For many users of Android/Samsung phones, the phone may become locked due to a flashed ROM, an altered system file or something else, which prevents the phone from booting.

Stay calm and don’t get angry. There are ways that can help you recover data from a faulty Android phone. Here are some of the best tips for dismantling your Android phone and recovering the data it contains.

So let’s get it over with ….

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What is a Brick Android phone?

The term brick means that your Android device no longer turns on in any way. It also means that if the phone is clamped down, it won’t respond to commands.

But don’t assume that if your device is stuck in boot or recovery mode, it doesn’t mean it’s stuck. There are several reasons why your phone may be crushed, which we will see later.

I would argue that there are two types of Android phones: Soft brick and hard brick. The most serious problem in such a situation is the loss of data. Android users store a lot of important things on their phones, and if the phone is jammed, it becomes almost impossible to access.

Therefore, repairing a burnt android phone and recovering data are important concerns for users.

Reasons for the Android phone brick Number

It’s hard to understand the reasons for buying an Android phone, but I’ve listed some common ones for you. Here are some of the reasons:

Incorrect update – When you update your device, make sure there is no pause between updates. Multiple use, power failure, overwritten or unusable firmware, etc. may cause the unit to crash.

Malware – if you download and install software from an unauthorized source, your phone could turn into a brick

Improper hardware/software – if you install hardware or firmware from the wrong vendors, your device may be locked.

What happens if my Android phone is locked?

Users may not know what is really happening when their phone is clamped, but as I said before, the reasons can be easily figured out. When an android phone is treated with a soft brick, it cannot load the ROM and keeps booting. Even if the phone is in recovery mode, the phone locks up.

But if an Android device is loose, the phone becomes almost unusable. Keep in mind that if you have a soft brick, your phone has the ability to fix the problem by rebooting the device or even formatting the cache partition.

But if an android phone breaks down, the situation is difficult to manage and the phone becomes unusable.

How to recover data from a broken android phone?

Well, as you know, a crashed Android phone does not allow you to access the device, in this state it becomes difficult to access the data stored on it. But there are several ways to help you recover data from an outdated Android phone without spending a penny.

Android data recovery tool will allow you to recover your valuable data from your phone. With this professional tool, you can recover data from both Android brick phones and any other Android device. No matter what data you have on your phone like B. Photos, contacts, videos, call logs, text messages, audio files, etc. are easily retrievable.

The best part is that it supports all Android brands, such as Samsung, Sony, Huawei, HTC, LG, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo and many others. The tool also supports all current versions of Android operating system without any problem.

So, overall, Android data recovery from brick phone works effectively to recover files from Android brick phone. Just download the Android data recovery software and recover inaccessible data from your faulty Android phone.

Follow the instructions in the user guide to recover missing data from your failed Android phone

Android Data Recovery – Recover lost/deleted data from Android phones

The most effective tool for recovering lost, deleted and inaccessible data from Android phones. Here are some unique features:

  • Instantly retrieve different types of data such as photos, contacts, SMS, videos, WhatsApp, call logs, documents, notes, etc.
  • Recovery of lost data in any critical situation, such as. For example, in case of screen breakage, accidental or unintentional factory reset, formatting, virus attack or other reasons.
  • Allows one-click recovery of deleted files without backup.


How do I repair a cracked Android phone?

Although the above method has helped in recovering data from broken Android phones, some users still want to fix them. However, almost 99% of brick phones are not bricks.

So let’s take a look at the following ways to put down your Android phone:

Part 1: Data storage and deletion

When flashing a custom ROM, the Android device is always rebooted because the data and cache files from the previous ROM are not removed. When you try to boot the device, some data remains in the previous ROM, causing an error and requiring you to reboot the device several times.

To solve the problem, clear the ROM and cache the data.

  • First, turn off your Android phone and put it in recovery mode. Now, while turning on the phone, simultaneously press Volume + Home + Power, then press the Volume key to select the recovery mode.
  • Here you need to use the volume keys to access the menus and use the power key to select items in the menus.
  • Now go to Advanced and select the option Empty Dalvik’s cache.
  • Now return to the main screen and select Clear Partition Cache.
  • Finally, select Clear Data/Factory Reset to erase all settings and applications with the corresponding ROM.
  • Now restart the phone

Part 2: New Flash ROM

When you boot up your Android phone, it may automatically switch to recovery mode. This happens when there is a problem with the flashed ROM. So here we have to redo the ROM to fix the burnt android phone.

You can also restore the backup ROM when your phone boots into the bootloader.

Bonus: How to prevent clogging of your Android phone?

Well, your device can be locked at any time, which can result in data loss. To avoid such a situation, some advice is given below:

  • You should know that prevention is better than cure. Therefore, always try to put your valuables in a safe place. Whenever you face a problem or data loss, data backup helps you overcome it.
  • Make sure the custom ROM you are going to use is perfect for your device.
  • Enable USB debugging as it fixes several bugs on the phone
  • You should always have enough knowledge before doing anything, for example B. to install a custom ROM.


Well, the Android phone is blocked for various reasons and this is not a new problem for users. However, users should always be vigilant and use their device correctly to avoid all these situations. However, this blog explains how to recover data from a broken Android phone and I hope that if you are facing this situation, it will help you completely.

In addition, if you have any suggestions or requests, please list them below in the Comments section.

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Is it possible to recover data from a dead Android phone?

The best way to protect your Android phone’s data is to back up your device’s data. Then, if your phone stops working, you can restore important data from a previous backup. However, if there is no backup file, you can still recover data from a dead phone with MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android.

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