Howdy, my name is Landon and I have a Samsung Galaxy S2. Recently I had the issue where my phone wouldn’t get service and I couldn’t make a phone call. I checked online and found out that this was one of a few issues that the S2 had. The issue was caused by many different things, but it was most commonly caused by the phone being registered to the wrong network. I was in a contract with Verizon, but I had put the phone on AT&T network when I was abroad. This lead to the phone being registered to the wrong network. I wasn’t sure what to do until I came across the Restore Galaxy Null IMEI # And Fix Not Registered On Network

While iPhone users have enjoyed a variety of features, such as iconic design, App Store, and Siri, Android users have always lagged behind in one vital area: security. A research team in China has developed a new way to crack any Android phone, all without needing your Google account or password. By using this exploit, hackers can unlock your phone, access your files, and, in some cases, even reset your phone to factory settings. This is a black day for Android users.

In this article, you will find methods to remove zero IMEI number on all Android devices. It also restores your unknown base bond. If you have not yet read my two methods to solve the problem Samsung Galaxy not registered in network, , then you should read them. I received a question from one of the visitors below:

I have a problem with my Galaxy Note 3 after changing the IMEI number, there is an error Not registered in the network, please help me.

The IMEI number of your Samsung Galaxy is only used to identify the device and has no permanent or semi-permanent reference to the subscriber.

This guide explains how to retrieve or change the IMEI number.

Check your IMEI on your Android phone by simply dialing – *#06#.

If for some reason you have changed the IMEI number or your IMEI number is invalid and you get the error message Not registered in the network or No signal, do the following

Set the Galaxy IMEI number to zero and resolve the errorNot registered in the network.


If this method does not work, try the following: To fix an unknown baseband version for the Samsung Galaxy

  • Open the dialer and enter – *#06# to verify the IMEI number. If you see IMEI zero or 000000, you need to change the settings to solve the problem of no signal or network registration on your Android phone.
  • Dial *#197328640# or *##197328640#*# in the dialer.
  • You will be prompted to enter command mode as On the screen, select Common, usually option 6.
  • Select option 1 (FTM). FTM (Field Test Mode) is for debugging and testing, if enabled, it should be disabled.
  • Once you turn this feature off, your ZERO or modified IMEI number will be restored.
  • (Important) Without leaving the control screen, press the menu button to the left of the home button.
  •  Select Key Entry and enter option 2, which will deactivate your FTM.
  • Now, wait a minute. Remove the battery and the SIM card for two minutes, insert the battery back into the phone but not the SIM card. Then turn it on.
  • When the phone starts up, go back to command mode and key in – *#197328640#.
  • Select the debug screen, usually option 1.
  • Next, selecting the control phone, option eight
  • Press nas control, option 3
  • Then press RRC (HSDPA) option 5
  • To clear the error Not registered to network or zero IMEI #, press RRC review, option 2.
  • Select the bitrate of your phone, here we choose option 5 (HSDPA only)
  • The last step to reset the IMEI number is to turn off the phone and insert the SIM card or restart the phone and then insert the SIM card and dial *#06# to see if the IMEI number is restored.

Method 2

Several users have asked me how to change the IMEI number. Here is one of those questions that has been asked by users.

Hello. I have searched all the websites to change the IMEI to the correct one, as my IMEI has been changed to a fake 0049 and I cannot make calls and am not registered on the net. Is there any software that can change this? I need this software without the IMEI BOX. My cell phone galaxy NOTE 8 n5100

To change the IMEI number, you need to save the IMEI number.

Here is how to save the EFS or IMEI of your Galaxy device:

  • To do this, you must first download an application called EFS Pro. However, make sure your phone is rooted first, otherwise this tool will not work on your device.
  • Then download the Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0 to your PC to run the EFS Pro application on your PC. After downloading, unzip the file and install it on your PC.
  • Connect the camera to the PC with a USB cable. Launch EFS Pro and follow the on-screen instructions to back up and restore the EFS folder. That’s it. The trial’s over.

See the article below:

Correct the unknown version of the Samsung Galaxy baseband and change the IMEI number


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How to solve the problem with the IMEI number of the Samsung Galaxy S5?

Fix for unknown baseband and missing imei on the Galaxy Note 3

How to fix a null IMEI (unknown baseband) on Galaxy S6

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5 similar ways to solve a CONNECTION PROBLEM OR WRONG MMI CODE.

This source has been very much helpful in doing our research. Read more about samsung imei repair tool and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my Galaxy null IMEI?

There are two ways to restore your Galaxy S9. If you are comfortable with manual troubleshooting, you can follow the steps below to reset your Galaxy S9 back to factory settings. If you are a novice, request help from a friend or family member with a little more know-how. The Galaxy null IMEI is a model of the Galaxy S2 and S3. The phone originally has no IMEI, but this can be easily changed if you buy it through a mobile carrier. The null IMEI is able to be restored (reset) to its original state if you change your mind about this, or there are problems with the device. In this instance, how you will restore it back to its original state depends on the device’s model and operating system.

How do I fix the null IMEI?

The information contained within this guide will teach you how to restore your original IMEI on your Samsung phone. This is a common problem with Samsung phones, and it arises if you’ve tried to unlock your phone to use on other networks. This unlocking process will usually erase the original IMEI of the phone, and replace it with a custom one. The IMEI is the International Mobile Equipment Identity. This number is used to identify a mobile phone device. Sometimes the IMEI gets corrupted due to factory faults, or improper handling. In the worst case scenario, you will not be able to make or receive calls, and you will be unable to use the internet. Luckily, there are a few things that you can do to restore your original IMEI.

How do I fix null IMEI and unknown baseband?

If you own a Samsung Galaxy device, you might have seen this scary looking error message on the screen: “Invalid Network SIM” or “No valid SIM” and “No Service” or you might have seen “Invalid IMEI” Both of these errors are caused by a bad baseband and/or modem. Unfortunately, the older Galaxy models that have these two problems are no longer supported by Samsung. What is the baseband?  The baseband is similar to the modem that controls and sends/receives data to the cell tower. What is the Modem?  It is the part of the phone that sends data to and receives data from your computer via USB cable. When you’re searching for solutions to problems with your cell phone, you’ll find loads of websites dedicated to providing tips and advice on different problems. Most of these sites are run by people who have no connection to the cell phone companies or cell phone manufacturers, and they are sharing their own experiences and information in order to help others. A few of these websites aren’t really dedicated to helping others at all, and are instead dedicated to stealing IMEIs and basebands from unsuspecting users.

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