how to fix roblox infinite install looproblox install loop 2020roblox was not able to updateroblox stuck on configuring macroblox install loop 2020 macroblox stuck on please waithow to uninstall robloxhow to reinstall roblox

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The Roblox configuration cycle is often caused by an overprotected third-party antivirus. The installation process configures the application for your system. This will look like a Roblox configuration. However, this can often get stuck and you need to maintain the loop of the specified message. Some users may experience problems installing the update.

Whatever the scenario in which the problem occurs, here are some solutions to solve it. But before we get to that, let’s look at what’s causing the problem so you can better understand it.

Disable the computer’s antivirus to fix the Robloxloopback configuration.

Anti-virus software on your computer that prevents the game from making changes to your system can cause this problem. Try disabling the antivirus program and then see if the problem persists. If you are using a third-party antivirus program, see their instructions for disabling the program. If you are using Microsoft Defender, do the following.

  • Open the settings.
  • Click on Update and Security.
  • Click on Windows Security.
  • Click on Virus and Threat Protection.
  • Click on Manage settings.
  • Turn off the circuit breaker in real time.

Check the speed of your internet connection

Since this is an online game, a stable internet connection is required for it to work properly. If your connection is slow, this may be the cause of the problem. You can check your internet speed at If upload and download speeds are not satisfactory, try disconnecting other devices connected to the network that may be consuming bandwidth and connecting only the computer. If the internet problem persists, contact your internet service provider.

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Uninstall third-party antivirus program

It turns out that one of the culprits is a third-party antivirus program installed on your computer. That’s because the program is too small. In other words: It can interfere with processes that it thinks are harmful, but which are not in fact harmful. This will result in a false alarm.

If Roblox continues to install, you can disable the third-party antivirus software and restart the installation. You can also completely uninstall the antivirus software and delete the remaining files that were not deleted during the uninstallation by following the steps below.

Step one: In Windows 10, type Control Panel in the search box and click on the result to open this application. Show elements as large symbols.

Step two: Tap Programs and Features to open a list of installed programs.

Step three: Find your antivirus program, right click on it and select Uninstall.

Step four: After uninstalling the program, delete the remaining files on the computer.

Using VPN

Sometimes your internet connection or network limitations may block Roblox during installation. To solve this problem, you can use a VPN during the installation process, as you will get a private connection and the application can be easily installed.

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how to fix roblox infinite install looproblox install loop 2020roblox was not able to updateroblox stuck on configuring macroblox install loop 2020 macroblox stuck on please waithow to uninstall robloxhow to reinstall roblox

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