Music is the only thing I would unanimously describe as my favourite hobby. All of us love music from different genres and languages. It seems that our thirst for music can never be satisfied. Earphones are the best companions for music lovers. With headphones, you can feel every beat that appears with a clear base. You can really feel the music!

Helmets overview Helmets

Do you know how to choose the best headphones? What can they include and what functionality do you need between wired and wireless? There are wired and wireless game helmets, sports helmets, ordinary helmets, etc. Which one do you want? It all sounds confusing, doesn’t it?

It’s time for you to get out of this mess. Because I’ve brought a handy article where you can find everything you need to know about wired and wireless headphones. At the very end you’ll find a section for and against wired and wireless technologies for greater clarity.

Let’s dive into an exciting world of headphones.

Overview of wired headsets Wired headsets

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Wired earphones – Rugged version

These headphones weren’t very popular in the last century. However, the great success of the MP3 players in 2001 made it the highlight of interest.

For an enjoyable musical experience they were generally accepted and preferred side by side. Music lovers like us can listen to our favourite but strangest playlist without disturbing others. We have always relied on this classic invention and thanks to new functions and modern inventions it has become more reliable for us musicians.

Wireless Headphone Details Wireless Headphone

Wireless headsets – break like a free bird

From wire to wire – technology has evolved in just a century. And the incredible need for people to have headphones to listen to music in everyday life has caused such an incredible increase!

Now go where you want, do what you want, do your favorite moves and get on the dance floor. Cause this time you weren’t locked up with those stupid snake sons in your headphones. Because the wireless headphones have come to set your music world on fire!

Types of helmets Types of helmets

Types of wired and wireless headsets

To bring home the best quality headphones, you need to know every type. Because only then can you decide which one you really need. So there were originally three types of helmets. But now there is a new type of helmet that immediately attracts attention. So there are a total of four types of helmets on the market.

Helmet Details Helmet Details

Headphone inlay

This classic car model is designed to go above your head. The headphones should be placed directly above your head to give you a perfect musical feeling. Your base will be put off with this handset. This model has been very popular since the appearance of the earphones until today.

Nowadays, these earphones are mainly preferred for desktop use, video calls for better sound quality. But some of Hi-Fi’s ears work and provide an overwhelming musical experience. They’re usually light.

But don’t look at me like that. This piece is full of possibilities to feel every beat. This room contains both wired and wireless models.

Headphones Headphone informationFull Headphone informationFull Headphone informationFull Headphone informationFull Headphone informationFull Headphone information

About the earphones

This item has the same design as the helmet insert. But this time the headphones are big enough to cover the whole ear and hide the sound from the outside. The generation of gamers is always looking for a headset that converts all gamer sensations into real time. Well, the wait is over. Because it’s above your ears. Finally, a giant with ultimate noise reduction appeared and breathed new life into the audio system. They can be wired or wireless.

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Helmet components with neck anchoring Helmet with neck anchoring

Headphone coats

It’s usually for athletes. People who like to listen to reflection while training at the gym, running and running. It really hurts to carry the phone in one hand while jogging. The phone starts to sweat and often falls out of your hand. The headphones are also soaked and falling off. The rider cannot move either, as the helmet cable jumps right and left, up and down, which is unpleasant and constantly annoying. That’s why the neck buds have come to life during daily training.

The neck buttons have a unique design that encloses the ear behind the head. The tips are specially designed to keep the ear on the hook so that it does not fall off. Normally they should be connected via Bluetooth. Now you can practice hard while listening to your favorite songs.

Earphone Test Earphone


If the music giants are apparently difficult to take with you everywhere, you should bring headphones. These earphones are designed to fit directly into the ear canal. This mini luck makes you want to be melodic every moment of your life. Usually both headsets are combined in a single wire, which has an adapter and a plug to connect to your phone, laptop, mp3-player, radio and all that.

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Surprisingly, all headphones have the same plug and all music devices the same adapter. So you don’t have to worry about her at all. This model is compact, lightweight and less expensive than any other helmet. But there are some problems. For example, the most common problems that users always have to deal with are treacherous threads. These wires get mixed up and confuse the user with them.

Every scientific invention is not only a blessing but also a curse. This one also has a curse. This sound – too close to the ear canal – damages your hearing. People go deaf when they use headphones all the time.

Wireless headphones Wireless headphones

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Wireless headphones You will find theavailable

They already know that wired headsets dominate the market, but wireless headsets are in no way inferior to them. They are gradually conquering the market. Every year, several companies produce new models of their wireless headphones with improved features. But first there are two types of these wireless headphones. Let’s find out what they are.


The wireless models are more similar to the cervical buttons mentioned above. Two buttons are connected by wire and the whole thing has to be connected via Bluetooth to allow audio access to devices such as smartphones and the latest MP3 players.

Just put it in your phone and put it in your pocket. It is very useful for protection against mobile kidnappers.

Ware info Wireless headphones Ware info Wireless headphones

Real wireless headset

These are the latest models in today’s headphone company. They’re not connected by wires. Instead, they connect to the music device individually via Bluetooth. These are mainly paid headphones. They come with a small earphone pocket that also serves as a charger.

These newcomers are splashproof, but only a few are waterproof. The other point is that they’re not all for the budget. Only a few of them can reach the hands of ordinary people.

Wireless Headphone Details Wireless Headphone

What are the functions to be observed with a good helmet?

When we talk about electronics, the first thing we think about is which is better than the others. Even the headphones are working on unique and necessary functions.

After all, they provide the best musical experience with a clear basis and rhythm. In this section, I’ll tell you what to pay attention to before you buy the headphones.

Sound quality

This is of course the first and highest priority for any audiophile. And when it comes to sound quality, there are obvious factors such as flat/amplified sound, amplification, etc.

Those are the two most important facts you need to check again…

1. Flat noise vs. amplified noise:

You’ve often heard of headphones that sound flat or amplified. This means that some headphones are unlikely to change the frequency of the original device. The deviation is as small as possible, and we call it flat or neutral.

On the other hand, if the headphones are designed to amplify certain frequencies to get a better sound, we call this amplifying the sound of the headphones.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on the user’s preferences and the intended use of the headphones.

2. Audio gain:

Finally, an important part of the overall sound quality of a headset is its amplification. Some good models have built-in amplification, which reduces the sound (e.g. movement sounds) and increases certain sound frequencies (e.g. voices).

Noise reduction technology

This is the most popular headset feature. Without it, I find the headphones useless. Normal headphones mix outside sounds with the music. It makes the music extremely awful for the listener.

The noise reduction function is limited for gaming headphones such as earphones and headphones. But now the headphones also have this function. So if you want to buy headphones, make sure they’re equipped with noise-cancelling technology. The noise-cancelling earphones have a clear sound reproduction, a clear base and a clear rhythm. In general, they have the ability to amplify sound beyond the control of the actual system.

When there is a lot of noise and crowds, the music won’t be disturbed as long as you wear noise-canceling headphones.

Chain… Don’t be confused forever.

The new wireless headset model has a special feature with a collar. This collar is wrapped around the neck and contains all headphone controls, such as the volume control and pause mode. Some collars also include a microphone and can receive phone calls.

Never mix right and left

Normally we both put on headphones at random, without limiting which ear for which ear. In the production of the earphones, the hearing possibilities of both ears are always in balance. If you place the capsule of the right ear on the left and the capsule of the right ear on the left, the musical hearing is not transmitted accurately.

Look for earphones with an R for the right ear and an L for the left ear on the earphone. Apart from the indication, in most cases every last model has an ear design, so it is only for the specified ear. The left ear is tilted slightly to the right and the right ear is tilted slightly to the left. This makes the helmets even more reliable and a better tool to reduce noise.

Charging or replacing the battery

The battery system includes almost all types of earphones, except wired earphones. You can ask if the headphones on the wired base have a battery or not. Yes, most are equipped with a removable battery and a cable. The main function of the drums is to amplify the sound, adding and managing the musical basis and details of the different rhythms.

Wireless computers must be equipped with a battery. The battery recharges and amplifies the sound for better perception. Most are equipped with a rechargeable battery and some are surrounded by a removable battery. Both boys are excellent. But as we all know, frequent charging shortens battery life. But headphones with built-in batteries are best suited to quench your thirst for music.

Why would you do that? You can receive any call at the touch of a button!

Since the original function of headphones was to listen to music, some headphones still do so today. But most headphone manufacturers work with the audience, including the microphone and the buttons for answering and canceling surprise calls. You can answer the call, speak into a small microphone and cancel the call in your headphones.

All you have to do is set the reception and cancellation key on your phone. Wireless headphones also have this function. The buttons are either in the earphones or in the collar. Before you buy them, check out this useful and indispensable feature of your headphones.

Advantages and disadvantages (wired and wireless)

Now that you know everything there is to know about wired and wireless headsets, including the type, the various functions and the possibilities, it’s time to think about the pros and cons in general to have a clearer concept before you buy one. Let me explain.

Wired Earphone Advantages Wired Earphone Advantages

Wired headset

Let’s start by getting to know the pros and cons of wired headphones.

The advantages of

  • Provides a secure connection
  • Don’t fall in the ear easily.
  • The headphones are compact and portable and can be used anywhere.


  • Not very conducive to training and jogging.
  • The wires are tangled and form an alarming and impossible knot.
  • After a few months or years the ear drops stop working, which is a common problem for musicians.

Advantages of wireless headphones Advantages of wireless headphones

Wireless headphones

Let’s switch to wireless headphones.


  • Sometimes a Bluetooth connection cannot be established with a pair of devices.
  • A chance to slip out of the ear canal
  • Some headphones do not fit in the ear, which makes the situation complicated and annoying.


Earphones are very sensitive to manipulation. Rough and careless use will lead to deterioration in performance and consequential damage.

Now you know how to choose the best headphones (wired and wireless). There are different types of helmets for different environments and purposes. You know, depending on your needs.
Feel every beat come more alive – bring the best headphones now!

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