Origin is a digital distribution platform owned by the electronic arts game company. It is used for the secure distribution of all the games they produce, some of which are popular games such as FIFA, Apex Legends, Battlefield V and many others. Looks like steam from Valve Corporation and Uplay from Ubisoft. It is available for Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android.

Some users complained that Origin didn’t work and that it was a buggy. It doesn’t start after an attempt to open it, and even if it does, users will only see a blank screen and sometimes nothing at all will open. It should suck if you just want to play your favorite game and relax, but can’t because of some stupid problem with Origin.

Origin_not_load This is the white Origin screen that users encounter.

Why isn’t Origin loaded?

The reasons for this vary from device to device, but generally the cache and temporary files created by Origin are the fault of users who did not download them. There are several other reasons why the Origin system does not work, including

  • Origin cache – As mentioned earlier, the cache generated by Origin can cause problems if it is not cleared after a certain amount of time.
  • Origin servers may not work – There may be problems with Origin servers that can cause service interruptions.
  • Origin files are damaged – the main Origin files are damaged when updating or due to an abnormal error.
  • Antivirus blocks Origin – If you have an antivirus program installed on your system, it may block the start of Origin or the start of some other programs that Origin needs to run properly.
  • Graphics drivers are not updated – This is very unlikely, but it can sometimes still happen if you have not updated your graphics driver for a long time and it is now outdated and may cause problems with its origin.
  • Conflict with Other Installed Programs – Other programs and applications installed on your machine may result in conflicts with Origin, resulting in improper operation of Origin.

How can it be established that the origin is not open?

Before we move on to more detailed solutions, the standard solution for any problem with our equipment is simply to restart, and believe me, that usually works. So go ahead, reboot your computer or laptop, and when it starts, try restarting Origin to see if it works properly. If you do not try these solutions, which allows Origin to repair if it does not work –

1. Make sure theorigin has fallen out .

You should first check that your Origin servers are working properly by visiting sites like the Downdetector that contain information about many services, whether they are working properly or not. You can find out if other people have similar problems with Origin, and if so, there may be a problem with Origin, and you just have to wait for it to be solved.

For more information, you can view the official Origin accounts on social networking sites, and you can also view Twitter, because when some popular services stop working, it usually happens when other users come in with their problems.

2. Restart of question Origin

As we recommended at startup, reboot the device to repair the Origin application, but reading this means that rebooting the device did not solve the problem for you. Therefore, we now suggest that you stop the Task Manager Origin application completely and then try to restart it.

  • Open the taskbar by simultaneously pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ESC.
  • Then from the list of processes search for the Origin Request and the corresponding process, namely the OriginWebHelperService.


  • Wait a few minutes, then click on the Origin shortcut and try to open it again.
  • This time, if it has not restarted the machine, open Origin and perform the same steps again.

3. Remove the original cover

If there are no problems with the Origin servers and restarting the application does not solve the problem before you do, empty the cache stored in Origin on your machine.

  • You can clear the original cache using free third party software such as CCleaner or Wise Care 365, but we recommend that you do this manually.
  • To do this manually, first open the Origin installation folder. You can do this quickly by opening Windows Run, then typing %ProgramData%/Origin and pressing Enter.
  • This opens the Origin installation folder. Now select all files and folders in the source folder, except the LocalContent folder, and delete them.
  • Some files will probably not be deleted, but that’s fine, now open Run again and type %AppData% and press Enter.
  • You are now in the Roaming folder, where you can find the Origin folder and delete all its contents.
  • Then go back one step, open the local folder, locate the source folder and delete all content.
  • Also enter the Origin.exe task in your Task Manager and open Origin after a while, and it should ask you to log in.

4. Reset of origin

You can also try reinstalling Origin, but before uninstalling it, you need to clean all the data stored on your device.

  • Uninstall Origin first using the IObit uninstaller, because uninstalling the program will also automatically erase all data and the cache connected to the program.
  • Then perform a quick restart of the device.
  • Download now the latest version of Origine on the official website.
  • Install it by following the on-screen instructions, then start Origin and log in to your account. Now, Origin should function normally.

5. Origin of the exception in your antivirus program

If you have an antivirus program that protects your machine, it can also cause this problem with Origin. Add Origin.exe to the list of excluded programs in your antivirus program, after which Origin should work normally.

6. Some other solutions

Here are some other solutions you can try if none of the above doesn’t work for you –

  • You can delete the file originthinsetupinternal.exe from the Program Files folder, then properly exit Origin from Task Manager and try running it after a few minutes.
  • Install the latest Windows updates, as errors may occur in the current version of the operating system which may cause Origin to malfunction.
  • Make sure all your drivers, especially the graphic drivers, are up to date. You can use applications such as Driver Booster to keep your drivers informed.
  • Try running Origin as an administrator by right-clicking the shortcut and then clicking Run as Administrator.
  • Make sure your internet connection is working properly and that Origin’s servers are available. You can check this by logging into your Origin account using your web browser.
  • You can also access the system configuration by typing msconfig in Run and disabling all services except Windows services and disabling all software from autostarting when the device boots up, and then restarting the device. Now try to open Origin after restarting.


How can I correct the origin of unloaded or undischarged goods?

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How can I correct the origin of unloaded or undischarged goods?


Check why Origin does not start or run on your machine. Learn how to repair something if Origin does not start the machine.


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