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Well, video streams are one of the booms in the entertainment industry today. Everyone loves to send videos, movies, lesson videos, webcasts and much more. And one of the best-known names in the video streaming industry is Stromio. But let me tell you that Stremio needs some add-ons to offer you the best type of video streaming.

Best Stereo Add-on 2021 Best Stereo Add-on 2021

But before we know these additions in detail, let’s get a full picture of what Stromio is all about. So, without taking up much of your time, let’s go ahead and see what Stromio stands for. You can also consult the Best Weather websites for accurate weather forecasts.

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What is Stromio?

This makes Stremio a video streaming centre that enables users to watch videos from various available sources. With live streaming, you can organise and watch a collection of films, series, channels and live TV programmes. And Stremio has a very simple task, it simply collects the content, displays it from the local hard drive, and has several add-ons available.

And the best thing about Stremio is that it also informs you when a new video, episode or movie is released, and also gives you great recommendations.

Now let’s go on and see the most amazing and impressive additions to Stremio. After all, additives for Stromio are like oxygen. And only these additions make Stremio the best of all. So, without taking too much time, let’s take a look at the most amazing and exciting additions to Stremio.

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Best Stereo Additions

1. Pirate Bay

For example, Pirate Bay is an addon that gives you full access to the database of one of the most popular torrent sites, Pirate Bay. And let me tell you that the best part is that with this addon you can transfer all the content from the torrent’s site, and you don’t even have to download the videos. It also has an extensive collection of your favourite films and TV series.

2. Juan Carlos

Well, there are some entries in the add-on community called Juan Carlos. They are all the most amazing, but the one called Juan Carlos 2 is the one you want after reading this article. It is a known source of the flood. This great Stremio add-on offers both the most amazing and the most perfect torrent flow. It has a huge database of movies and TV shows that you will surely enjoy.


Well, RARBG is also a very popular addon in the world of Stremio addons. This is one of the large repositories of content that will surely be your favorite. It includes the most amazing movies and soap operas. Well, I’ve already been through this addon, and frankly, I want to tell you that I’m not disappointed by any of them, that’s for sure. Well, this is the most amazing addon that gives you some links to an incredible collection of movies and episodes that you will surely enjoy playing.

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4. Zoo

The zoo can take its place in one of Stremio’s great additions. And the reason for this is an up-to-date collection of video content. It broadcasts the latest TV series, films, documentaries and others from the site of the torrents, such as Mega Torrents, RARBG, YTS and KAT. So you and your family can enjoy the most amazing video streams at the zoo.

5. Tube

DTube is Youtube, so similar to Youtube. Here you will find an extensive collection of videos. And here’s another award for those who create original content, and it’s quite similar to Youtube. But he will be rewarded with crypto money. He wants to break the Youtube monopoly by creating his own amazing and unique video center.

6. Open Subtitles

Well, let me tell you, open caption is one of Stromio’s official additions. This is one of the most amazing additions for those who like to watch subtitled videos. It is so easy to watch amazing and exciting TV series and movies and other videos. And best of all, it’s completely legal. This means you can easily add subtitles to movies such as Korean, Spanish and even French. And the unique thing is that it also gives you subtitles in different languages. It’s something you don’t usually find.


Well, he’s regularly at the top of Stremio Addons’ list. It offers the latest TV series and movies on demand and high quality streaming. So you’ll probably enjoy it. And no offense, you will never find it necessary to install other Stremio add-ons as long as you have IBERIAN.

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8. Popcorn time

Well, popcorn time is an addition known as movie time. It includes the latest series and films directly from the torrent’s site, such as YTS and EZTV. And not only does it bring you the most amazing media content, but it also gives you a variety of options for choosing streaming quality. But I recommend using a good VPN to use popcorn time if you want to avoid ISP strangulation.

9. Netflix

The Netflix Stremio Addon is therefore different from the official Netflix Addon. This means that all Netflix films and TV and web series can be broadcast without buffer problems. And the best thing is, you can do it for free.

10. Unit of time

If you’re looking for your favorite TV shows and movies, WatchHub has an empty collection where you’re sure to find your favorite. There are films and TV programmes from various providers such as HBO, iTunes, Hulu, Amazon and many others. Well, that gives you a great flow from both the UK and the US.

11. Water

It is one of the most popular video streaming platforms that offers you independent and free movies, and it is also free. I would also like to say that this is an official platform, which also provides you with a platform to promote your independent films. Here you will find films produced and distributed by independent entertainment companies operating outside the studio system.

12. FilmOn

FilmOn is one of the most amazing additions, giving access to 600 TV channels, more than 45,000 films, documentaries and more. And best of all, it comes with free social TV, which you won’t find in any other add-on at the moment.

13. FilmOn VOD

FilmOn VOD or FilmOn Videos On-Demand has also become an official Stromio add-on, allowing you to pay for films, TV programmes, live TV channels and above all, free of charge. But let me tell you that he only shows you old movies and old TV shows, but that has nothing to do with problems with the copywriter and nothing else. But for the great lovers of old movies, this addition is a great blessing.

14. Tremors

Twitch is such a blessing for all sports fans. Twitch Stremio Add on is a complete hub for live viewing of IPTV channels. More specifically, it offers sports channels to broadcast live the most amazing sports events. If you want to watch all sports events for free, it’s time to cut the cable connection and switch to Twitch.

15. Youth rotation

So everyone is familiar with Youtube, but watching a Youtube video with the Stremio addon is advantageous because it gives you free access to all videos. Thanks to this Stremio extension, you can watch the latest YouTube videos at no cost to you.

Now let’s continue and see how easy it is to install these add-ons in Stremio. Let’s see how we can do that.

How are Stremiosuperstructures installed?

  • The first thing you need to do is open Stremio and then login to your Stremio account.
  • In the top left corner you’ll see a menu with burgers and you have to click on it. You now need to scroll down the page and click on the Add option in the drop-down menu.
  • Here you see two options above, that’s all, and the second option is the official option, which is selected by default.
  • Now click on the Everything menu, you can easily filter the additions by selecting movies, channels, series and more.
  • Once you have made your choice, you must now return to this menu and click on the Official option.
  • You are now faced with a choice that forces you to choose between a civil servant or a municipality. And then you have to choose the community option.
  • Now all you have to do is install the add-ons you want to install on your Stremio by clicking the Install button.

And that’s all you need to do to install all the add-ons on your Stremio. And now it’s time to enjoy the most amazing video feeds.


I think these add-ons will help you send free videos, movies, training videos, web series and much more. I tried all those Stromio addons on my site, they all worked well. If you benefit from this article, feel free to share it with your friends and family.

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