Less than a year has passed since Dell launched the Dell XPS 13 9300 and its successor (Dell XPS 13 9310) is already available. Dell’s latest laptop is the 10th generation with an Intel Ice Lake i7-1065G7 processor. Generation equipped with 16 GB RAM. Otherwise, the XPS 13 9310 is physically identical to the previous model.

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The Dell XPS 13 2020 represents a small but acceptable improvement over the most attractive laptop design. Without a doubt, Dell’s flagship laptop is another beauty to behold with its lightweight 2.8-pound aluminum construction and thin .58-inch bezel. You are certainly in love with the aluminium exterior and the Arctic White interior, but there is also a silver-black version if you need something quieter.

Since last year’s model, Dell has been having trouble placing the XPS 13 webcam on the top edge (bye-bye, nose camera), and it looks great in this position. Dell also managed to completely refine the glasses.

The new XPS 13 has a two roll closure that allows the notebook to be opened comfortably with one hand without creating unsightly clutter at the bottom of the screen. In fact, the XPS 13 was already a beautiful car. This time, Dell made loose ends meet.

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What’s more, the display on this new Dell XPS 13 is truly stunning. With its Dell XPS 13 1080p touchscreen, it’s undoubtedly one of the brightest and most colorful displays ever.

The 4K screen is more aesthetic, but it’s hard to see the point of a 4K screen on a 13-inch laptop.

The result of these almost invisible glasses is a 13.4-inch, 1920 x 1200 touch screen with an aspect ratio of 16:10. The panel is about 6.8% larger than the previous model. Dell has tried to offer its customers even more visual real estate in the 12.8-inch housing, while placing the webcam in the center of the top cover.

However, Dell’s Cinema Color Utility mainly offers pop colors by adjusting saturation, contrast and white balance through various presets (cinema, party, sports and animation). Even if that’s not enough, the laptop has Dolby Vision to improve HDR.

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The XPS 13’s keyboard is, to be precise, 9% larger. Despite the larger size, the keys are well positioned and none is reduced to make room. It also has excellent backlighting, bright enough to print cleanly, even in a dark room.

There is no doubt that typing text on the keyboard will be convenient and easy.

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XPS 13 2020 is equipped with 10th generation Intel chips. Generation, Core i7 processor, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB memory and a 4K display.

Thanks to these excellent features, the XPS 13 has a lot of power in its capabilities, not to mention high-end gaming. Intel’s Iris Plus graphics are an improvement over previous integrated HD graphics that you will notice when you start editing on the external 4K display.

When used with the XPS 13’s battery, however, it is almost silent and with a slight pressure only silent fans can be heard. When he is connected to the power supply, he starts doing demanding things, which makes him a bit hot, even though the fans are quiet and full of confidence. When the fans are at their peak, they are not as noisy as some of the competitors.

The laptop doesn’t get too hot, but behind some keys (R, T, Y, U and I) you might feel some heat. In addition, the ventilation openings underneath the notebook are easily blocked by the upholstered furniture. This means that the laptop must be used on a laptop, a desktop computer or a hard drive.

The XPS 13 has two USB C/Thunderbolt 3 ports, a headphone jack and a microSD card slot. Once the charger has one USB-C port occupied, the second USB-C port is used to connect accessories such as a monitor. This means that you may need a document or something else if you work from home.

When updating the BIOS for the XPS 13, an error may affect compatibility with some USB-C HDMI devices. After the upgrade, the notebook may cause errors, but it will still work with the USB-C-HDMI cable and the USB-C-HD DisplayPort docking station.

As for the error, a representative of A. Dell has stated that we are investigating this case and will update our findings.

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When working with a laptop on the road, at home or in the office, XPS 13’s battery capacity can be interrupted for an entire working day. During the test, the Dell XPS 13 laptop battery lasted approximately 12 hours and 39 minutes. The laptop was used to stream the web over Wi-Fi with a brightness of 150 Nit. The XPS 13 exceeded the 8:47 average for a high-end laptop, as did the Prestige 14 (9:49), Surface Laptop 3 (9:17) and MacBook Pro (8:41).

A full charge took about 2.5 hours with the additional 45W USB-C charger in optimized mode, but with Dell’s Quick Charge setting, it can probably take less than two hours with the laptop turned off.

Dell came back with another XPS 13 model, which is probably even better. Although it’s a collection of pretty little things that make this new model better than the previous one, it doesn’t mean you have to give up what you just bought for it. However, if you want to buy a laptop that is efficient, powerful, portable, attractive and stylish, you’ll have a hard time finding the best device.

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