One of the first jobs of most smartphone users is to document the mundane moments of each day (as well as the not-so-mundane ones). But when it comes to capturing the truly unique moments from everyday life, more often than not, our smartphones are kept behind our backs. Here are some tips on how to take amazing photos of what happens around you.

Whether you’re an amateur or a pro, getting better photos is one of the best ways to express yourself through your phone.  With the help of today’s hacks you can take your photos to the next level.

There are many ways to take photos with your phone and each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Some are great for portraits, while others are great for landscapes. Still others are great for sports, food, and abstract photography. In order to get the best out of your phone’s camera, take a look at some simple tips to help you take better photos every time.. Read more about phone camera tricks and effects and let us know what you think.A few years ago, it was much easier with pictures. People took amateur photos with their cameras or smartphones and didn’t really care about photo ideas. Remembering and immortalizing a special moment was more important. If you needed a photo to send greeting cards or wanted a nice portrait framed, you could call on professional photographers to do their work. Today, with the rise of Instagram, things have become much more complicated. No, not by the number of photos. It’s the other way around. Only the lazy man doesn’t seem to have a profile on this social network. Dozens of photos every day: who is sleeping, who is eating, who is training at the gym, who is walking the dog. We go through the tapes of the stars, taking inspiration from their daily lives, and secretly observing their love affairs (what happened to them that day). Even grandparents have created their own accounts, sharing photos of crocheted scarves and their own harvest. word-image-3097

To take unique photos with your phone: 9 ConventionalTips and tricks

But not everyone can surprise you with a truly original photo. You don’t go to looking for photos every day, do you? And if you’re trying to establish your business online, promote products online, advertise personal growth training – you just need eye-catching photos. And no one would turn down a creative photo of herself (her favorite). And here are a few clever tips to make your photos shine:

1. Clean the lens of your phone thoroughly

Yes, yes – this is the first and most fundamental rule to getting sharp, quality photos. No matter how hard you try to keep your phone clean, there will always be fingerprints left on it (that’s a minimum). As well as food crumbs, dust, sand and other fine impurities. After all, our phone can be found in the most unexpected places of the day: in the kitchen, in our trouser pocket, in our bag. It also falls on the ground and in the sand. Use a soft cloth to clean the lenses. It is best to blow on the lenses first so that the large particles dissolve. Otherwise, there is a high risk that the lens will be scratched by sharp grains of dirt. Make cleaning your lenses a good habit.

2. Auto focus and exposure

When you open the camera on your smartphone, the autofocus icon is displayed. It is best to remove this feature and focus manually. It’s pretty simple: You should place your finger in the center of the screen until you hear a special sound indicating that the camera is in focus. The object is marked in a square on the screen. The exposure can also be adjusted manually: Android phones have a special dial. The exposure control icon on the iPhone looks like a sun button. Manual adjustment of these features helps to prevent blurred subjects and overexposed or dark areas of the image.

3. Composition plays an important role in a harmonious photograph

Special composition rules have been developed to create a perfect balance. But it takes time to learn and practice them. What do you do when you need a good picture right away? The Gridlines option available on Android and iPhone devices helps you do just that. When you enable this in the phone settings, a multi-line grid appears on the camera screen, dividing the space into 9 equal squares. The secret to perfect balance in photography is to place your subject along intersecting lines. This approach is known as the rule of thirds.

4. Say no to Flash!

Are you asking if these are photos from the daytime? No, it is especially important not to fire the flash when taking pictures at night. Select an illuminated place where the desired object should be visible. The light source can be a street lamp, a car headlight or a shop window. This makes the photos more mysterious and keeps the exposure right. The flash in a night photograph can overexpose certain parts of the image and cause eye problems. However, you can experiment with flash in daylight. This will help you to present the still life photo in an advantageous way or to highlight the particular style of the photo.

5. Do not use scale

word-image-3098 A common mistake when photographing an object at great distance is zooming in. Most phones have a digital zoom. This means that the image is simply cropped and the desired object is brought closer. Digital cameras use an optical lens to magnify the subject. This fact has a great impact on the quality of the photo. If you use the zoom function of your phone, the picture becomes less clear. The image becomes grainy and blurry, and pixels may be visible. How do you get rid of this problem? Move closer to your subject if you can. This rule also applies to professional photographers. It is better to move around than to zoom in on the subject with the camera.

6. Experimenting with perspective and angles

Have you often noticed that your photos are successful with the simplest of subjects, but a well-chosen perspective? Yes, sometimes it’s really important to capture the moment quickly: before the butterfly flies away or the child smiles at the camera. So there’s no time to look for a better angle. However, if you want to take an unusual photo, try looking at your subject from different angles and perspectives. It may be best to take pictures on your knees or elbows, lying down, or from top to bottom and bottom to top. You could make a real masterpiece.

7. Search on line

Look for lines that visually lead to your subject in the photo. These can be roads and bridges, stairs, rivers, riverbanks, railways. The lines can be straight or spiral. Take pictures so that the reference points lead to the subject that is in focus. This gives more depth to the picture. The picture will be larger. When you look at photos like this, you can move your eyes from the foreground to the background.

8. Allow negative space

It is the void around the object. Don’t fill the entire photo with your subject. Surround it with negative spaces. Such photos are more economical and draw attention to the main subject. Photos with free space are also more artistic for Instagram pages.

9. Using online photo editing and background removal tools

Within reason. There are many free smartphone apps that can significantly enhance your photos. You can brighten a dark photo, smooth out a cluttered horizon, crop an unnecessary part of the photo, add color. With the photo editor, you can change the mood of the photo: retro, romantic, mysterious, warm, etc. You can also use a free online background removal program. This photo editing software allows you to remove the background of a photo if you don’t like it. No matter how beautiful your photo is to begin with – perfection knows no bounds!


With these simple tips to improve your phone photos, you’ll take beautiful pictures that your friends will love. A little practice with perspective, focus and angle, plus a pinch of editing magic, and your photo album becomes a true work of art. You can upload interesting content to your account that will attract subscribers. Introduce yourself and your job in a positive way.We all take photos, but how many of us are really taking unique photos? Today’s technology has gotten so advanced that if we want to take an amazing photo, we don’t need to spend a lot of money or go to a professional photographer. We have photography apps on our phones to take better photos than ever before.. Read more about how to hold a phone while taking a picture and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my picture unique?

How often do you come across a unique photo? It’s difficult to imagine how such a photo is taken, but we came across a couple of tricks that can be used to make such a photo possible. As a cellphone photographer, this one is for you. We live in a fast moving world where life style and technology changes so fast that we often end up with the same photo from the same place. How can I make my picture unique? First, after taking the photo, simply find a photo editing app that would help you make it unique. Next, get a background matching with the color of your photo. Use a photo filter to make it unique. And lastly, share your unique photo with your friends.

How do you make your phone pictures creative?

Photographs are the ultimate creative outlet for all of us—they’re the perfect representation of what you perceive as reality. However, figuring out how to take a compelling photo of an ordinary thing can be a little tricky. When I was in school, they taught us that a picture is worth a thousand words. Of course, our teacher was a photographer, who knew that a photo is worth more than a thousand words. Photography is a great medium for creativity, but a lot of people will never try it because they don’t have the right tools. Whether it’s a camera that takes decent photos or the editing software that makes them look good, there are so many different brands and options that it can be overwhelming. And that’s where eyexcon comes in. We review the best smartphones, cameras and apps to give you a boost in the creative department, no matter what kind of make your phone takes.

How can I take professional pictures of myself with my phone?

Professional pictures can be expensive, and not all phones are created equal. But with a few simple tricks and apps you can take amazing photos with your phone, and everyone’s phone is different enough that you can create a look that fits your lifestyle. Many people have smartphones, but how many have an iPhone? And how many have an iPhone that’s equipped with a telephoto lens? You’ll have to see it to believe it. The iPhone 7 Plus’ dual-lens camera on the back is a revelation. Many phone cameras come with a fixed lens, and the one on the front can get you some great shots. But the one on the back lets you zoom in with great clarity, while the one on the front creates a blurred background.

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