A common error code for a Windows 10 PC is Error 0x000006BA. This error is often related to driver issues. To fix Error 0x000006BA, you’ll need to update or reinstall the drivers that Windows 10 is having problems with.

When you see the error 0x000006BA in Windows 10, it means that you can’t access Windows Update. This happens when you get an error while installing an update. Here are some things you can try to resolve the problem.

If you’re getting error 0x000006BA when trying to get online using Windows 10, you’re not alone. In fact, a lot of Windows 10 users have reported this issue on multiple forums, support pages, and social media channels. Error 0x000006BA is an especially tricky one to fix, since the steps that have worked for some users have not worked for others.

RECOMMENDED: Click here to fix Windows errors and optimize system performance. word-image-8284 Are you frustrated by the error 0x000006BA in Windows 10? The Local Print Spooler Service Not Running error can occur when you try to install a new printer, when you access the settings of a configured local printer, or when you try to print a file. This error may occur on Windows 10, Win 8.1 or 7. The text of the error message may vary slightly depending on what you do with the objects in the print spooler subsystem. For example: Windows cannot open Add Printer. The local print spooler service is not working. Restart the spooler or reboot the computer. Or Windows cannot connect to the printer. The local print spooler service is not working.

What causes error 0x000006BA in Windows 10?

word-image-8285 This error may occur when you try to run a system file check on a Windows computer. It can also be caused by incorrect system configuration and corrupted registry files on your computer. This error is an example of many PC failures and malfunctions. This error 0x000006ba can also occur if the RPC server is not available. This error occurs when you try to install a printer on a Windows computer and get this type of error message. These errors include system failures, downtime, and critical virus infections. Error Causes The operation cannot be completed 0x000006ba Windows problem :

  • Printer spooler error.
  • Error problem on a Windows computer
  • The operation cannot be completed

How do I fix the 0x000006BA error in Windows 10

May 2021 update:

We now recommend that you use this tool to fix the error. Moreover, this utility repairs common computer errors, protects you from file loss, malware and hardware malfunctions, and optimizes your PC for maximum performance. With this program you can quickly solve PC problems and prevent further problems:

  • Step 1: Download the PC recovery and optimization tool (Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista – Microsoft Gold Certified).
  • Step Two: Click Start Scan to detect problems in the Windows registry that may be causing problems with your PC.
  • Step Three: Click Repair All to fix all issues.

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Analyzing system files on a Windows computer

  1. Start the computer in safe mode.
  2. Enter the command line with administrator rights.
  3. Now enter the command SFC/scan.
  4. Wait until the analysis is complete.
  5. Find the damaged file.
  6. Find a new one.
  7. Install a new copy.

This will help you to avoid the error 0x000006ba The operation could not be completed on your computer.

Resetting the printer to the default settings

  1. Delete the print queue.
  2. Update the printer drivers.
  3. Remove the printer and drivers.
  4. Reinstall the printer.
  5. Delete the newly appeared printer by clicking on Manage Print.
  6. Click the Printer option in the left pane.

Updating the Windows drivers on your computer

  1. Call up the start menu.
  2. Search for and open the Device Manager.
  3. A pop-up window appears on the screen.
  4. Click on the driver you want to update.
  5. Check for an error in the driver.
  6. Right-click on the printer driver.
  7. Click on the Update Driver Software option and wait for the update process to complete.
  8. When the update is complete, close the tab and exit.

These simple steps will help you to resolve 0x00006ba print spooler windows 10 error on your device.

Updating Windows

  1. Call up the start menu.
  2. Find the control panel.
  3. Click Control Panel and scroll down to Windows Update.
  4. Click on this option and open it.
  5. Check for driver updates Printer driver updates are available.
  6. Select the Auto Update option.
  7. Click the Change settings option.
  8. A pop-up window will appear on the screen, click on the drop-down menu.
  9. You should now select the option Install Updates Automatically.
  10. Then click Ok and save the configuration.
  11. When you’re done, close the tab.

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frequently asked questions

word-image-8286We’ve all seen this message: “Windows Explorer has stopped working” or “Error code: 0x000006BA”. Sometimes it happens when you’re working on a specific file, and sometimes you get it when you’re just using your PC in general. Whatever the specifics may be, this error is nearly always frustrating, and it can be hard to know where to start when troubleshooting it. BONUS: Write an intro paragraph for a blog post titled “How to edit the registry” on a (Technology) blog called “TingTip”, that is described as “A blog that gives technology news”. Read more about print spooler service not running server 2012 r2 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix error 0x000006ba?

It is common for Operating Systems to become unstable and crash from time to time. One of the most common errors is 0x000006ba, a problem that can affect computers running Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP and 2000. When a computer running any of these operating systems encounters a problem, it generates an error report. The error report includes information about the problem and helps the developer create a solution. However, you can fix the error 0x000006ba yourself. The 0x000006BA error is a common Windows error that usually appears on Windows 10 computers and tablets. The error message appears when an application that requires system files to run crashes. To fix this error, you will need to use the Windows Recovery Tool to return your computer to a date when your computer was working correctly.

How do I fix local print spooler is not running?

If you get the message ” Error 0x000006BA: The local print spooler is not running. You cannot send a job to a printer. To set up a print server, select Network Printer Installation Wizard. ” when trying to print on your computer, this can be quite annoying. (In Windows 8, users need to press Windows+R to open the Run dialog before entering the above command.) The “local print spooler is not running” error is a widespread problem that can occur when you try to remove a printer from your network in Windows 10. The error message itself doesn’t mean much, but it’s a problem that’s caused by a user’s attempt to remove a printer from a network. The root of the issue is that the spooler process can’t be stopped because of a problem in the print spool folder, which is usually located in the Windows system folder. The first step is to check the spool folder to ensure it’s not corrupt. If it is corrupt then the issue has to be dealt with by a professional Window

How can we restart the service print spooler using Windows Powershell in Windows Server 2012 r2?

Restarting the print spooler on a Windows Server 2012 r2 machine can be done pretty easily using PowerShell: Start powershell as Administrator and run the command: Restart-service spooler And you should get an output similar to the following: Restarting spooler: [OK] One of the most common problems in Windows Server 2012 R2 is that the spooler service hangs or stops working for many users. The Spooler service is responsible for the printing in the network and the error 0x000006BA means that this service is not running. Fortunately, there is a solution for this problem. Solutions: 1. First check for the problem using the following command: Get-Service PrintSpooler if service is not running, run the following command to start the Print Spooler: Start-Service PrintSpooler

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