Your smartphone is not very comfortable to watch YouTube and you want to transfer multimedia content to your TV. Let’s learn how to put YouTube on TV and try it out.

Before we went on the Internet, we used our television to watch cable channels or rewind movies back to Blu-ray discs. Today, with the development of technology, everyone has more ways to access the best entertainment on YouTube, no matter who they are, where they live or their presence on YouTube.

There is no doubt that high-quality programmes and films can now be viewed on mobile devices, but you may want to transfer what you see to a larger TV screen. It is quite possible, and there are many ways to make your wish come true without paying a high price.

TV Mates explained some of the methods for watching YouTube on TV and hopes that our recommendations can give you some ideas for your YouTube casting.

Which TV set can you use to broadcast YouTube?

One of the advantages of YouTube is that you can play any video from the TV version playlist on your phone, tablet, etc. In addition, outside the screen market, there are a large number of YouTube-compatible TVs that you can take home with you if they are within your budget and allow you to connect to the Internet. Many smart TVs from Samsung, Sony, LG and many other manufacturers also come with YouTube pre-installed.

What if the television can’t connect to the Internet? There is another possibility. We are aware that many users love their old, sturdy TV, and of course it seems unwise to replace it with a new one equipped with smart technology.

For those who do not have a new generation of TV sets, the manufacturers of technical equipment have intervened by introducing additional devices that can turn an ordinary TV set into an intelligent version using Aux. External devices, such as Chromecast, make customers smile when they do these things.

Let’s start with the popular YouTube gaming method using a smart TV or game console.

How can I watch YouTube from a TV with a Smart TV orgame console?

As has said, the easiest way to watch YouTube on TV is smart TV. In addition to a smart TV, users who own game consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo that allow them to connect to the Internet can watch YouTube on the TV.

Watching YouTube on Smart TV/ Ph: Watching YouTube on Smart TV/ Ph:

Install the YouTube application on your TV

You should first check if your Smart TV has a YouTube application, if not, install it. Normally this application is available for download in application stores on your TV or game console. Once the installation is complete, you will see a red-and-white angel on your TV or game console.

Sign up for your Youtube account

Turn your tablet into a remote control for streaming to YouTube via TV/F: Turn your tablet into a remote control for streaming to YouTube via TV/F:

With an account, you can access your video playlists and play new videos just like you do from YouTube on your phone. You have three options.

Signing in to your TV is a way to log in to your regular Google Account and use the on-screen keyboard to enter your username and password.

Use a web browser to connect to any computer or mobile device connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your TV. Enter this link: and enter the code to confirm on your TV screen.

Connect to your mobile device to pair your phone or tablet with your TV. You cannot switch to the remote control function if you do not have a mobile device and a game console or smart TV running on the same Wi-Fi.

Open the application on YouTube and follow the instructions on your mobile devices. Select TV Code Link, then click on the profile icon and select Settings. Press TV and then enter the TV code to connect your phone or tablet to your TV. This connection option allows you to stop YouTube videos even if you are in another room.

Select video

After logging in to YouTube using the remote control of your TV or game console, practice surfing the Internet, jumping up and down as usual.

How to broadcast YouTube on a TV with a computer

If you are looking for something on your TV screen, it can be very difficult. So why don’t you send podcasts and music from your computer? This method applies to both smart and conventional televisions.

Chrome, Roku or Apple TV setting

If you have a stupid TV/F: you can connect to the streaming devices

If you do not have an advanced TV, you will need to install external devices. Choose from Chromecast, Roku or Apple TV, the most popular, graceful and affordable device families. This technology has proven to be compatible with most smart TVs on the market and allows you to easily manage multimedia content on YouTube.

To activate an Internet connection, connect this unit to an HDMI port on your TV that stands for HD Media Interface and supports video streaming to a compatible TV. Make sure that the TV and the supported device have the same Wi-Fi connection. Then keep tuning it up.

Skip this step if your TV is a Smart TV and contains a YouTube application.

Open web browser

Go to the Start menu or the App Store to open the Google Chrome browser on your computer. Type in the search box and press three dots in the upper right corner, then press the Casting button.

Choose the name of the TV to associate your computer with your TV, and that’s it. Your work is done, now you can enjoy endless YouTube fun on your TV.


There’s nothing pleasant about watching YouTube videos on small-screen devices. YouTube is more than just a snack video, and all YouTube sources can be displayed on your TV screen. From YouTube on your TV, you can watch everything from an educational course, fitness class, feature film or documentary from your phone, tablet or computer on a compatible TV and watch it on your couch.

Finally, as you learn how to stream YouTube to your TV, it’s easier to relax and enjoy your favorite videos without the need for a small screen to lower your mood in a few steps.

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