If you are looking for a headphone that is light, portable, and durable, you should check out the Grado SR60e. The Grado SR60e is an in-ear headphone that is extremely durable. The earphones are designed to be used for long periods of time, allowing you to use them at work or while traveling. They are not very expensive, and they come in a variety of colors.

The Grado SR60E is the company’s second wireless headphone, but it’s an entirely different design than the SR60i: the SR60e is waterproof and has a neckband, whereas the SR60i is earbud-style and doesn’t have an in-line mic or remote. The SR60e is in-line with Grado’s traditional metal cans, but they’ve also added some touches that make it more wearable. It’s noticeably lighter than, say, the SR80i and the SR80e, and it has a thicker braided cable, which means it’s more resistant to tugs and bumps. The SR60e is also

The Grado SR60e is the newest addition to the Grado headphone family, and it represents the first portable closed headphone from Grado. The Grado SR60e is available in three versions: Open, Closed, and Open, Closed, and Open, Closed. The all-black Open, Closed, and Open, Closed, versions cost $450 for the pair, while the silver model is priced at $300.

word-image-762 According to the community, open face helmets are better than closed face helmets. They tend to produce a more airy, wider and more realistic sound than closed-back headphones. However, the price of most of these headphones is usually prohibitive. When you hear talk of open-frame headphones, you’re usually talking about more expensive offerings like the Sennheiser HD660S or the Sennheiser HD800S. This can be pretty intimidating, especially for beginners trying out the open headset. Still, there are good sound quality options in the budget price range. And one of our favorite pairs, which we always recommend on this site, is the Grado SR60e. These headphones are definitely not a perfect pair. It has its drawbacks and compromises to keep costs down. Still, it has its strengths and offers a solid experience, especially for open-backed beginners. Keep scrolling to find out what makes the SR60e such a valuable pair. Disclaimer: I bought the Grado SR60e for the full retail price. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Grado SR60e Overview

Packaging and accessories

word-image-763 The headphones are definitely the main attraction of the Grado SR60e. But before we go any further, let’s take a look at the packaging of these headphones. The packaging is often overlooked with Grado helmets. You might think it’s because the headphones are in a box that doesn’t deserve attention. The opposite is true. The SR60e comes in a white box with a clean, minimalistic look. As soon as you open the helmet, you are greeted by the SR60e and documentation explaining the history of the Grado brand. It’s always nice to see more information on the packaging, as it makes the experience more interesting. And the fact that they tell you that most of these helmets are handmade gives these helmets a special vibe. Not many accessories come with the SR60e, and unpacking is not too complicated. Grado, however, shows exactly how the product should be presented.

Quality of design and construction

word-image-764 Grado helmets are similar in terms of design and build quality. Apart from a few minor differences, they are very similar. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, because if you’re buying an entry-level Grado headphone, you won’t go wrong. The Grado SR60e has a simple design with a retro look. The SR60e’s unique design easily sets it apart from its competitors. But the manufacturing is not the best. The quality of the plastic casing is quite decent. There are some metal parts, like. B. Head strap adjusters. The overall construction is not too shaky. However, it doesn’t seem very robust either. The SR60e certainly does not meet the standard of Audio Technica and Sennheiser products. I strongly recommend that you use caution when using these headphones. If you want to carry these headphones with you, be sure to purchase a case. word-image-765 In addition, the SR60e has outdated features. Most notable is the non-removable cable. While this is an inconvenience, detachable cables aren’t always a big deal, especially with the cheaper pairs. But the problem is that the quality of the cable is not very high. The standard cable is quite thick and incredibly difficult to handle. The cable is probably the worst part of these headphones, and it’s not good for mobile use. The good news is that the Grado SR60e can be adjusted. You can replace the cable with a better one or modify the housing for detachable MMCX cables. And the basic design of the SR60e means you can do a lot with it. You can make simple changes such as B. Replace the headband to add more padding. You can do even crazier things, like. B. Completely replace the ear cushions with wooden shells. This not only makes them more interesting, but also changes the acoustics and response of the speakers.


word-image-766 Although it is an antenna headphone, the Grado SR60e is quite comfortable. I found them more comfortable than other headphones, thanks to the soft ear pads. B. the Audio Technica ES88 and ES700. You can also replace the ear pads with aftermarket options, such as the Yaxi Pads , for a more comfortable experience. However, my ears started to hurt after a few hours of use. You can’t help it because the SR60e headset sits directly on your ears. The SR60e is certainly no replacement for on-ear headphones when listening for long periods of time.

Sound quality

word-image-767 Tested with: Fiio M11, iFi Nano iDSD Black Label, ddHiFi TC35B, Audirect Beam 2SE What makes the Grado SR60e really special is the sound quality. This is probably one of the best open earphones you can buy in an affordable price range. And while it’s not the most successful pair I’ve tried, it has all the qualities of a great open-backed pair. To me, this is the perfect pair to try if you’ve never dealt with open earphones before. The Grado SR60e has a warm sound. It is very pleasant to listen to because it has no aggressive peaks in the treble and midrange. Moreover, the low tones are perfectly controlled and the SR60e does not sound too thin. The SR60e has a good bass. The bass is punchy and well-structured. And because the bass is so good, the SR60e also does well with songs that are not traditionally meant for open earphones. The SR60e was a pleasure to listen to for pop, electronic and other music with lots of bass. word-image-768 However, the bass is perfectly under control and does not slip in the lower midrange. He knows his place and doesn’t try to steal SR60’s thunder. Speaking of the middle: The voices of the SR60e sound very sovereign and pleasant. The presentation is very intimate and gives the impression that the vocals and guitars are played right in front of you. This makes for a very engaging experience and makes it easy to pick up on small details, The high frequencies of the SR60e are well under control. They are not too elaborate, but provide enough clarity to make instruments like the hi-hat sound realistic. Instruments in the high range are easy to hear, but do not hurt your ears. The SR60e does not have the widest soundstage. However, it is wide enough to make the tracks sound spacious. The image is also decent, but lacks the precision of high-end open pairs. The overall sound of the Grado SR60e is not analytical, and I would not expect anyone to use this pair for critical listening or professional work. Still, these headphones are among the most relaxing and I would choose them if I just wanted to enjoy the music.

Performance requirements

word-image-769 The Grado SR60e is not a very demanding pair. It also works with a less powerful source like a smartphone dongle. Of course, we always recommend pairing the SR60e with a high quality source, such as a DAC/amplifier or dongle, for best results.


word-image-770 Check out the price on Amazon For an entry-level model, you can’t go wrong with the Grado SR60e. They have an excellent sound quality and perfectly reproduce the sensation of the back opening. It also has a strong presence in the low frequencies, providing a pleasant listening experience in any genre. Of course, there are some compromises to be made, especially in terms of build quality. They are not as durable as the more expensive pairs and will definitely break if you accidentally drop them or step on them. But as we said before, the SR60e is the perfect platform for modifications. And if you’re willing to spend some time tweaking that combination, you can get a really unique combination that works as well as it looks. If you already have closed-back headphones or IEMs and want to try something different, the Grado SR60e is perfect for that.

Technical data

  • Inverter type : Dynamics
  • Operating Principle : Free air
  • Frequency Range : 20 – 20,000 Hz
  • SPL 1 mW : 99.8 dB
  • Nominal Impedance : 32 Ohms
  • dB with driver setting: .1 dB

Albums used for tests

  • Milet – Who I am
  • Babymetal – Legendary Metal Galaxy
  • Mamamoo – Travel
  • Periphery – Periphery 3 and 4
  • Blackpink – The album
  • Final Fantasy VII acoustic arrangements
  • Square Enix Jazz- Final Fantasy VII at Billboard Live Tokyo
  • Sawano Hiroyuki – Best Vocal Works
  • Yorusica – Plagiarism
  • The intervals are circadian.

Grado SR60e, the second generation of Grado’s flagship SR60i headphone. If you are already familiar with the SR60i, you’ll notice that the Grado SR60e is a much lighter, more compact version. While the design change from the SR60i to the SR60e was minimal, it was important to Grado’s engineers that the SR60e keep the best features of the SR60i, such as the large and easy-to-use controls, the excellent comfort, and the “fun” factor.. Read more about grado headphones and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Grado SR60e good?

After testing hundreds of headphones in recent years, I can safely say that the SR60e is the best Grado headphone ever! Not only does it sound wonderful, but it’s comfortable, lightweight and blocks out most outside noise. I’ve tried a lot of other headphones over the years, and while some are good, none are as good as the SR60e. What does the SR60e offer in terms of sound quality? If you want a fully portable headphone that you can use with any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer, the Grado SR60e should be high on your list of candidates. The SR60e offers a wide soundstage, with a surprisingly wide and deep sound, with a little bit of bass and a lot of detail. Its over the ear design and nice looking cable make it a great all-around headphone, perfect for work, travel, or leisure.

What is the difference between Grado SR60e and SR80e?

Coming in at under $200, the SR80e is arguably the best bang-for-your-buck model in the SR family, which includes the SR60e and SR80. Both of these models have a closed-back design with a soft ear-pad and single-button operation. This makes them both portable, comfortable, and lightweight; we especially love that they don’t block outside noise. A buddy of mine recently upgraded to the SR80e model, but I told him I had the SR60e here at the house. He asked me to compare the two so he could see if it was worth upgrading, since the SR60e was $50 cheaper. I started by comparing them in picture format, and then proceeded to go over some specs and features. I then compared each one in a side-by-side test to see how they stacked up. Then I went into some detail about each model, and what to consider when deciding on which one to pick.

Are Grado headphones any good?

After reading a bunch of reviews, I decided to buy a pair of Grado headphones, the SR60e. For those of you who don’t know what Grado headphones are, they are headphones that are worn in the ear. A huge portion of Grado headphones have been built for listening to music and gaming, but that’s not all of the headphone’s function. Grado headphones are known for their great sound quality, and they are one of the few companies that makes in-ear headphones at all. Grado has been in the headphones game for a little while now, and if you’re someone already in the know you know that they are one of the best, if not the best, in the business. Today, we’re going to take a look at their most popular model the SR60e, and see if they are actually worth the money that you’d spend on them.

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