Cybercrime has become one of the most damaging, dangerous, and expensive types of crime. It means that it is more important than ever that cybersecurity is prioritized in all areas of society. It’s not only businesses that need to prioritize this in 2023.

One of the unfortunate things about the turn of the year is that we’ve entered a year where cybercrime is going to become an even bigger threat. Every year the threat of cybercrime increases. In 2022 the global cost of cybercrime hit more than $8 trillion. It has quickly grown into one of the biggest areas of crime and one of the most dangerous.

This means that cybersecurity is more important than ever. It has become one of the biggest priorities for businesses big and small in all areas of the world. But private people are also going to need to protect themselves more in the coming years than previously. Because cybercrime is everywhere, and it’s getting more advanced.

Breaches are more costly than ever

One of the reasons why cybersecurity is more important than ever is not just that cyberattacks are more frequent – they are also more costly. It can be extremely damaging and expensive for businesses to be hit by a cyberattack today. For a larger firm, the average cost for a data breach is estimated at $24000. But these are just the financial costs; the reputational damage can be much greater.

Hackers are getting more sophisticated

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Another reason why it’s more important than ever that we focus on cybercrime and continue to develop new solutions is that hackers are getting a lot more sophisticated all the time. Things that would have been hard a few years ago are no problem today. Hackers manage to get into the highest, most well-protected systems there are. But it’s not just the big corporations; it’s also common citizens becoming victims.

It’s easier than ever to steal people’s data and money. This is why everyone should focus on protecting themselves, not just businesses. One of the most common types of protective software is a VPN. It can be very helpful in hiding information from hackers because it encrypts your data. This can protect you in many places online and also if you sometimes use public or shared wifi. Read more about how to protect yourself using a VPN at

Hacking equipment is easier to get a hold of

As mentioned, it’s easier to hack successfully than ever before. One of the major factors causing this is that it’s never been this easy to get a hold of hacking equipment. It means that pretty much anyone can become a basic hacker without much effort. You no longer have to be a super-skilled hacker in order to cause actual damage. When it comes to simpler attacks like simple phishing attacks or ransomware, this is not a development that’s going to stop, and it is, unfortunately, very hard to stop or regulate.

IoT devices are causing greater risks

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The internet of things (IoT) has made life easier in many ways. It is extremely functional and can speed up tasks, optimize many controlling processes, and make accessibility easier. But it has also made it easier for cybercriminals to breach. There are still a lot of security weaknesses that induce more risks. Especially for businesses if this is not managed properly. When everything is connected, you often only need to breach once to access the entire system. These four things are just some of the factors that make it more essential than ever to prioritize cybersecurity.