CMD is a command line interface for Windows operating systems that allows users to perform various functions. Later, in Windows 7, Microsoft added PowerShell, which is a more powerful tool for the Windows operating system. Still, most of us prefer CMD because we are familiar with the operation code. If you are using CMD with the default user interface settings, then it is time to change the interface and redesign. Learn how to change the font size and color in the command prompt (CMD).

CMD is the right choice if you want to perform tasks like display commands, quick download commands, instant file recovery, download files from links, and many other complex tasks. But for all tasks, you’re dealing with the same interface, including smaller fonts. Some users like small fonts, but many prefer large fonts. So with these instructions, you can increase the size of the text in the command window.

To change the font size, font color and background of the CMD

CMD has a simple black and white theme, unlike the new PowerShell which has a refreshed look. But you can also change the Windows CMD user interface if you wish. Fortunately, it is possible to change the font size, font color and background color of the CMD in a few easy steps.

You only need to change three properties to get the new view on the command line. If you spend more time on CMD for your work, this guide will definitely make it easier.

I’ll break the tutorial down into different methods, so you can easily customize the CMD tool to suit your own preferences. Let’s start by changing the font size in CMD.

Steps to increase text size in CMD

If you need large texts in the PDC windows, you can do the following

  1. Open the CMD/Command prompt on your computer.
  2. Now right click on the upper part of the PDC toolbar.
  3. Click Properties in the drop-down list to open the PDC options.
  4. In the Windows console properties, click the Font tab next to the Options tab.
  5. You can now change the size of the PDC text as desired. On the same tab, also change the type of the PDC font.
  6. After making the changes, click OK to continue.
  7. Open CMD and check for changes.
  8. Now you can use the command windows with large text.

Steps to change the color of the CMD font and the background of the CMD font

If you want to change the text color in CMD and the background color of CMD, you can follow the instructions below.

  1. Open the CMD/Command prompt on your computer.
  2. Now right-click on the top window of CMD and select the Properties option.
  3. Click the Color tab next to Page Setup.
  4. Now click on the option Screen text for PDC text colors and select the desired color.
  5. To change the background of the PDC, click on the Wallpaper button and select a color.
  6. After changing the color, click the OK button.
  7. Restart the command window and you will see the changes.

Bonus: Change CMD layout and cursor size

If you also want to change the default layout of the command window in Windows. You can also do it in a similar way. Although the layout can be changed after opening PDC, no one wants to repeat the process every time. Therefore, it is preferable to set the default layout according to your preferences. You can also adjust the size of the cursor to match the size of the PDC text. Let’s see how you can change the layout of the CMD key and the size of the CMD cursor.

  1. Follow the same steps as in the previous method to access the PDC properties.
  2. On the Preferences tab, click the Small, Medium, or Large tab for the arrow size.
  3. When everything is ready, go to the Layout tab.
  4. You can now set the size of the screen buffer, the size of the window and the position of the window as you wish.
  5. Once you have made your selection, press OK to continue.
  6. Then restart CMD so that the changes are applied.

So that’s all you need to do to increase the text size in CMD, change the CMD font color, change the CMD background color, and change the CMD layout. Although this is a simple guide, it allows you to manage the visualization of CMDs. And who wouldn’t rather have a good design than a boring one?

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I hope you like this team windows tutorial and if yes, please share it with your friends. And if you have any questions about the guide, please let us know in the comments section below.

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frequently asked questions

How do I change the font color in CMD?

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How do you change the background color in CMD?

If you want to change the color without typing commands, click the command line icon at the top left of the window and choose Properties. Click the Colors tab and choose the color you want for the on-screen text and background. You can also enter your own RGB color combination if you wish.

How do I change the font size and text color?

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