There is no denying that the reporting function has made our lives easier. You can be notified of important messages or missed calls at a glance. However, many Android users report that their phone no longer displays missed calls. You can update your phone or follow our manual to solve this problem.

Correct missed calls not displayed on Android phones

Restart the phone at

Before you start working, you need to restart the phone. You never know when that little correction might come in handy.

Check the standard telephone application.

You may have recently installed a third-party phone application or may have accidentally changed the default phone application. Applications such as Truecaller or Viber can be the reason for this. If you change the phone application, the default notification will not be displayed on your primary phone. To change the default phone application : 1.

Step one: Open the phone settings and tap Applications.

  • how to export the big Android.
  • how to export the big Android.

Step two: Search for the Default option. Every phone displays it differently. Touch the phone application and change it from a third party application to a system application.

how to export the big Android.

Deleting cache and phone data App

If the first two corrections weren’t for you, we’d have even more solutions for you. The next step is to clear the cache of your phone application. You won’t lose any important data. If cleaning the cache has not solved your problem, continue cleaning the data in your phone application. If you do, all you lose is your call list and nothing else.

Step one: From the Phone Settings menu, touch Applications.

  • how to export the big Android.
  • how to export the big Android.

Step two: Find the phone application and press it.

how to export the big Android.

Step three: Now select the option Save and on the next screen you can clear the cache.

how to export the big Android.

Step four: Restart the phone to see if the problem is solved. If this does not work, repeat the process, but this time click Delete Data.

Application activation messages for telephone

Sometimes phone application notifications are disabled, disabling the notification bar. Let’s turn on the step-by-step notification of phone applications.

Step one: Go to Phone Settings and tap Phone application in the Applications section.

how to export the big Android.

Step two: In the phone application you will find the Notification option, then various settings are available. Please note that you are not blocking all messages from the request.

how to export the big Android.

Enabling contact messages

If the problem persists, you can check whether the Contacts application is turned on or not.

Step one: Go to the menu, press and hold the Contacts button. A pop-up window will appear.

how to export the big Android.

Step two: Click on the login details and you will be directed to the new screen.

how to export the big Android.

Step three: Select Contact Messages and check that the messages are enabled.

how to export the big Android.

No longer missing

We hope the above solutions have solved the problem of not receiving notifications of missed calls. However, if the problem is not resolved, you may consult this manual to examine all other available solutions.

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