If you’re anything like me, your days start with a little coffee and a glare at the clock that’s still not on at 7am. I like to think it’s because I’m an early bird, but the truth is I’m usually not ready to head out until later in the morning. The problem is, my days are filled with work, errands, appointments, meetings, and other obligations. I have one very precious “me time” that I’ll often use to catch up on work, clean up, and even take a nap. Here are some ideas for ways to make this time more enjoyable.

It is amazing how much time we all spend in our cars, especially when we live in congested places with little room to move around. What would be even better, though, is to sit back and relax while we are on the go. A great way to inspire this is to set up a little space in your home to catch your “me time.”

We all know the feeling of just wanting to sit down and relax, but being too busy to actually enjoy it. The idea of mindful “me time” has become somewhat of a modern phenomenon, and while we all hear the buzz about it, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of places or guides that focus on how to actually create this wonderful feeling.

Today everyone appreciates having free time to spend on themselves. However, when they have precious time to spare, they don’t know how to use it to their advantage. With a sensible approach, this time will help you feel rested and refreshed. Afterwards, you can resume your regular activities with more enthusiasm than horror. If you want to feel energized after being alone for a while, try to make the most of it. Sometimes, with a busy life and work schedule, this can be rare. word-image-432

7 fun and innovative things to do at home in your spare time

Here are some tips for those who value their time and want to make the most of it.

1. Be creative

This is the perfect time to let your creativity run wild. In the monotony of work, when you have to do the same things every day, your creative side can weaken. So get out the paint and grab a blank canvas. Let your creativity run wild by drawing whatever comes to mind. Don’t know how to work with paint? Come to the words. Write a poem or just write down the thoughts that come to mind. You can even keep a journal to keep track of your day.

2. Start of exercise

Have you been putting off your New Year’s resolution to get in shape? Join a fitness, dance or yoga class. It’s a great way to calm your mind and body. You can even take a trial day at a local gym. Who knows, maybe you’ll make a friend or two and enjoy your daily workout routine. You can take a bike ride or a walk if you want to refresh your mind quickly.

3. Board games

Games are so underrated as an idea to spend time alone. While it is recommended to give up technology, this usually means giving up emails, social media accounts and any other media that interferes with your free time. You can find some incredibly fun games online that will not only give you a much needed adrenaline rush, but also train your brain to think strategically. Add pizza, snacks and a comfortable environment and you can play and have fun for hours. All without getting off the couch!

4. Cook something

word-image-433 If you lead a hectic lifestyle, the worst effect is eating bland takeaways or choosing ingredients to make something for your pleasure. There are restaurants that serve great food, but the thought of having to eat out an extra day may put you off. You can take care of yourself in the kitchen and prepare the perfect meal for you. Cooking has many therapeutic benefits. Not only will you learn something new, but you can also enjoy a delicious homemade meal. So put on an apron and become a master chef in your kitchen.

5. Helping others

If anything makes you feel better than spending time taking care of yourself, it’s even better to do it voluntarily. When you give to others, it can be a very rewarding and fulfilling feeling. For once, you do everything you can to make someone’s life warmer and better. This doesn’t mean you have to do any extra work. You can even clean out your closet and give all the things you no longer wear or need to someone who really needs them. It’s worth it to make the world a better place.

6. Reward yourself

Most people tend to skip out when it comes to pampering. If you like to please or applaud someone who is doing something good for you, you should do the same for yourself. Being kind to yourself pays off in the long run. Get a massage, eat your favourite ice cream and maybe even treat yourself to some online shopping. After all, you’ve worked hard for it, so it’s only fair that you reap the rewards too.

7. Always take time for self-care

You can enjoy your life more if you spend enough time taking care of yourself. Constant overload and stress have a negative effect on your mental and physical abilities. They become more susceptible to disease and can even easily become depressed. Make sure you take time for yourself every now and then to recover. This will help you create a better work-life balance. You will be able to optimize both your professional life and your personal commitments.We spend a lot of time at home — a lot more time than we realize. But what we typically don’t do is sit down and enjoy it. Some of us go through entire weeks without ever going to the bathroom (ouch). This forces us to watch TV and order takeout, which doesn’t really count as “me time” — but with these ideas, you can improve the quality of your time at home and stay healthier and fitter for longer.. Read more about fun things to do at home by yourself as a kid and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do during me time at home?

If you’re looking for ways to squeeze in some downtime at home, you’ve probably gone through your smartphone’s list of features. “Allo Allo”, “Black Mirror”, “Call Me Maybe” are all good examples of apps that can entertain you in your downtime. You might also consider doing some activities that you enjoy, like reading, playing video games or watching TV shows. But if you’re still looking for some new ideas, we’ve got you covered. What do you do when you have a free hour or two of free time throughout the day? For many, the answer is staring right back at you, right in the face: the Internet. And yes, there are plenty of websites out there that can help you learn how to do anything with computers, from cooking to building a home theater. But it isn’t all serious business: there’s also a ton of humorous stuff to be found, as well!

How do I make myself fun at home?

For many people, fun is part of the daily routine: they meet up with friends, go on dates and have dinners at home. For others, this is a burden: they feel like they need to constantly entertain people, and are constantly on their guard. Fun is often something that takes people by surprise and is difficult to maintain. I know this because I have been there. In the past, I used to be someone who wanted to be a great cook, but my passion has diminished over time. I am a busy lady, working on a job, and have a few other responsibilities. It took me a while to realize that there’s a specific way I should be enjoying my dinner at home. Being fun always seems to be a struggle for some people. They don’t know how to be fun. They don’t know the rules of fun. They simply cannot figure it out. This can be because they are afraid of being out of control. They are afraid of having good times. They are afraid of laughing out loud. They are afraid of having fun, because they are afraid of being themselves.

What’s your favorite me time activities?

I’ve spent a lot of time just sitting around and relaxing lately. I’m not sure why, but I’m finding it hard to be productive. I’ve been reading, but I’ve been bored. I’m watching TV, but I’m screaming at the characters. I’m reading, but the words are not making sense. I’m listening to music, but my favorite songs are annoying. I’m following a ton of new social media accounts, but they are not doing anything for me. I’m watching a ton of YouTube videos, but I’m not feeling anything. At home, I spend a lot of time on my laptop doing various things, but sometimes there are things you can do at home that are more fun and relaxing than sitting in a chair and going on the internet. One of my favorite hobbies is relaxing with a good movie, but I also enjoy reading and catching up with friends, so I have created a list of activities that I enjoy doing when I’m out of the house.

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