There’s currently a big interest in the premium gaming market.

Naturally, most gamers want a premium experience – one where they invest a little more money and get plenty of value in return. If you fall under this umbrella, then now is the time to try premium gaming. The market is stacked with different platforms and games to try, so you’re never short on options.

What exactly is Premium Gaming?

Generally, premium gaming is when you pay more money for a better gaming experience.

Let’s take online casinos as an example. With a new new online casino –, you deposit money so that you can gain access to different online gambling games.

While playing these games, you get a premium experience while being able to compete for real money prizes, which is what makes online casinos so attractive to people. There are plenty of other examples of premium gaming to talk about, so let’s take a look at some of the other ones.

In-Game Purchases

In the modern gaming era, it’s very common for games to get released with in-game purchases (DLC) available.

Essentially, in-game purchases are optional. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to purchase them. Instead, you can stick with the ‘basic version’ of the game you purchased.

However, if you want to have a more premium experience, then you can make in-game purchases. This way, you gain access to certain elements of the game while others don’t.

Common examples of in-game purchases include:

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  • Bonus characters
  • Weapons
  • Weapon skins
  • Power-ups
  • Season passes
  • Extra levels
  • New maps

This is why millions of people make DLC purchases every month. If you purchase all of the DLC that’s available for a particular game, then you’re going to get greater value for money and a more ‘complete’ experience, as most other people don’t have what you have. Also, in-game content can give you a major advantage over other players, particularly in first-person shooter games, if you purchase better weapons.

Monthly subscriptions

Another excellent way to try premium gaming is through monthly subscription services to big gaming platforms.

PlayStation Plus is a fun example of this. With PlayStation Plus, you pay a monthly fee to gain access to a ton of premium perks that non-PlayStation Plus subscribers don’t get. This includes:

With most monthly subscriptions, you get a premium experience with excellent value in return.

Premium gaming equipment

Nowadays, one of the best ways to try premium gaming is by purchasing premium gaming equipment.

So, what equipment should you be looking to invest in? Well, at a minimum, you should be looking at a premium:

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  • Gaming chair
  • Headset
  • Keyboard and mouse (if you’re on PC)

With a premium gaming chair, you’ll feel more comfortable than ever before when you’re putting hours in on your favorite games. Some premium gaming chairs even come with built-in speakers and cup holders, which are perfect for people who like to game as a full-time hobby!

With premium equipment, it’s important to remember that it’s meant as a long-term investment. Sure, a premium chair or headset might seem really expensive at the time, but it’s going to last you upwards of 5 years. When you think about it this way, you realize that the premium prices are (more often than not) totally worth it.


You’ve reached the end of this guide. If you’re looking for a premium gaming experience this year, simply try some of the methods discussed above, whether it’s joining an online casino or subscribing to PlayStation Plus! Taking part in premium gaming can really elevate your gaming experience.