Development issue/problem:

If I run Genymotion, I get the following error:

How can I fix it?

How can I solve this problem?

Solution 1:

Update : Before I continue reading, I would like to point out that I haven’t had any problems since the VirtualBox update to version 4.3.4.

I’m using VirtualBox 4.3.2 on Ubuntu 13.10. I had the same problem after I went from Genymotion 2.0.0 to 2.0.1.

Here are the steps I’ve taken to address the problem, although I’m not sure which ones will work for you.

Step one. Start VirtualBox, go to the File/Settings menu, go to the Network section, select the Host-Only Network tab.

If you don’t have a specific adapter, you can create one (as below) or you can skip step 1 and Genymotion will create one when you try to start the VM.

If you have an adapter (vboxnet0), click the Edit button. In the edit window, you must enable the DHCP server AND the IP address and distribution pool of the server must be on the same network as the IP of the network controller. For example, I use:

  • IPv4 address/network mask: (on the Adapter tab)
  • DHCP Server is enabled (in the DHCP Server tab).
  • Server/network mask address :
  • The server address is at the top/bottom:

Back in VirtualBox, select the Android VM you have, click Settings, select the Network section. In the Adapter 1 :

  • Activate the network adapter Check
  • Connected to : Host only adapter
  • Name : vboxnet0

Normally, if you have all these settings, it should work, but not for me. So I moved on to phase two.

Step two. As Genymotion notes, start VirtualBox, go to File/Settings menu, go to Network, select the Host-Only Networks tab and remove the specific adapters.

Run your VM in Genymotion. Genymotion will recreate the adapter with the correct parameters (as described in step 1).

Normally, if step 1 didn’t work for you, step 2 should work well, but not for me. So I moved on to phase three.

Step three. Delete and recreate the Android VM in Genymotion (VirtualBox network settings only for the hosts I have left as described in step 1).

That solved my problem and now the Android VM works fine. Good luck!


Update : One day after posting the answer, when I ran the VM in genymotion, it displayed the same error and the vboxnetdhcp process crashed (and restarted). In the second and subsequent attempts it worked well. So there may still be a small problem with the DHCP process of VirtualBox.

Update : The problem seems to be in the box’s virtual DHCP server, which doesn’t work:

/usr/lib/virtualbox/VBoxNetDHCP – network HostInterfaceNetworking-vboxnet0 –trunk-type netflt –trunk-name vboxnet0 –mac-address 08:00:27:72:4C:7B –ip-address –net mask –verbose
floating-point exception (kernel thrown)

Removing and recreating the VM solved the problem. Maybe Genymotion sends wrong information to the DHCP of the VBox, which causes a crash (always a VBox error).

Solution 2:

If, like me, you have tried all of the above (especially Windows 10 users) and nothing helped here, this is what finally solved the problem. It wasn’t an easy decision, but it took a day to decide.

  1. It is recommended to remove the Host-Reserve Network Adapter from the virtual box by File->Settings->Network->Select the Host-Reserve Network Adapter tab->Delete All (don’t worry, if you start the genymotion vm, a new one will be created). Now open Genymotion and try to start your virtual device. Are you getting it wrong? It’s good to follow the second step.
  2. (Which actually solved the problem) Go to Control Panel->Network and Internet->Network Connections, there you should see the Ethernet network adapter that VirtualBox created (it was created automatically when you started the device from genymotion), so right click on this adapter, then select Properties and CHECK the NDIS6 bridged network driver of VirtualBox, see attached image. see attached image
  3. You’re done. Turn it on with a genius, it should work now.

Solution 3:

Follow the next step to work with Genemotion as a charm.

  1. Oracle VM Open Virtual Box
  2. File -> Preferences ( ctrl + g ) -> open a dialog box -> Select Network -> Select Network Host Only Select your adapter ( there are three buttons on the right side -Add -Delete -Edit Host Only nw

If you don’t have an adapter, make one.

  1. After selecting the adapter, select Change Host Network Only.
  2. Open a dialog box, then select the DHCP server, select Enable Server and enter all IP addresses.

such as

IPv4 address/network mask: (on the Adapter tab)

DHCP Server is enabled (in the DHCP Server tab).

Server/network mask address :

The server address is at the top/bottom:

  1. That’s all I’m saying.
  2. At the beginning of the Oracle Virtual Machine there are several tabs such as General, System, View, Storage, Network, etc. Click Network
  3. Open a dialog box, select Enable Network adapter connected to ->Host only network
    and most importantly, in the Name tab, select the adapter you want in preference, both adapters should be the example you select virtualbox…2, then also here select the one you choose.
  4. That’s all I’m saying.
  5. Now play your Genemotion. If the error reoccurs, restart the game so that the game will suck you up.
  6. 🙂

Watch the full video here, especially to see walking and working with genemotion.

Solution 4:

I had exactly the same problem as you, I tried everything, but the solution is really simple:

  1. Opening of the Clearinghouse
  2. Changing adapter settings
  3. Right-click the Virtualbox host adapter and select Properties
    Enable NDIS6 Virtualbox Bridget Network Driver.

Solution No 5:

I struggled with that for a while and finally found a solution in Windows 10.


Network and Sharing Center > Change adapter settings > Right-click VirtualBox Host-Only Network (if you have more than one network, follow these steps for each network) > Properties > Validate VirtualBox NDUS6 Bridged Network Driver

Solution No 6:

In my case, the only option was to delete and reload the VM. Reconfiguring the host adapter didn’t help, I used a different DHCP address. Virtual Block I has been updated to version 4.3.4 and Genymotion to version 2.0.2.

Solution No 7:

I use OSX. The proposed solutions didn’t work for me. I use OSX Yosemite. I restarted my Mac and then uninstalled VirtualBox by running the uninstall script (which appears when I run VirtualBox dmg) and then reinstalling it. I also uninstalled and reinstalled Genymotion. Now everything’s working fine.

Solution No 8:

I had the same problem, I got tired of all the above solutions and it didn’t work for me!
The problem was that multiple networks caused a conflict between VMware and VirtualBox and other VPN connections.
I followed the solution:

Uninstall Virtualbox and reinstall the latest update

If solution 1 does not work, try uninstalling all VPN, VirtualBox and Genymotion software and reinstalling VirtualBox and Genymotion.
Both solutions worked for me

Solution No 9:

After updating the latest version of GenyMotion to 2.10 from 2.02 …

  1. Open GenyMotion
  2. Go to the list of your 2.02 devices.
  3. Click left and then right in the menu **Delete all your virtual devices 2.02.
  4. Click on the Add button at the top to add a new device. Login to your account
  5. Select the desired device. Only one device can be selected at a time
  6. Click on the Next button. Note that the version number is 2.10. More information about the device can also be found here.
  7. The device boots up in the GenyMotion folder on the drive **C.
    8 After downloading, double-click on the virtual device to open it as usual.
  8. Repeat the procedure for the other desired device.

** C:%Users%AppDataLocalGenymobileGenymotiondeployed

Solution No 10:

I know this message is old, but if someone does a Google search, I need to mention what solved my problem. After the above three steps, the error message disappeared, but the screen was still black and the opening of the .apk was blocked during the file transfer. It has something to do with the VPN application (Hamachi in my case). I just turned it off and the emulator worked fine. This message has prompted me:! searchin/genymotion-users/network/genymotion-users/QAX_UrAzEn0/o947IXpsDuIJ

Good luck!

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