If you want to disable a service at startup because you no longer need it, or because the program in question is malicious, or if you prefer to have it run at startup, but only when you want, here is a brief guide on disabling a service at startup in Windows 10.

Pay attention: This tutorial is intended for experienced users with sufficient knowledge of computers and Microsoft Windows. Inadvertently disabling an important service can cause Windows to shut down or even crash your PC. We accept no liability for damage caused by improper use of this manual.

Which services can be safely switched off when starting Windows 10?

A Windows service is a computer program that runs in the background to keep things running. Just like the startup programs, there is also a list of services that run when you start up your Windows 10 PC. Most of these services are critical and essential to the operation of Windows.

However, some programs have their own services that are configured to run when Windows starts and keep running in the background while you use your computer. These services are generally necessary for the proper functioning of the respective programs or software. This is also the reason why, even after a program is stopped at startup in the Task Manager, that particular program will continue to run at startup because it has a corresponding service that starts it automatically.

Disabling a service that the program relies on will cause the program to stop or errors to be generated at startup. Even if some of these services are malicious or unknown, it is better to simply delete the offending program that you think is responsible for your problem than to disable its maintenance.

If you insist on disabling a service at startup, make sure that the service in question is not one of the Microsoft services on which Windows 10 depends for proper operation. If you accidentally disable one of these important Windows related services, you could cheat. But don’t worry, in the following guide we’ll show you how to hide sensitive Windows-related services so you don’t accidentally shut them down.

To prevent services starting under Windows 10

Follow these steps to prevent services from starting in Windows 10.

  1. Go to the start menu (or press Win+R), type MSCONFIG and open it. how to open your msconfig under Windows 10
  2. In the system configuration window (also called MSCONFIG), simply open the Services tab. Disabling services on Windows startup 10
  3. Recommended: Select the Hide all Microsoft services checkbox. This will hide all sensitive and important Microsoft services so that you do not accidentally shut down one of them and your PC does not crash. Which services can be safely disabled in Windows 10 ?
  4. To deactivate a service at startup, simply uncheck the box next to the service in question.
  5. Click the Apply button and restart the computer. Disabled services will not start when Windows reboots.

To prevent services from running on Windows 10 startup

The services listed in the MSCONFIG window represent all the services that are performed when your PC starts up in Windows 10. You can usually find out what a service does by consulting its manufacturer. If you z. B. If you have Apple devices and iTunes installed on your computer, you may see various related services and the manufacturer will be listed as Apple Inc.

Do not press the All Off or All On button. You may not know if the program you need for your daily use depends on one of the services. Only disable services that you know you don’t need anymore.

Description to share : Do you think a service running on boot is malicious or slows down your PC? Here’s how to prevent services from starting on Windows 10.

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