How to play retro games on your gaming PC – Nowadays you can play countless games on your PC. If you have a gaming PC, the list of functions is extremely long.

How to play Retro Games on a Gaming PC

Playing retro games on a PC game

But what if you want to play retro games on a console? They are not compatible with computers and are almost impossible to find.

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A decent console can be more expensive than a PC, which makes things even more complicated. There is a simple solution, which is mentioned below.

1. Get the right emulator

Buy a suitable emulator

To play retro games on any computer, you need special software called an emulator. They are used to mimic, or rather imitate, the operating system of one device on another.

In this example, you need an emulator that can simulate the operating system of the Nintendo DS, Sony Play Station 1 or Sega Genesis on a PC.

Yes, there are countless possibilities, and you need to know which one is the most interesting. Basically, you need an emulator designed for the specific console you’re trying to play on. Some emulators can be used for multiple platforms, while others only work on one or two platforms.

The best way to find the right emulator is to Google something like the best emulators for Play Station 1 for the PC.

You will receive a list and can download it and start playing. The most important advantage is the possibility to use all possible functions.

2. ROMreceived

Receive ROM

You can now download ROMs for free. ROMs are essentially games that have a certain format and are compatible with a suitable emulator.

Once you have the emulator, you need to download the games and start playing. Each ROM file is a separate game and its size varies depending on the type of game, version, etc.

In most cases you get 200-500 MB of games, but some are much larger and can reach several gigabytes. Make sure you have an internet connection and leave the games until they are downloaded.

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As part of this guide, we recommend that you place all games in the same folder. You can change the filenames, but not the file extension. These can be NFS, RAR, ZIP, ISO, etc.

If you change the file extension, the game will not work. Just replace the file extension with the original one and you’re done. You can also delete the file and download it again. They’re free.

3. Charging and turning

You must now open the emulator and press the Load or Open button. It depends on the emulator itself, and both have the same purpose.

After opening, a window appears with a display option in which you can search for the ROM file. Open it and the game begins.

If you want to stop the game, close the emulator and the game will stop immediately.

If you want to start another game, just repeat the previous step and you’re done. Finally, make sure that the ROM files and the emulator are compatible.

Please read the paragraphs above carefully to better understand this requirement.

4. Try all functions

Trying out all functions

These emulators are simple but very powerful software. You can use cheaters, joypads and various controllers, and you can save or load the game whenever you want.

To see if this is possible, explore the additional options and you’ll see that emulators are actually much better than regular retro consoles. They have all the advantages, but none of the disadvantages.

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As you can see, this kind of game is extremely simple and easy. You need the basics, such as a computer and an internet connection, and you’re ready to play any retro game available online.

The best thing is that everything is completely free and no tools, equipment or anything else is needed. Make sure you invest in a joypad that you like to maximize the gaming experience.

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