Development issue/problem:

I am trying to connect ADB via WIFI on my unarmed android devices. I currently have 3 Android devices, 2 of them running Android 4.0.4 and 1 running Android 2.3.
The IP addresses of my devices are,,

I have enabled debugging via USB on all devices and am following all the steps listed here.

In the command line I did the following

adb tcpip 5555
Restart in TCP mode port: 5555
adb socket

My problem is that on one of my devices (Android 4.0.4), the ADB connects with a message that says

connected to

However, when I try to contact others, they say….

Cannot connect to

Screenshot of the terminal page :

Picture of the terminal on the connected device :

Image of the terminal on a device that is not connected :

Many posts on Stack Over Flow indicate that I do the same thing from the root of my phone, but the device that connects the ADB is not rotatable either.

The problem with devices that are not connected to the network may be that their ports are not listening.

We are grateful for all the help.

How can I solve this problem?

Solution 1:

It works fine with the android 4.0.4. but below that it doesn’t work. The answer to your problem is to update all devices to version 4.0.4.

Solution 2:

I had the same problem.

First, I connected an Android4.0.3 based device via USB and set the TCP/IP port to 5555.

$ adb tcpip 5555

I then disconnected the USB connection and connected the device via IP WiFi and it worked.

adb kill server
$ adb connect
* Daemon is not running. run it now on port 5037 *
* Daemon is running successfully *
is connected to

Solution 3:

The steps are correct, a small part is different: The connection step must be performed after removing the cable.
Again, follow the steps below. This also works for devices that are not rooted. I have tested it on several non-functional devices including Moto G, Nexus 1, Videocon, etc.

  1. Connect the mobile phone via USB and tap the button:

Doping control 5555

  1. Find the type of mobile IP :

shell adb ip -f inet addr show wlan0

The IP address is displayed on the second line as follows: brd wlan0 on a global scale

where is the IP address of your mobile phone.

  1. Remove the USB cable and enter the type:


Solution 4:

After reading this question, I decided to create a user-friendly solution to solve this problem. You can use the open source plugin for IntelliJ that I developed. Here is the code and here is the plugin, ready to use.

The request is quite simple. Here’s a present for you:

Enter a description of the image here

Remember that older devices using Android 2.X do not support this Android Debug Bridge feature. For this reason, you cannot connect the device shown in the screenshots.

Solution no. 5:

Screenshot of the terminal page

First connection of the device via USB

and then apply the commands from …. apply.

Solution no. 6:

Activate adb via Wi-Fi on your phone
, enter the description of the image here .

For example, create a file on the desktop. B. ‘Connect.bat’
and paste this code (you only need to change sdk, port and ip):

SET sdk=E:Pracasdkplatform-tools
SET port=5555
SET ip=

cd /dd %sdk%
adb tcpip %port%
adb shell netcfg
adb connect %ip%:%port%
echo connected via WiFi
adb -s %ip%:%port% usb
echo disconnected

It is a very quick and easy solution. Have fun!

Good luck!

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