This guide gives you a brief overview of what digital skills are and how you can teach them.

The use of the Internet and its services is becoming more widespread every day. We live in an age where using technology is almost synonymous with clean water or having something to eat. A few decades ago, people could only dream of touch screen devices. But as technology has improved at lightning speed, it has quickly become a normal thing.

The only source of information was reading newspapers and listening to the radio. Nowadays, people can get information about anything on the net. Over time, digital literacy has become more prevalent and used. Therefore, let’s take a look at how digital literacy should be taught and what this literacy entails in general.

What are digital literacies and what can they do?

Talk about digital literacy: There will probably be a certain group of people who don’t know yet. And it’s completely understandable. One of the hottest topics on everyone’s lips today. It refers to an individual’s ability to use Internet services and their characteristics. It can occur when using websites, email, software, web browsers and many other tools that technology can provide.

Depending on the knowledge and skills you have acquired while using these functions, you can determine your level of progress in this area. It can also be judged by a person’s level of typing skills, their use of grammar, and the way they create structures using technological tools. But you are probably wondering what skills are required? Well, there are a few that people, especially students, should know.

For example, one of the most characteristic digital skills is the correct use of social media. Today, students have become accustomed to having profiles and using them in school. Of course, the use in such a facility is not limited to simple communication. In educational institutions, it has a different purpose. Other skills that can define digital literacy include virtual collaboration, evaluation of information found online, cloud computing, digital citizenship, etc.

Working with digital communication

Today, people use digital communication every day. Romantic meetings and text messages have been replaced by communication through Facebook, Instagram, Viber and other communication applications. You realize that people have somehow forgotten what face-to-face contact is and instead rely on chat and video calls. We can all blame digital communication.

One of the ways to give you the necessary skills is undoubtedly to work with digital communication and know how to use it. It’s basically the same as how you use social media, the most widely used networking tool. The fact is that many students only use them to communicate with others. The truth is that they can be very intentional if you use their values correctly in your classroom.

Avoid plagiarism

This is very useful for students, but it can also be the other way around if they don’t know what they are doing. If anyone is looking to take advantage of Internet connectivity in schools, it’s the students. They often do not understand what plagiarism is and are tempted to borrow someone else’s work. If they can, they will unhesitatingly try to get the most precious things from others. It operates on the principle of the highest value for the lowest price.

Pupils are able to absorb the ideas of others, even if they are unaware of the consequences. So if you’re not among these people, it’s a good step forward for you. Learning how to successfully avoid plagiarism is one of the best lessons of digital literacy. It is best to use your own words and thoughts. If you are struggling with this problem, you can always consult quotes from educated people to help you.

Use of criticism and understanding of credibility

Much of the information that people have access to comes from the Internet. They listen to the local news, read newspapers, listen to the radio and slowly fade into oblivion. Many will try to take advantage of this and do whatever they want.

For example, there is an online writing service called PaperHelp where you can see other people’s comments and reviews. Some of you are probably wondering: Is the paper aid a scam? How can they do that? It’s very simple. They will create pages with false information that people will accept as trustworthy. In this way, they can take advantage of people’s lack of knowledge about the Internet and digital literacy and mislead them. Of course this page is not, we have only used it as an example. To avoid this, one must criticize.

If you think something is wrong or if you have doubts, don’t hesitate to criticize. You are letting people know that you are not easy to fool and that you need to pay more attention to their content. In addition, you need to know and be sure that the site or page you are visiting is trustworthy.

Today, many sites are not reliable enough, and yet people visit them. If you want to know anything about computers, you should bypass these pages and websites. It is best to check his credibility several times before entering into any communication. This way you are safe and you can face any fraud with peace of mind.


Digital literacy is something people need to be reasonably informed in today’s world. Unfortunately, this article could not cover everything it has to offer. Nevertheless, we have managed to filter out the most important tips and bring you a little closer to the subject. If you think digital culture is right for you, use our guide and you won’t regret it!

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