Controversy is one of the best places to discuss movies, games and sports, but there may be situations where the messages are not for everyone. Fortunately, the latest edition of Discord allows users to add a spoiler tag to messages using a series of new shortcuts. Although the spoiler tagging feature has been available on Discord for years. However, Discord added several ways to use the spoiler tag in a recent update. In this article we will show you how to add spoiler tags to Discord messages.

Use spoiler tag on discord

The highlighted spoiler tag hides the message being sent; recipients will see it grayed out above the content. The recipient can click on the grey box to see the warning message. Before we begin, it should be noted that the spoiler tag feature works with Discord messages in your browser, iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, Linux, Mac or Windows app. And there are several ways to add a spoiler tag on Discord.

If you use Discord and want to know how to use Discord spoilers, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a look at how to add a spoiler tag to your Discord messages.

Adding spoiler tags to messages on Discord

As we mentioned earlier, the spoiler tag feature has been controversial for years. Users can use || (markdown) to add a spoiler to hide text and images. But with the new spoiler tagging feature, users can hide a specific part of a post, or the user can even submit the entire post as a spoiler.

Check out the different ways to add a spoiler to text messages or images.

Method 1: Use of transcripts

On Discord servers, the traditional two-tube tagging feature still works to hide messages. Yes, if you want to add spoiler tags to text messages, you can just add two vertical columns on either side of the text you want to hide.

To add these vertical bars, just press Shift + Backslash. If you z. B. enter a message between these bars, this part of the message is hidden. If you want to hide the whole message, you can add these lines to the beginning and the end of the whole message.

Method 2: Use of slash

If you’ve been using Dissonance for a while, you may know that there are a number of slash commands in Dissonance. And /Spoiler is one of the best built-in spoiler commands that allows users to enter spoiler text messages on the Discord server.

If you don’t want to use vertical bars to add a spoiler tag, another better option is to use slash commands. You can just type /Spoiler before your post to send it as a spoiler. This is one of the easiest ways to spot inconsistencies in spoiler text.

Fortunately, this method works on all devices – desktop, Android, iOS (iPhone or iPad), Mac and other platforms.

Method 3: Using the pop-up bar

If you’ve ever tried to create your own posts on Discord, you should be familiar with the context panel feature. This feature allows users to write their posts, send them as quotes, pre-format them or even turn them into spoilers with one click or tap, depending on the device used.

To add a spoiler tag to a Discord message using the context panel, type the message and use the mouse to highlight the text, which will bring up a context panel with a number of options. Press the last option (the eye icon) to hide the message.

This feature is available in the desktop application (also for Windows and Mac), on the website and for the iPhone and iPad. The advantage of the pop-up bar is that you can hide even a small part of the message with one click.

To display the alert message, the sender and recipients can click on the gray box. After clicking, a message appears on a gray background.

Adding spoiler to disk images and attachments

In addition to text messages, the popular communication app Discord allows you to add spoiler tags to images and other attachments. But to add a spoiler tag to images, the process is not the same as the steps above.

If you want to send an image as a spoiler in Discord, just click on the + icon in the desktop application or on the Discord website. Then select the attachment you want to send and below the preview page you will see the option Mark as spoiler, check the box to send the attachment as spoiler.

This feature is limited to desktop users using the Discord website or application (on Windows or Mac). In the future, it should also be available in mobile applications.

Recipients can click on the blurred image to see the spoiler image. Once you click on it, the recipient can see the image. This way, you can easily mark the image as a spoiler in the controversy.

So if you accidentally send something to the Discord server that you don’t want to see, you can just edit the message and add a spoiler tag. Once a spoiler tag is added, the message will no longer display as a normal message. You can now use disk spooler tags to hide text messages, images, and other attachments.

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For those brave souls who wish to venture into spoiler territory: If you want to disable the spoiler tag feature, you can do so under Custom Settings > Text & Images : Click here to see the list: Anyway, I want to go back. Please hide all spoilers.

How can I black out text during a disagreement?

Yes. You can do this by wrapping the message in two hand rails (the trick: |). Writing || spoiler! || in discord will work, of course Spoiler! is the text you want to cover, and remember the text is interchangeable with any text/emoji.

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