A custom-made virtual casino has many tools and opportunities for managers. This is one of the most profitable solutions for all entrepreneurs working in the gambling market.

The digital casino industry is heavily regulated or banned in many states. However, there are some excellent ways to get into the market and start a casino online. It is to buy either White Label or turnkey solutions.

The 2WinPower team of experts suggests analyzing both options with their features, advantages, and drawbacks.

2 Ways of Creating a Web Casino: Basic Difference

Starting a profit-making business in a virtual environment is the main task for operators. There are two main ways to create a digital casino — start from the beginning or buy a ready-made development.

The second option is much more profitable — the entrepreneur orders a turnkey or White Label project from reliable suppliers. It is economical, fast, and of high quality.

White Label Scheme

This is one of the most common ways to enter the market quickly. A businessman who buys a White Label product reduces the number of operations and opens his casino faster than usual.

These licensed developments are sold by experienced and famous producers—the latter account for tech setup, portal design, and the creation of extraordinary casino entertainment.

The buyer receives a multifunctional gaming platform, which includes:

  • digital casino opportunities or a betting portal;
  • an incorporated multi-currency payment tools for safe operations;
  • a prestigious license;
  • hosting services and website templates;
  • a diverse catalog of wagering content, and much more.

Turnkey Model

This option offers more extensive personalization of the digital platform. Operators get a fresh product with different customization settings.

A turnkey casino assures complete freedom in all decisions. The administrator can change settings and customize the interface according to their preferences.

Among the main features, there are:

  • a personalized digital platform;
  • an easy-to-use interface and dependable services;
  • a built-in program of bonuses and individual payments;
  • variety of developments made by premium firms;
  • support for different licenses.

To make the right choice, the entrepreneurs have to consider the requirements of both project setup methods and analyze the prospects of the gambling market.

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White Label VS Turnkey Digital Casino: Pros and Cons

Both types help customers reduce the amount of work and time to set up a casino.

Consider the main advantages of White Label products:

  1. Low cost but excellent efficiency. Such solutions will help novice operators since they are cheap but reliable. Customers get a decent casino from scratch, even with minimal initial funds.
  2. The option suits any operator. Easy-to-navigate interfaces are convenient to work with for even a beginner in the wagering sphere. White Label also includes tech support.
  3. Fastest entry to the market. After purchasing the system, the entrepreneur rebrands it and immediately launches the product.
  4. A license from the supplier. It is another benefit of White Label to start a casino online. Entrepreneurs receive a permit from prominent vendors.
  5. Payment security. The White Label participant receives a convenient interface for making trading operations, which is provided with fraud protection.

There are several significant cons of White Label casinos. Firstly, it is the lack of customization settings — the user cannot edit the product without permission. However, operators can submit a support request. Secondly, entrepreneurs have to pay approximately 60% of their profits to the parent company.

Turnkey solutions provide equally high-quality casinos on the Internet. These state-of-the-art developments allow managers to gain maximum control over platforms and add settings.

Consider the benefits of turnkey options:

  1. Variety of customizations. The owner participates in every development phase, sets the necessary parameters, and creates an original brand with the help of professionals.
  2. The invention of a unique design. The architecture of a distinguishing website satisfies the needs of customers. Experienced creative specialists help operators shape outstanding styling.
  3. High-quality content that attracts an audience. A turnkey casino offers to select and upload various products onto the platform.
  4. Total management of the business. A ready-made web product becomes the entire property of the operator after the purchase. The entrepreneur manages all processes and deals with marketing and other brand advertising tasks.
  5. Reliable financial instruments. The turnkey option offers diverse ways to conduct transactions. It assures complete security thanks to a fraud protection module.

The main drawback of turnkey solutions is that it takes a lot of time to start casinos online. In addition, such developments cost much more than White Label businesses.

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The Main Things about Web Casino Solutions

The wagering sphere has a lot to propose to entrepreneurs. Both White Label and turnkey offerings provide a well-designed product, exclusive gaming content, payment and promotion tools, licensing, and much more. However, they differ much in cost, development stages, and optimization possibilities.

Whether you are a beginner or a long-standing operator — you can start a career in the entertainment business with professional solutions.

The gambling aggregator 2WinPower suggests both ways of opening digital platforms and related services.

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