“This youth video hosting will not become popular and will soon end its existence,” promotion specialists said in September 2016, when the TikTok app appeared in the App Store and Google Play. Initially, the platform represented was popular among teenagers and children, and adults did not pay attention to the platform gaining popularity. Now, a few years later, we see a completely different picture: TikTok is not just entertainment for children but a real marketing tool that allows influencers, brands, and companies to successfully search for a new audience.

Those who managed to win fame before the fierce competition are called the spoils of fate. Many of them were lucky enough to post a couple of interesting videos and attract hundreds of new viewers, but now such a strategy may be a failure. In order to strengthen your position on the site and become more visible, you will have to spend efforts on cross-promotion and some budget to buy tiktok followers instantly. But these are not all the ways to attract an audience that you should be aware of. In the article, we will talk about these and other options for beginners.


According to statistics, most active Internet users have accounts on several resources at once. If you are one of them, then we have good news – you will be able to attract some subscribers using the existing audience on other sites. Most social networks offer the opportunity to publish videos of various lengths and topics.

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For you, as a novice blogger, this is a good chance to get at least a few hundred new viewers who will like and comment on several clips. How to do it? Choose the best of your videos, post them (for example, in Instagram Reels or Youtube Shorts) and attach a link to a new resource. To get a great result, offer viewers a nice bonus or a useful guide in exchange for a subscription.

Use paid services

This may surprise you, but in order to create a large fanbase, it is not necessary to spend a lot of time and effort on organic ways of promotion. If you create cool videos but still don’t have even 1000 subscribers, then we advise you to pay attention to specialized promotion companies that offer to buy tiktok followers cheap.

But the desired number of viewers is not the only advantage of the method. You also increase activity on the channel, which has a great effect on account statistics, and videos are more often included in recommendations. In short, you get a lot of benefits by spending only a few tens of dollars. This is not a dream but a reality; use it!

Follow the music trends and use popular tracks

Do you know that youth hosting users always watch videos with the sound turned on? This distinguishes them from others, and in order to meet the expectations of the audience, you need to keep track of which sounds are at the peak of popularity and are the favorites of most people.

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A well-chosen track is part of the key to success because people watch such videos to the end, which means that algorithms will more often promote your content to the top. Subscribe to several popular creators and keep track of what music they use.