The application allows you to assign specific commands to the keys and to disable keys. AutoHotkey is not the easiest application to use, so you may want to know how it works before you use it properly.

Basically, you need to create a script that locks the Windows keys and add it to AutoHotkey. Click the AutoHotkey icon in the taskbar and select Edit this script. You now need to paste the following script at the bottom:

  • ~LWin Up: Return to
  • ~RWin Up: Return to

Save your script, right click on AutoHotkey and select Reload this script from the menu. Both Windows keys are then disabled.

Note that this solution does not disable the Windows key combinations, only the keys themselves.

Note that some online games may detect AutoHotkey as a fraudulent application, so you should keep this in mind.

Before using this solution, you should check if game developers allow AutoHotkey in their game.

⇒ Download car key

4. Use pointed keys

  1. Download and launch SharpKeys.
  2. Press the Add button when the application is running.
  3. You will now see two columns. Click the Type button in the left pane and press the Windows key.
    key .
  4. Now press OK.
  5. In the right window, select the Disable button and press OK to save the changes.
  6. Now click the Write to Registry button..
  7. Now all you have to do is restart your computer or log out and log in again to apply the changes.
  8. To reactivate the Windows key, launch Sharpkeys, select the desired key from the menu, and click Remove. The Sharpkey.
  9. After deleting the key, click the Write to Registry button.
  10. Now restart the computer or disconnect and turn it back on to apply the changes.

Pay attention: It is a free and portable tool that allows you to not only send keys, but also deactivate or assign them to specific functions. Note that this application is powerful and you use it at your own risk.

5. Using the game mode on the keyboard

Many gaming keyboards have a game mode that allows you to easily lock the Windows key. To activate game mode, you usually need to press a certain key combination.

Some keyboards even have a controller icon on one of the keys, so you can easily find the shortcut key for game mode. If you can’t find the key combination yourself, we recommend consulting the user manual for your keyboard to find out how to activate game mode.

Note that not all keyboards support this feature, so you should check if your keyboard supports it before using it. Enabling game mode is the easiest and fastest way to disable the Windows key, but unfortunately not all keyboards support this feature.

6. Use of Keyboard Software

As mentioned above, many gaming keyboards support game mode. These keyboards usually have special software that allows you to adjust various settings, such as macros and lighting.

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In addition, you can also activate the game mode from these applications. Note that not all keyboards and applications support game mode. Therefore, check your keyboard’s user guide to see if your keyboard supports this feature.

7. Using wink

If you want to disable the Windows key and keyboard shortcuts, you can easily do so with the Winkill tool. It’s a small, portable application that runs on your system, so you don’t even know it’s running.

Once launched, the application locks the Windows key with most other Windows key combinations.

Unlike the apps mentioned above, you can enable and disable Winkill, so you can just turn it off when you’re done with your gaming session.

You can also activate them with one click if needed. Winkill is a simple application, and if you are looking for a simple and easy way to disable the Windows key on your keyboard, then Winkill might be the best choice for you.

⇒ Download Winkill

8. Disable the use of the Windows application

Another third-party application that can disable the Windows key for you is Disable Windows Key. It is a free and portable application that runs without installation on any PC.

As soon as you launch the application, it’s in your system tray, so you don’t even realize it’s working.

The application is somewhat customizable, so you can launch it automatically from Windows if you wish. You can also configure the application to automatically turn off the Windows dongle after startup.

Of course, you can activate or deactivate the application by simply clicking on its icon.

Disabling the Windows Keys application disables the Windows key, but it doesn’t disable any of the keyboard shortcuts that use it, which is a big advantage.

If you are looking for a simple and uncomplicated third-party solution to disable the Windows key, you should definitely check out this application.

⇒ Download Turn off Windowskey

9. Using the WKey Disabler

There are many third-party applications that can disable the Windows key, and one of these applications is WKey Disabler. Like the applications mentioned above, it is free and portable and runs on your system.

The application has no additional features and you can’t even turn it on or off. As soon as you start the application, your Windows key and all shortcuts are automatically disabled.

Since there is no way to disable the application, the only way to reactivate the Windows Key is to disable the application. WKey Disabler is a simple tool, and if you want to disable your Windows key, don’t hesitate to try it.

⇒ Download WKey Disabler

10. Locking Windows Hot Keys with Registry Editor

  1. Open the registry editor.
  2. When the registry editor opens, go to the left window: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionPoliciesExplorer
  3. Right-click an empty field in the right pane and choose New > DWORD (32-bit value).
  4. Enter NoWinKeys as the name of the new DWORD.
  5. Double-click NoWinKeys DWORD to open its properties.
  6. Set the value to 1 and press OK to save the changes.
    Data values.
  7. When finished, close the Registry Editor and restart the computer to apply the changes.

Pay attention: After restarting your computer, you can no longer use the Windows shortcuts. This is useful if you want to prevent users from accessing certain hidden features of your system via Windows keystrokes.

If you only want to disable the Windows key, you can try another solution.

11. User group Policy editor

  1. Press the Windows + R key and type gpedit.msc. Press Enter or OK.
  2. Now go to User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > File Management in the left pane.
  3. In the right pane, find the Disable Windows Keyboard Combinations option and double-click it.
  4. Select Enabled and click Apply and OK to save your changes.
  5. Then restart the computer and see if that solves the problem.

Pay attention: This is a simple solution, but it should only disable keyboard shortcuts for Windows. If you need to disable the Windows key completely, you can try another solution.

Learn how to change group policies like an expert with this handy guide.

The Windows key is incredibly useful, but can sometimes be a problem during intense gaming sessions. There are many ways to turn it off, and the best way is to put the keyboard in game mode.

If your keyboard does not support this feature, you can simply disable the Windows key with one of our solutions.

If you have other suggestions or questions, please leave them in the Comments section below and we will consider them.

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Editor’s comment : This article was originally published in August 2017 and revised and updated in January 2021 for timeliness, accuracy and completeness.

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