Best Alpaca Sweaters of Latest Trend: For Men & Women

You may have seen an alpaca wool sweater, but you never thought it was the right piece of hiking gear or travel wardrobe. Here are some of the benefits:

Alpaca wool wicks perspiration away from your body and keeps it warm and dry.

It is mainly designed for travel and outdoor sports such as snowboarding, snowboarding and skiing, so you can stay warm during all activities.

Given these good advantages, we should start by selecting the best alpaca jersey for you.

Best alpaca jerseys for men

Scandinavian Alpaca jersey Invisible world

Get ready for this cold season with a nordic alpaca sweater from The Invisible World. This Scandinavian-style sweater offers warmth and softness to fight the cold while maintaining comfort and privacy.

This sweater is made from the best quality pure Peruvian alpaca fiber, which is warmer than wool and softer than cashmere, ideal for spring, autumn and winter. The alpaca yarn is handmade in Bolivia to guarantee the best quality of each product. This control ensures that the shirt will last for many years and prevents the fabric from overflowing over time.

The Scandinavian Alpaca sweater is characterised by warm, earthy colours and a lively pattern that is attractive and elegant all year round. However, it is only available in one colour and one design.

It has a high quality zipper that makes it easy to get in and out. With this neckline you can wear it as a V-neck under a suit and tie it for a professional look or close the deep neck of a turtle for an everyday look. A straight cut also gives it a modern and renewed look.

The advantages of

  • Pure Peruvian alpaca fiber
  • The alpaca yarn is handmade in Bolivia.
  • Prevents peeling and is permanent
  • Contemporary fit, attractive design and colours
  • Can be worn as a V-neck or low turtle neck


  • It is available in the same colour and design.

Basic jersey Alpaca half zip

This half jersey closure from Alpaca Basics keeps the winter away at an affordable price. Made from 100% natural alpaca wool, known for its warmth and softness, thanks to its natural elastic properties. It is handcrafted in Peru to offer the best quality that guarantees its durability over many seasons.

This sweater has a half-pointed closure and is a stylish and casual sweater and a classic model that is suitable for a more casual and relaxed look. In cold weather, you can also install it in front of the turtle’s neck. It is available in six different colours, from neutral brown to greasy red. It is a simple sweater for everyday use, with a simple and durable design, which is easy to combine with other things, but does not stand out from the rest.

This alpaca jersey is hypoallergenic and contains no lanolin, which minimizes itching and reactions on sensitive skin.

The advantages of

  • Made of 100% alpaca wool.
  • Crafts in Peru
  • Daily and classic look
  • Attractive and varied colours
  • hypoallergenic and non-lanlanlanine

Geometric sweater in alpaca wool from Cusco Reimis

The geometric Cusco Alpaca sweater by Raymis promises to bring warmth with its rich and attractive Andean pattern.

It is made of hypoallergenic alpaca wool, which has a relatively high resistance and elasticity, guaranteeing durability and comfort. It also prevents peeling and itching thanks to the naturally longer fibres in alpaca wool compared to other types of fabric. Alpaca wool also feels very soft and gives a cuddly feeling.

It is available in four attractive colours and has a very detailed Andean pattern. The design is really unique and attractive, especially if you are passionate about details and patterns. Wear it with your shirt in a collage underneath to create a casual look with its crew neck style.

This alpaca sweater is ideal for autumn and winter, but others have noticed that the knit is somewhat transparent and thin and that the sweater itself can be a bit thicker for a more luxurious feeling.

The advantages of

  • Made of hypoallergenic alpaca wool.
  • Prevents peeling and itching.
  • Attractive colour variations
  • A unique Andean design

Gamboa-alpaca sweater with round neck

If you are looking for one of the best alpaca jerseys that combines fashion and tradition by offering the best quality and warmth during the cold season, then a Gamboa round neck alpaca jersey is the right choice for you.

Gamboa distinguishes its products by an exclusive design and pays special attention to quality in order to offer you attractive and durable products. This sweater is made of alpaca wool fibers, which contain microscopic airbags that provide excellent insulation while keeping the garment light and breathable.

Alpaca wool is extremely soft and warm to get rid of the cold without getting thicker. It has a longer length and elongation for a more comfortable feeling.

The alpaca jersey has a round neckline with light colours, ranging from dark tones for a more elegant and sophisticated look to multicoloured patterns for a more vibrant look. It also features unique patterns and an authentic Andean design.

Alpaca wool is naturally hypoallergenic, so it’s an excellent choice for people with sensitive skin, but some people have noticed that the sweater still itches a bit.

The advantages of

  • Made of alpaca wool fibers.
  • Light and inconspicuous.
  • generous length and extension
  • A wide range of colours and unique patterns

Best alpaca jerseys for women

Reverse sweater in invisible alpaca arabesques

One of the favourite sweaters of the alpacas of the invisible world is the reversible Arabian cardigan. This soft, silky and durable alpaca wool sweater has a reversible design that gives you two totally different looks in one. Wear a lighter lace for a casual look or switch to the black lace for a more trained look.

The Arabesque cardigan is made of baby alpaca’s 100% Peruvian wool. This very elegant material offers much softer than ordinary alpaca wool and gives you a cuddly feeling, ideal for spring, autumn and winter.

Handmade in Bolivia, this alpaca sweater guarantees the highest quality and excellence for durable clothing that never takes a pill and always looks brand new. It is also naturally hypoallergenic, making it an ideal choice for people with sensitive skin as it it itches less than wool.

It is available in two colors and has a beautiful hand embroidered design that looks perfect on both sides. It has a zipper along the entire length of the body, so it can be worn as a vest or pulled up like a sweater with a zipper. You can also adjust the sweater by pulling the zipper up or down depending on your preferences and the weather.

Despite the fact that this alpaca sweater is extremely soft and beautiful, others have noticed that it is not so warm for the sweater.

The advantages of

  • 100% Peruvian alpaca wool for babies
  • Crafts in Bolivia
  • Reversible design
  • Prevents peeling and itching.
  • Has a nice hand embroidered design

Alpaca woolen jacket with hood

This Alpaca Warehouse jacket has a less conventional design than the basic jersey. The jacket has a knitted hood, two front pockets, a full-length zipper along the body and a longer cut to wear as an outer garment.

This jacket is made of alpaca wool and is handmade in Peru. During the cold season it brings softness, lightness and warmth. The excellent alpaca wool guarantees durability and years of peeling. 9SFSC

The jacket is available in a wide variety of colours and patterns. Choose from 19 different options with a unique Andean llama design and beautiful colour combinations. The knitted hood provides extra warmth in cool weather, while the longer cut gives a casual look when worn as an outerwear. Two pockets are also deep enough to carry your stuff comfortably.

Alpaca wool is hypoallergenic for people who are sensitive to wool. Others, however, have noticed that the sweater causes only minimal itching and scratches.

The advantages of

  • Made from alpaca wool and handmade in Peru.
  • Durable and prevents peeling
  • An extremely wide range of colours and patterns
  • It has a knitted hood and two pockets.
  • He’s got a bigger cut.


  • Minimal itching and scratching

Ophelias Invisible World Alpaca Embroidered Vest Jumper

The embroidered Ophelia jumper from Invisible World is one of the best alpaca jerseys on the market. It features chic, old-fashioned floral embroidery, carefully handcrafted in Bolivia, with a warm blend of warm shades of brown and rust, with accents of cobalt blue that stand out immediately.

Besides the beautiful shape, the fabric of the sweater comes from Ophelia Alpaca. It is made of 100% alpaca wool, known for its softness and warmth, ideal for the cold season. It prevents pilling and increases the durability of the garments. Alpaca wool is very soft, making your clothes more comfortable and yet lightweight.

The zipper of this alpaca jersey is located at the bottom of the keyhole of the collar, which you can adjust according to your preferences and the weather. The design and cut of this sweater allows you to wear it as you wish or use it for look filings. However, they are only available in one colour version and one design.

The advantages of

  • A beautiful handmade embroidery design
  • 100% alpaca wool
  • Prevents peeling
  • Light
  • Has a full closure


  • It is available in the same colour and design.

Gamboa Peruvian Alpaca T-shirts

Gamboa’s Peruvian alpaca jersey is made from alpaca wool, which provides thermal insulation on cold days while remaining soft and light to give a cuddly feeling. This luxury alpaca wool has long fibres compared to other types of wool, which keeps the sweater warm and durable. It prevents pilling and extends the life of the garment.

It is naturally hypoallergenic and lanoline-free, making it an ideal choice for people with allergies or itchy woollen clothes.

The Peruvian alpaca sweater has a zipper and a hood, handmade by experienced craftsmen for extra warmth. It shows a casual style with a unique Andean and Lama design. It is a versatile garment, ideal for the cold winter season. It is available in different colours and patterns. Others, however, have noticed that it is not so thick and that the knitted fabric is a little transparent.

The advantages of

  • Made of alpaca wool.
  • Prevents peeling and is permanent
  • hypoallergenic and non-lanlanlanine
  • It has a zipper and a hood.
  • Has a unique design of the Andes and the lamp

Alpaca woolen gamboa sweater with hood and fringes

For the retro and casual style, an alpaca hood with gamboa fringes is the perfect choice. It shows a unique geometric pattern from the Andes, handmade by Peruvian craftsmen.

This sweater is made of alpaca wool, which contains microscopic airbags that make the garments light and soft and at the same time serve as excellent insulators, ideal for autumn and winter. The long fibres in alpaca wool contribute to the durability of the garment and prevent it from loosening, extending the life of the sweater.

Alpaca wool is also known for its extreme softness, which surpasses that of cashmere and gives a more pleasant and cuddly touch. It is also intrinsically hypoallergenic to people who are sensitive to wool.

It is available in many bright colors, but the color choice and design is a little sticky and outdated for the modern look. But if you are looking for a nice retro sweater, this is a good option for you.

The advantages of

  • Has a unique Andean geometric design
  • Made of alpaca wool fibers.
  • Prevents peeling
  • Hypoallergenic

Last words

That’s why alpaca wool sweaters are an essential part of the equipment for someone who loves the winter season or for someone who really loves winter sports. This type of sweater keeps your body warm and comfortable despite the cold and rough environment. After all, you can enjoy what you do without having to worry about your safety.

In this article we hope you get an idea of the variety of alpaca jerseys available on the market. We also hope this article will help you find the best alpaca jersey for you.

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