Steps to unlock the phone password from the command line

Have you ever forgotten your phone’s password on the lock screen of your phone? Do you want to open it with FGW? But you don’t know how. Don’t panic! You can easily remove the password from your phone and access and use all functions and data. Here I show you the steps to unlock a phone password using the PDC (command line).

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Steps to unlock the phone password with the CMD (Command Prompt)

Pay attention: These steps only work if USB debugging is enabled before your Android phone is locked.

Step one: Download and run the Android SDK tool.

Step two: Check the Android SDK Platform tool in the package and then click on Install Packages.

Step three: Use the USB cable to connect the locked phone to the computer.

Step four: Now open the Android SDK folder from which you just installed it and then open the platform tools.

Step five: Then right-click on the black area and select Open command window. It then displays the command and executes it.

Step six: Enter the advertising devices and press the enter key to check the connected Android phone.

Step seven: You must now enter the following commands:




shell adb rm /data/system/gesture.key

Step 8 : When this process is complete, restart the phone.

When you restart your smartphone, the phone password is disabled. It also does not delete data from your Android phone.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Question 1 – How do I get the Wi-Fi password with CMD?

Answer – Follow these steps to retrieve the Wi-Fi password using the CMD (command line).

Step one: To open the command prompt, open Run (Windows + R) and type CMD. Then press the Enter key. (You can also use the search box and type PDC. Then right-click on the command prompt and choose Run as Administrator.

Step two: Now type the command – NETSH WLAN SHOW PROFILE and press Enter.

Step three: A list of the WLAN profiles saved on your PC is displayed. Write down the name of the network you want to explore.

Step four: Enter the command – NETSH WLAN SHOW PROFILE WIFI KEY=CLEAR and change the Wi-Fi with the name of the network.

Step five: Once you have successfully completed the above steps, the Wi-Fi profile of the network you wish to connect to will be displayed. Scroll down for the password under Key Content.

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Question 2 – How do I use the command line to find the password of the administrator in Windows 10?

Answer – You cannot see the password for the Windows administrator account on CMD. It can only be displayed after the password has been cracked. In addition, by displaying the password, it can find and display detailed information about the administrator account and other accounts installed in Windows.

Follow the instructions here to find the admin password in Windows 10 from the command line.

Step one: On the computer, click on the search bar, type CMD and search as administrator.

Step two: Now type the command – grid user to display the administrator account with CMD and press Enter.

Step three: In a second you will see a list of all accounts.


Each user locks his or her smartphone so that no one can access his or her personal data from his or her smartphone. But many users forget their password from time to time, because many users change their password from time to time and can no longer remember or sometimes confuse the correct password. But if you follow the above instructions, you can unlock the phone password using CMD (command line).

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