This great tool automatically identifies each device on your computer and links it to the latest driver versions from an extensive online database.

You must first download and install DriverFix. After installation, the software starts working automatically and detects any driver problems on your system.

Within seconds you will receive a full report and a list of possible drivers to install. The only click is the Update All button that appears at the top of the list.

You can also update individual drivers by checking the appropriate boxes on the left and clicking the update buttons on the right.


This excellent lightweight tool updates your drivers automatically with minimal effort and time.

2. Back to former driver

  1. Go to the device manager and find the display driver.
  2. Right-click and select Reset Driver.
  3. Follow the instructions.

Once the driver has been reset, you must prevent Windows from updating the driver. To do so, follow the simple steps described in this guide.

3. Remove the driver and use the default driver.

  1. Open the Device Manager and find the display driver.
  2. Right-click on the screen driver and select Delete.
  3. Select the Uninstall the driver software for this device check box and click Uninstall.
  4. After the uninstallation is complete, restart your computer and the default driver will be installed.

4. Use of special software to configure the multi-monitor

DisplayFusion is an excellent tool for Windows that specializes in configuring multiple monitors. It is easy to use, although it has complex features that make it easy to manage multiple monitors.

DisplayFusion can also be controlled with hotkeys and is also customizable via the user menu and the buttons on the title bar.

This great tool also offers an impressive library of backgrounds and screensavers to choose from, as well as multi-monitor task bars to help you organize your windows.

There is no need to commit at the beginning. You can always test it in a free trial.

⇒ Receive DisplayFusion

Can’t Windows automatically find and load new drivers? Don’t worry, we’ll back you up.

5. Temporary deactivation of the graphics card

  1. Press Windows + X to open the Win + X menu and select Device Manager from the list.
  2. Find the graphics card, right click on it and select Disconnect Device from the menu.
  3. A confirmation message will then appear. Press Yes to continue.
  4. Right-click again on the Display Adapter and select Activate Device from the menu.

Windows should then be able to recognize your second monitor without any problem.

Note that this solution may not be permanent. So, if the problem repeats itself, you have to do these steps again.

If your notebook does not recognize the second screen, please refer to this helpful guide to easily solve the problem.

6. Monitoring of frequency changes

  1. Open the Settings application. This can be done quickly with the Windows + I key combination.
  2. When you open the Settings program, go to System.
  3. Scroll down to the Multiple Displays section and click Properties for the Display Adapter.
  4. Click on the Monitor tab. Set the refresh rate of the screen to 60 Hz and click Apply and OK to save your changes.
  5. If your monitor is already set to 60 Hz, select a different value and set it to 60 Hz (note that not all frequencies are compatible with your monitor, so if you want to avoid damaging your screen, use the frequencies recommended by the manufacturer).

You can then use the second monitor.

If you are using drivers such as the Nvidia control panel or the Catalyst control center, do not forget to change the monitor frequency using these tools.

Can’t open the Nvidia control panel under Windows 10? Don’t worry, we’ve got the right solution for you.

7. Temporary switch to first monitor only

  1. Open the Settings application and go to System.
  2. In the display settings, select Show only on 1 (this displays the image on the main monitor only).
  3. Save the changes.
  4. Change the monitor settings to Advanced and save the changes again.

This is a small bug that can happen, but you should be able to fix it with this workaround.

According to the users, this error often occurs when booting the PC, so this bypass has to be repeated every time the problem occurs.

8. Installing the Windows update

  1. Open the Settings application and go to Updates and Security.
  2. Now click on the Check for Updates button.

Windows will now check for available updates. When updates are available, Windows automatically downloads them in the background and installs them after restarting your computer.

Windows 10 is a reliable operating system, but sometimes you will find a certain error.

Microsoft works hard to fix all the bugs in Windows 10, and the easiest way to fix bugs on your computer is to install Windows updates.

Several users have reported that Windows 10 cannot detect the second monitor, but they have solved the problem by installing the latest updates for Windows.

By default, Windows 10 automatically downloads updates in the background, but sometimes you miss an important update.

After installing the necessary updates, the problem should be fully resolved.

Having problems updating Windows 10? This guide will help you solve them in no time.

9. Connecting monitors during PC operation.

Many users have reported that Windows 10 cannot detect a second monitor.

For users using the dual monitor configuration, both monitors work, but the second monitor is always mirrored to the first.

PC Troubleshooting

Run a scan of the PC with the Restoro Repair Tool to find errors that cause security problems and delays. Once the scan is complete, the damaged files will be replaced with new Windows files and components.

Disclaimer : You’ll have to switch to a paid plan to help.

To solve this problem, try connecting the monitors to the computer while it is running. If possible, try replacing the cables while the PC is running.

If you z. B. Using a DVI cable for the first monitor and an HDMI cable for the second monitor, try using an HDMI cable for the first monitor and a DVI cable for the second monitor.

Connecting both monitors while the computer is running will force the computer to recognize both monitors.

10. Use the key combination Windows + P

Sometimes this problem may occur because you have not used the correct project mode.

To solve this problem, simply press the Windows + P keys and select the desired project mode from the menu.

According to the users, their project mode was set to Second Screen Only, which caused the problem.

After choosing Expand or Duplicate, the problem was completely solved and both monitors worked.

11. Remove IDE-ATA/ATAPI drivers

Several users have reported that Windows 10 cannot detect a second monitor on their laptop.

According to users this problem was caused by the IDE-ATA/ATAPI driver and the problematic driver needs to be removed to solve the problem.

We have already shown you how to remove a driver in solution 3, so you need to find detailed instructions there.

After removing the driver, the computer must be restarted and the problem solved.

This problem occurs with the HP Envy Notebook, but can also occur with other notebooks.

12. Adjustment of resolution

  1. Right-click on the desktop and select Display Settings.
  2. Find the chapter on the resolution and leave out the resolution. Continue lowering the resolution until the external display works.

Sometimes it is necessary to adjust the solution to solve the problem.

If your external monitor uses a lower resolution than your PC, you may need to lower the resolution before you can use the second monitor.

If this solution suits you, you will need to adjust the resolution every time you want to use an external monitor.

Can’t adjust the screen resolution in Windows 10? Take a look at this detailed article that will help you do that.

13. Close laptop cover / use standby mode

According to users, the problem with the second screen can be solved simply by closing the laptop lid.

By simply closing the lid of your notebook, your second screen becomes the main screen and the problem is solved.

As soon as you open the laptop cover, both screens work without any problems. Note that this is only a workaround, so you will have to repeat it every time you want to use the second screen.

If you have this problem on a desktop computer, you can solve it using Hibernate mode. This function allows you to shut down your computer, but all your open applications remain active.

Once the computer is up and running, both screens should work. Note that this is only a workaround, so you will have to start over if the problem reoccurs.

If you have problems with sleep mode, solve them quickly with this great guide.

14. Make sure Extended Desktop is enabled in AMD Control Center.

Many AMD owners have reported this problem on their computers. If Windows 10 cannot detect the second monitor, the AMD control center may be the cause.

This software allows you to manage various settings, but sometimes the extended desktop function is disabled in the control panel.

To solve this problem, open the AMD Control Center and go to Display Manager.

Then make sure that the advanced desktop function is enabled.

After activation the problem has to be solved and both screens have to work.

Note that this problem can also occur when using a Nvidia graphics card.

In this case, open the Nvidia control panel and check whether multiple screens have been configured correctly.

15. Upgrading DisplayLink to the latest version

If you use DisplayLink to connect two monitors to your computer, you may experience this problem. To solve the problem, make sure DisplayLink is updated to the latest version.

After updating DisplayLink, the problem should be completely resolved.

16. Scale up to full panel size enable option

  1. Open the control centre of the catalyst.
  2. Go to My Digital Flatscreens and select Properties in the menu on the left.
  3. Select the monitor and locate the area with the image scaling options.
  4. Select the Save Aspect Ratio option and click Apply to save your changes.
  5. The problem must be solved. You can now switch to the option Scale to full panel size if you wish.

Users have reported that the Maintain Aspect Ratio option has solved the problem, so give it a try. Once this option is enabled, you can easily switch to another mode and both monitors will continue to work.

Doesn’t the Catalyst Control Center open in Windows 10? Consult this guide to solve the problem.

17. Disabling the monitor’s deep sleep function

Sometimes the settings of the second monitor can cause problems with the second monitor. Some monitors have a deep sleep function, and if this function is enabled, you may experience problems with monitor recognition.

To resolve this issue, open the monitor settings by pressing the deep sleep button and turn off the deep sleep feature.

Then the second monitor should start working. Please note that not all monitors support this feature. To find out if your monitor supports deep sleep and how to turn it off, we recommend that you refer to your monitor’s user manual.

If the problem persists, the second monitor is probably defective. Check or buy a new one.

We hope our comprehensive guide has helped you discover and configure your second monitor. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment in the special section below.

FAQ: Would you like to know more about DisplayLink?

  • What is a DisplayLink adapter?

DisplayLink is a technology that allows a USB graphics adapter to support monitors with resolutions up to 1680 x 1050 (widescreen) or 1600 x 1200 (traditional). Solve all DisplayLink related issues with our step-by-step guide.

  • What can I do if the second monitor is not recognized?

First update the driver of the graphics card or reset the old driver. If this does not work, use our expert guide to solve the problem.

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  • Does DisplayLink use a graphics processor?

DisplayLink focuses primarily on performance and video applications, but if you are a hardcore enthusiast, look for other applications as DisplayLink prefers Intel’s integrated GPU to perform its computing functions when available.

Editor’s comments : This article was originally published in October 2017 and revised and updated in January 2021 for timeliness, accuracy and completeness.

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