Keyloggers are a form of tracking software designed to capture users’ keystrokes. These keystroke loggers record the data you enter on a website or in a program and send it to a third party, which is one of the oldest types of cyber attacks.

Legitimate applications may provide a keystroke function that allows you to access these software functions via keyboard shortcuts or to switch between keyboard formats.

There are many legitimate applications designed to encourage administrators to monitor what employees do during the day, or to allow users to monitor the activities of others on their computers, such as parental control software.

However, there is a fine line between justified surveillance and espionage. Legal software is also used specifically to steal users’ personal knowledge, such as passwords.

Safety for young people: Best keylogger for parents to follow their children’s activities

TeenSafe can be installed on your computer in any form. It can be installed by someone who has access to your computer. TeenSafe is parental control software that allows you to keep track of what your child is doing on the phone or where they have been.

It is one of the most widely used and evaluated applications from parents. Billions of people around the world use them to keep an eye on their teenagers. Below you will find some features of TeenSafe, for more information click here;

  • It allows remote access to locally stored data. If you use one of the following methods, this contact will take place:
  • The data is transferred to a website, e-mail or FTP server.
  • Recurring sending of data by e-mail to a pre-defined address.
  • Wireless data transmission from a connected hardware device
  • Software that allows your local computer to connect remotely.
  • The additional functionality that comes with some of the program’s keyloggers allows you to collect additional input data without having to press the keys on the keyboard. This includes
  • Clipboard Registration – Collects everything that can be stored in the clipboard.
  • Screen recording – snapshots of the camera’s screen are always recorded.
  • The Windows API allows programs to retrieve the text value of certain controls, so that even under a password mask (the asterisks you see when you type your password on the form) your password can be intercepted.
  • Action Tracking – records the files, programs, and windows that are opened, and snapshots of each of these files, programs, and windows.
  • Search engine for question registration, SMS, FTP download and all other Internet activities.

Features of TeenSafe

TeenSafe offers the following options;

Text message tracking

On one computer you can read someone else’s text messages and iMessages. You can also get the phone number and username with which the person communicates. It also allows you to track the time, date and day on which you send or receive a message.

WhatsApp / Facebook / Snapchat / Tinder / Spyware

Many of them are also among the most downloaded social applications. Many organizations, institutions and businesses use it to exchange videos, photos and voice notes, make video or phone calls, send and receive messages and share recordings, for billions of people around the world.

With TeenSafe you can control everything you do in these applications. You will be shocked to learn that by spying on other people’s applications, you can also track your position with TeenSafe.

Location monitoring

Especially if you are a working parent, you cannot accompany your child 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With TeenSafe, can you follow your child’s movements and even know when and where they are going? How long did he live in a certain position? It’s also the plaster he used to get to a certain place. If they go to a restricted area, they’ll tell you.

Follow-up of previous research

The internet is not a safe place; as a mother, you need to keep an eye on your child’s online activities. TeenSafe gives you access to your child’s complete search history and other data. This will not only help you to make sure your child is on the right track to prevent cyberbullying from becoming a victim.

User friendly interface

The software has a user-friendly interface. It’s easy to use. There are three main steps you need to take in different social networks to track your mobile phone or manage your activities.

  1. Go to the official TeenSafe website and register for a free account. The window will open when you click on the Create Account button before requesting a login and password by email. Now select a good package for you and click to continue.
  2. To set up the computer you want to monitor, follow the on-screen instructions. Fill in the corresponding fields according to the respective devices/systems.
  3. And finally, go on. All data hidden on your computer can be made public.

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