fatal error has occurred during installation on the PC.

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