Chrome Browser is an open source browser developed by Google. The beta version was released on the 2nd. September 2008, and the first stable version was released on September 11, 2008. December of the same year. And the company has developed a browser for different types of operating systems, from PCs like Windows, Mac, Linux to smartphone systems like iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The browser combines a minimalist design with advanced technology to make web browsing faster, safer and easier. And now Google Chrome is by far the most popular browser in the world, with a market share of almost 70%.

And the company recently launched Google Chrome 88 with improved dark mode support, as well as the removal of FTP and Adobe Flash support, several developer features, and more.

Why is Chrome the best browser for Windows 10?

It is a fast, simple and the most secure browser designed for the modern internet. If you want to keep all your devices connected to the internet, chrome plating is the best solution.

It can be considered the safest browser because it offers protection against malware and phishing, among other things. The latest version of Chrome has introduced a real-time blacklist for malicious websites through its Secure Browsing API. In addition, the company publishes regular automatic updates to ensure you have the latest security patches and much more.

The main purpose of the navigator is the speed of navigation. From deploying to loading complex web applications, it is the single fastest browser available today. It starts up quickly from the desktop, loads web pages in an instant, and launches complex web applications with lightning speed.

Access your bookmarks, open tabs, and history from any Chrome-enabled device.

When you connect to Chrome, you can access your bookmarks, history, and more on any Chrome compatible device. You’ll also be automatically signed in to all your favorite Google services.

We can say that it is as simple as possible so that you can concentrate on what you need to do.

The browser has its own manager that tells you which resources are used on which pages. You can open the Chrome Task Manager by pressing Shift + Esc.

What is the new Chrome 88?

Now let’s talk about Chrome 88, the latest version has improved password protection and features like tabbed search, improved dark mode support, removal of FTP and Adobe Flash support, and many features for developers.

The latest version of Chrome 88 offers a simple shortcut to detect weak passwords and deal with them immediately. To verify passwords, click on the key icon that appears below your profile, or you can manually type the chrome version: //parameters/passwords in the address bar.

For now, this feature is only available to Google Chrome desktop and iOS users. If this option is not yet available after a browser update, activate this feature manually with the flag: chrome://flags/#edit-passwords-settings.

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A new tab search feature makes it easier to find a specific page among dozens of active tabs, and this feature also supports multiple Chrome windows. If the feature is not already available, you can activate it by clicking on the Chrome flag at Chrome://flags/#enable-tab-search.

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With the latest update, Chrome Browser also improves support for dark mode in Windows 10.

Google has also laid out a plan to completely block dangerous mixed downloads. Chrome 88 now stops downloading when users visit a web page that starts with HTTPS, but files are downloaded from a URL that starts with HTTP.

In addition, there is no longer support for Adobe Flash, which is normal. The browser also removes FTP support, so you can no longer open FTP pages in the browser.

The latest version of Chrome 88 also fixes 36 security vulnerabilities.

Video: Properties of chrome 88

Upgrade to Chrome 88

If you already have Chrome installed on your system, you can easily upgrade to the latest version.

  1. Open Google Chrome,
  2. Click on the three vertical dots at the top right of the window. The Chrome menu will open,
  3. In the menu, go to Help -> About Google Chrome. This feature will call up Google Update and automatically check for new updates,
  4. You can also type chrome://settings/help into the address bar and press Enter to update chrome 88.

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Download Chrome 88

Pay attention: Links to the offline installer do not have an automatic update feature.

Download Chrome Web Installer: 32-bit |64-bit | Freeware.

Download : Google Chrome MSI Installers for Windows (auto-update)

Installation of chromium 88

Installing Google Chrome 88 is as easy as downloading it. Just run the installer you downloaded from the links above. Chrome will start differently depending on the version of Windows you are using. Let’s see how to install Chrome using the web installer.

First, go to Chrome’s official website and click on the Download Chrome button.

  • The Terms and Service screen appears on the following screen,
  • Please read the Terms of Service and License Agreement, then click Accept and Install to download the Chrome Web Installer.

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  • Now open the download location, right click on chromeSetup.exe and select Run as administrator,
  • It takes less than a minute (depending on your internet speed) to download and install.

Then it’s done.

Windows 7 : When everything is ready, the chrome window opens.

Windows 8 and 8.1 : A welcome dialog box appears. Click Next to select the default browser.

Windows 10 : After all this, a Chrome window opens. You can make Chrome your default browser.

And you managed to install Google Chrome on Windows 10.

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