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This error occurs when users try to upgrade their Windows operating system. This is a system error caused by a corrupt system file. This can cause other problems, such as. B. : For example, you can. B. Do not update Windows or other system applications that should not be updated. It may also cause third-party software applications installed on your system to stop working.

The main reasons for this error are defective updates from Microsoft or lack of space on the hard disk where the operating system is installed. It is always advisable to check the memory capacity and minimum system requirements before upgrading. If you do not have enough memory, you will probably see the error 0xc19001e1. In general, the size of the update is larger than necessary because the files are compressed during the download and take up more space after unzipping.

Uninstalling antivirus applications

Third-party antivirus software can cause strange problems, especially when installing major updates like the Windows 10 feature update. If a 0XC19* error occurs during the update process, completely remove the third-party antivirus program from your computer.

Disabling the antivirus program may not help because it may have one or more services associated with it and real-time protection is active.

After the feature update or cumulative update is successfully installed, you can try reinstalling the antivirus program.

Driver and BIOS Update

Updating device drivers can fix 0XC19001E1 errors or most 0XC19 errors in most cases.

Some users have reported that an update to the graphics card drivers solved the problem. If you can’t find the driver configuration on the motherboard or graphics card manufacturer’s website, you can try updating it through Device Manager (search for drivers on the Microsoft server).

The article suggests updating the display driver. Although I don’t know what the connection is between the Windows update error and the display driver, I tried it because I was desperate to fix the update error. Surprisingly, this solved my problem. I hope this helps you solve your problem.

Tip: To check for problem drivers, open the files Setupperr.log and Setupact.log in the Panther % windir% folder. Here is a list of other protocols you can refer to:

updated February 2021:

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  • C : Window for $. ~ Panthère des Sources Bt
  • The location of the log before the installer accesses the hard disk.
  • C : Window for $. ~ Bt Sources Rollback
  • Log location for rollback in case of fatal error.
  • C : VINDIR % Panther
  • Note where the configuration steps should be performed after the hard disk is installed.
  • C : % WINDIR% Inf Setupapi.log
  • Used to record the installation of plug-and-play devices.

Delete the Windows Update Center folder.

The most common cause of problems with Windows updates is incomplete downloading of updates. In this case, you must delete the folders from the Windows Update Center storage space so that Windows can download the update again.

Delete the Windows Update Center storage directory :

  1. Press the Win Image + R keys simultaneously to open the boot command window.
  2. Type the following command and click OK.
    In the right pane, right-click on the following services and select Stop. *
    Encryption Services
    Windows Update Center
  3. Close the Service window.
  • Message: If you can’t stop the services:
    Yes, of course. Double-click a service to open its properties.
    b. Set the startup type to Disabled and press OK.
    v. Restart the computer.
    re. After the restart, continue below.
  1. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to C : The windows.
  2. Locate and delete the SoftwareDistribution and catroot2 folders in the following locations.
    C : Windows Software Distribution
    C : Windows System32 catroot2
  3. Restart your computer.

Use system administration to free up memory

In this method, we use the Windows Disk Cleanup utility to free up disk space, and then we use the administrative tools to start and stop the update services. Many users have reported that this method has worked for them.

  • First, go to My Computer, right-click on the disk where Windows is installed and open Properties.
  • On the General tab, click Delete Disk.
  • Click Clean up System Files, make sure the Windows Update Center, Temporary Internet Files, and Clean Up Temporary Files boxes are checked, and then click OK.
  • When cleanup is complete, right-click on the My Computer icon and select Manage.
  • Click Services and Applications and double-click Services.
  • Find the Windows Installer service, right-click and start the service. Then right-click again to stop the service.
  • Find the Windows Update service, right-click and start the service. Then right-click again to stop the service.
  • Now restart your computer and update Windows.

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frequently asked questions

Has the 2004 version of Windows 10 been fixed?

Microsoft says in the Windows 10 Update 2004 control panel that it has fixed several driver compatibility issues. … Microsoft says it’s been externally watered down. But the lock is still there, and the company has now clarified that the affected Nvidia drivers are all versions lower than 358.00.

Can’t I upgrade to Windows 10 2004?

Uninstall third-party software and update the hardware drivers to the latest version available on the computer manufacturer’s website. Disable the firewall and antivirus software and restart the computer to check this option again. A simple solution for your situation is to install the Windows 10 2004 ISO image and upgrade over it.

How do I fix a failed Windows 10 update?

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