The loss of personal data can be a major problem in itself. Once you have had this experience, you will be afraid of the consequences and you will no longer want it to happen to you. Data loss can occur for a variety of reasons.

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Accidental data deletion, faulty software installation or even a system error – whatever the reason for data loss, the use of powerful data recovery software can be useful in efficiently solving your problems to help you recover the data. The free EaseUS data recovery wizard can be a good option.

What is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard – What is it?

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is an excellent option which, in an enhanced version, can be one of the best options for almost all your needs. The software is available for both Microsoft Windows devices and Mac devices in the free and Pro version.

The software supports a wide range of file systems, including FAT (FAT12,FAT16,FAT32), exFAT, NTFS, NTFS5, ext2/ext3, HFS+ and ReFS. The software can also help restore data from connected devices and storage systems, such as internal and external hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, connected digital cameras and camcorders, and RAID systems.

Multilingual support is another option you will find exemplary for your convenience. The software supports a wide range of language versions, including English, German, Japanese, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Italian and Turkish.

How does the EaseUS free data recovery wizard differ from the Pro option?

In case of significant data loss, it may be wise to choose the Pro version of the software. EaseUS Data Recovery Free can process only 500 MB of recovered data.

Apart from that, the remaining functionality of the recovery software remains virtually unchanged. The free EaseUS data recovery wizard uses the same search engine in both the Free and Pro versions of the software.

The free version can scan all deleted, formatted, lost and corrupted files, as well as entire partitions and drives. Instead of immediately investing in a paid version, we recommend that you use the free version to find out whether the data you are looking for has actually been deleted and can be restored. You can only select the Pro version if the free wizard confirms that you can restore your data.

If you want to restore your photos yourself, you can use the EaseUS photo recovery tool to achieve perfect image recovery.


Here are some of the features offered by the free EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard


The interface of the data recovery software is simple and easy to use. You should be able to install and use it with only basic knowledge of computer applications. You can easily select a hard drive or partition to scan and the software will take care of the rest.


EasyUS Data Recovery Wizard Free offers two scanning modes – a quick scan and an advanced scan. Quick Scan, as its name suggests, scans files fairly quickly and provides a list of files that can be successfully restored. With advanced scanning, you may be able to find all the files that can be restored. It makes a deeper sweep and takes much more time. This is because advanced scanning of disks per sector can take several hours.

File search

If you know what you want to restore and you know a few words about the file you want to restore, the file search option may be effective. Just type a few words and you’ll be able to access files that contain strings. You can even use wildcards to find files efficiently and effectively.

Example function

This is another interesting feature that makes it one of the most important options to restore only the files you want to restore. In the preview you can determine whether you want to restore a certain file.

Supports a wide range of file formats

The software supports a huge list of formats, making it a versatile and powerful data recovery software.

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Some pros and cons of the software

The advantages of

  • Fast and reliable operation
  • Can recover different types of files that other data recovery tools can’t handle.
  • Easier and easier file sorting


  • Several files are listed that could not be retrieved.
  • Limited file size

Final considerations

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is ideal for those who have lost important data. This tool can easily restore deleted data, but for a free tool – we have discovered that it offers a high quality service. It is clear that the defects are minimal and insignificant, and you can expect excellent performance in all cases.

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