Let’s cut the crap and move on to the big question.

Is one oil good for all brands of snowmobiles?

Quick response : No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

It’s like using the same engine in different cars.

So what’s the best fuel for Ski-Doo, Polaris, Yamaha and Arctic Cat snowmobiles?

I have shared the number
with you, which is described in detail in this article.

If you don’t have time, you’ll keep it short in the next section.

My personal recommendation

One of the most popular snowmobile brands is Polaris, Arctic Cat, Yamaha, Ski-Doo. And, their engines are different from each other. Therefore, they have to buy a transmission oil specially developed for their engines.

Which chainsaw oil should you use?

Let’s look at the song and learn more.

Ski-Doo: BRP Ski-Doo XPS: new OEM synthetic gasoline

The North Star: Polaris SCL – lubricant for synthetic chain frames

An arctic cat: Arctic Cat OEM chaincase lubricant

Yamaha: Shirt Jamal chain bag for snow

Ski-doo chain oil

If you own a Ski-Doo snowmobile, you must use BRP Ski-Doo XPS synthetic chain oil, a new original BRP oil.

This oil, specially developed for the high performance Ski-Doo models, is produced with additives that protect the interior against damage and corrosion.

It is so highly recommended because of its unique all-synthetic, multi-layer formulation that works well at low temperatures and does not break at high temperatures.

In short, if you are looking for an affordable, high quality tank oil for your Ski-Doo snowmobile, this is the oil for you.

Ski-Doo crankcase oil is a high quality lubricant that provides density and excellent performance even under extreme conditions.

Note, however, that this oil cannot be used in the 2-speed gearboxes of Expedition and Skandic snowmobiles.

Polar Oil

In my opinion the best oil for Polaris SCL synthetic chain lubricant.

The high viscosity formula of this fully synthetic Polaris Chaincase oil ensures the superior strength of the desired film.

oil also provides maximum protection for chains and gears.

This synthetic oil based on Polaris petrol not only lubricates the parts of the snowmobile, but also protects them against wear and tear.

This oil is very affordable, but at the same time of high quality.

So if you have the
Polaris snowmobile, I advise you to only buy this fat.

Yamaha chain oil

If you are driving a Yamaha snowmobile, you should definitely buy a Yamalube chain lubricant.

It is a high performance
lubricant, designed to operate in extreme temperatures and
conditions such as those found on snowmobiles.

Since Yamaha engines are different from other snowmobiles, we recommend that you only use Yamaha chainsaw oil.

Arctic Cat Oil

If you are driving an Arctic Cat snowmobile, you should choose Arctic Cat OEM chain lubricant.

It is a proven fat that has been tested by many Arctic cat owners and is loved by them.

It is specially designed to protect against wear and corrosion when not using a snowmobile like in summer.

It also offers optimum
performance at extreme temperatures.

What is snowmobile oil?

Snowmobiles have a frame with a chain, also called a sprocket frame, which contains the sprockets and chains.
It is normally closed with a chain guard to protect the sprockets and chain from snow damage while riding.

In order for the snowmobile to function properly, the mechanisms and chains must be active. Chain oil is simply a lubricant that ensures trouble-free operation of the gears and chains of snowmobiles.

Changing the oil in the gas reservoir is necessary every season for two main reasons. The first reason is that petrol breaks down during continuous heating and cooling cycles, while the second reason is that petrol can be contaminated by water and metal splinters from the chain and sprocket.

It is therefore very important to change the oil in the gas tank. Simply put: If you have a clean, well-oiled chain, your snowmobile will work well, otherwise you will have a lot of problems at work.

Oil for snowmobile tanks

Other good snowmobile oils

There are many brands of chain oil on the market. Some people even use automatic transmission fluid or transmission grease to reduce initial costs. However, none of these fluids are intended to be used as oil for gas reservoirs.

Automatic transmission fluid makes the chain and gears vulnerable to premature failure, while automatic transmission fluid can cause wear and reduce fuel consumption. Below is a list of the best gearbox oil options you can use to keep your snowmobiles running smoothly and smoothly.

MaximumSynthetic petrol lubricant

Maxima Chaincase lubricant is one of the best snowmobile tank oils, specially developed for use at extremely low temperatures.

The fully synthetic base formulation offers exceptional fluidity and excellent lubrication of heavily loaded chains and sprockets with the lowest possible power for a smooth ride on snowmobiles. It also helps extend the life of your snowmobile chain by significantly reducing friction and wear and ensuring years of trouble-free operation.

It also contains advanced additives to protect the gears against oxidation and corrosion. It helps prevent the formation of rust and dirt caused by continuous exposure to heat and cold and ensures proper operation of the snowmobile on slopes, while preventing damage to equipment with a longer service life.

Maxima tank grease can be used in all closed fuel tanks of snowmobiles and associated ATVs such as the Polaris.

This high viscosity gear oil also helps maintain the film strength of the snowmobile, but also requires more power and pressure and may take longer to start the engine.

The advantages of

  • Fully synthetic basic composition
  • Extreme pressure and anti-wear additives
  • Reduces friction and tearing.
  • Can be used in all cases of closed chains


  • Requires more power and pressure and may take longer to start the engine.

Lucas Primary chain lubricant

If you are looking for a clutch coolant for your high performance snowmobile, Lucas Primary chain case oil will meet your specific needs. This oil is formulated primarily as a clutch coolant, not a lubricant, to ensure a longer, trouble-free clutch life.

Lucas primary oil is a thermal fluid for the clutch and a lubricant for the chain and sprockets. It provides a soft grip and significantly reduces slip. It also lubricates the sprockets to extend the life of the chain.

It consists of a mixture of light base oils and a series of additives that dissipate heat from the coupling and friction discs. It cools down and shuts off the engine to allow a smoother ride on the snowmobile.

This oil is intended for vehicles and is recommended for use in Harley-Davidson vehicles.

The advantages of

  • Originally formulated as a coupling coolant.
  • Ensures the lubrication of the sprocket wheel
  • Cools and stops the engine.
  • Suitable for heavy and powerful snowmobiles
  • It provides a soft grip and significantly reduces slip.


  • Especially for Harley-Davidson vehicles.

Spectro Sin-Sno synthetic chain oil

Spectro promises to deliver the best and most reliable transmission oil with its Syn-Sno synthetic transmission oil. If you’re looking for maximum performance and protection from fast snowmobiles that work efficiently, even in sub-zero temperatures, then this oil is the right choice for you.

It has been developed using the fully synthetic technology of PAO Group IV G4 with a first-class additive package that significantly reduces resistance and friction loss, thus significantly extending the life of the gears. The advanced formula also prevents wear, rust and foaming to protect your equipment from damage and ensure a smoother ride on your snowmobile.

Syn-Sno synthetic oil has a low coagulation temperature, which guarantees an uninterrupted supply, even at low temperatures. Can be used to make Arctic Cat, Polaris, Ski-Doo, Yamaha chain boxes.

Others, however, have complained about the unpleasant smell of this oil, which can cause discomfort.

The advantages of

  • Suitable for high-speed snowmobiles
  • Fully synthetic group IV G4 DTP technology and Premium Additive Package
  • Prevents wear, rust and foaming.
  • Can be used for a necklace of Arctic Cat, Polar Cat, Ski-Spirit and Yamaha.
  • Low drying temperature

How do you change the fuel in your snowmobile?

Changing oil in snowmobile chains

Switching from
oil to a gas tank may seem technical and complicated, but let me tell you that
is not.

This item
is a fairly simple operation that anyone can do. However, make sure you have everything you need under
before you start. The following elements are required in this process

  • A simple bucket
  • Degreaser
  • Part
    Cleaning Agents
  • Thread lock
  • Sticky

Here you need a degreaser to remove old metal chips, while the parts cleaner is needed to clean the crankcase before you can lubricate the chain with new oil. However, the threadlocker lacquer is a support element that prevents the bolts from tilting and oil from escaping. An oil dipstick is used for the last time to check how much oil has been filled.

When everything is ready, just follow these simple instructions to change the oil in the tank of your snowmobile.

  1. First place a bucket under the oil drain plug in the tank and then remove the drain plug.
  2. After draining off the oil, remove the chain guard cover to expose the inside of the chain guard with the sprockets and chain.
  3. After removing the chain cover, check the sprockets and chain for problems. Check the chain for wear and make sure it is not too slack.
  4. Then spray the degreaser on the inside of the housing and even in the lid to remove oil and metal splinters.
  5. Now you need to clean the interior by first spraying the details of the cleaner on everything inside the housing and lid and then cleaning and washing the whole face.
  6. You think it’s best to start at the top and work your way down, or the other way around, so you can cover everything.
  7. First of all, your suitcase needs to be completely dry, so it’s best to let it dry for a while.
  8. As soon as the inside is completely dry, you have to put everything back together again. Install the drain plug and chain guard cover, then secure the pins with a wire retainer to keep them intact and prevent oil leakage.
  9. If everything is in order, fill the chain guard with the amount of oil supplied by your snowmobile manufacturer.
  10. After filling the oil with a dipstick, check that you have filled the oil sufficiently and then close the lid firmly to prevent air holes.

Last words

The oil in the fuel tank is an integral part of your snowmobile. It provides a smooth and comfortable ride for your snowmobile and can even protect gears and chains at high temperatures and speeds. It is highly recommended to change the oil in gas tanks seasonally, as the oil can be contaminated by water and metal fragments from chains and gears.

If you want a smooth ride, even at high speeds and high temperatures, you need the right oil for your tank. You can choose one of the two brands of engine oil mentioned above to fully protect your sprockets, chains and gears and the high performance of your snowmobile.

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