I am sure most of your daily mornings start with coffee. Coffee in many countries has become a part of life rather than a tasty drink.

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Good Coffee

What does it mean to have a good quality coffee? Coffee production involves a number of costs.

These are the costs of appropriate tillage, the use of certain production technologies, and the remuneration of workers involved in the entire process. But this does not mean that an inexpensive product must necessarily taste bad.

But the desire for excessive economy leads to the fact that the final result is often a matter of chance. Pay attention to Finnish coffee.

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The combination of low price and excellent quality, like everything Finnish. Nothing fancy, just coffee. Be sure to try Scandinavian roasted coffee. You will be pleasantly surprised!


In the world, there are two varieties of coffee that are usually grown. Those are Arabica and Robusta, each of which appears in several varieties. Arabica bushes are more demanding in growing conditions.

They are cultivated mainly in tropical climates, in the highlands of Africa and South America. Cultivate them on fertile soils away from the hot sun. From these oblong beans, coffee is created with a delicate, bitter taste with a hint of sourness. Arabica contains just over 1.7% caffeine.

Another variety, Robusta, can be grown in the lower parts of the mountains. It is more resistant to difficult natural conditions, more pungent, and bitter in taste. There is more caffeine in Robusta – 2 to 4%. See coffee dictionary.

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Although Arabica is universally considered a noble variety due to the beautiful-looking beans, each variety has its own adherents. The love for a particular coffee depends mainly on the habits formed in each country.

In Italy, they like to drink a mixture of Arabica and Robusta. The further south, the greater the amount of Robusta in individual mixtures, and at times significantly exceeds 50%.

This is also connected with the popularity of espresso since the creamy foam on its surface is the merit of Robusta itself. Now in the world, about 80% of plantations grow all kinds of Arabica. The other 20% grow Robusta.

Make sure to try any type of coffee as it is God’s drink. Also, don’t forget about its energy.

Coffee is great in the morning or during a break. Have a great cup of coffee!