The NZ Stock Exchange, ASB Bank, and ANZ Bank were all hit by distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on their websites on Friday, with each having a range of financial services, such as stocks, bonds, and bank accounts affected. The attacks originated from IP addresses in China, New Zealand, and the United States, although the GCSB claims it was unable to determine who was behind the attacks.

The New Zealand market is still down over 10% since the Christchurch attacks, and it doesn’t look like it will recover soon. The New Zealand government has been on high alert since the attack, but the attacks continued even after the alert was lifted. This led to concerns that the attacks were being planned.

The New Zealand Stock Exchange announced on April 6, 2018, that it had suspended trading in all of its products until further notice due to technical issues. The GCSB – the government agency that carries out electronic surveillance for New Zealand’s Intelligence Services – is also investigating the source of the problems.

New Zealand’s GCSB has warned all local businesses in the country to prepare for imminent cyber attacks of various origins, following similar attacks on the NZX, New Zealand’s stock exchange. The attack on NZX has caused many cyber problems in the country.

The Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) says the upcoming attacks are part of a global cyber attack on the Internet. New Zealand’s local government will share information about the attacks with Interpol and other relevant agencies, including the Five Eyes intelligence agency, sources said.

With the development of information technology, cyber attacks have also become more frequent. Not only individuals, but also organisations and companies have fallen victim to these attacks, including the New Zealand Stock Exchange.

These cyber attacks are also known as DDoS attacks. In this type of attack, the attackers send/send the virus to several connected computers that replicate it. In this way, the embedded virus makes computers easily accessible to criminals, who can use them as they please.

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