The authority of a domain is the partition created by Moz, which provides information about the authority of the site.

The higher the AD of the site, the more likely it is to occupy a more important place in the SERP.

The DA value ranges from 0 to 100, with zero being the worst and 100 being the perfect result.

The domain authority of the website plays an important role in the increase of organic traffic.

Some functions that affect the value of the authorisation in the :

  • Age of the estate
  • Quantity and quality of backlinks
  • Size of the website
  • Social signals

How does Moz check the domain data?

The procedure is evaluated on a scale from zero to 100 using an algorithm developed by Moz.

The average is between 40 and 50 DA, while a good DA is between 50 and 60 DA.

Moreover, the value of more than 60 DA is considered to be excellent.

Moz calculates the site’s domain permissions based on the following factors:

The age of the site is calculated from the moment the site was launched in the search engines.

The maximum number of backlinks plays an important role in the calculation of the AD.

The speed of the site makes it possible to get a better position in the search engine in no time.

It is the trust of the website, which has been built up over time.

It calculates link trust, which means that links are received from trusted sources such as .gov or .edu sites.

Social signals indicate the presence of the website on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Once the content is shared or enjoyed, the search engines calculate it as a social signal.

  • High quality images: Better image quality increases the duration of the site,

Just make sure that the photos you use are original and related to the theme.


The credibility of a website domain can be increased by working on these factors.

You can also view the DA and PA website before increasing their authority in the field by visiting or w3seotools.

Later in this article we will discuss some ways to increase the credibility of a website domain.

7 The best ways to extend the powers of the domain

1.    Optimization of the content of page

SEO is important for both the search engines and for the authority of the website in the field.

Make sure you have optimized all code on the site page.

Page optimization includes headers, tags, alternative tags and web pages.

Keep all permalinks short and always include targeted keywords in the content.

You can also create credibility for a website’s domain by uploading relevant keywords to its content.

And to create an impressive and effective content structure, you need to focus on two things:

  • People ask questions.
  • Relevant keywords

Improve the reference to the site on the page, taking into account the factors below:

  • Optimize headings and descriptions
  • Perfect use of the controller [H1, H2, etc.].
  • SEO-optimized URL and permanent link structure
  • Optimization of images, videos and other media elements.
  • Avoid filling in keywords
  • Add any internal links

2.    Work on a reference site outside page

Websites with a strong link profile should have a high authority rating compared to other websites with a low authority rating.

The site must have a clean and solid link profile as :

  • If he gets links from pages with high and strong authority.
  • There are no poor quality backlinks on the website.
  • It must contain links from unique domains

Off-page referencing is a method to improve the link profile of a website.

These include methods for obtaining excellent links to improve the rating of a website in the e-PRS.

You can easily get high quality links by using natural linking and blogging methods.

Of course, if you create links, your site must have high quality to attract links from different sites.

And in the way you work with bloggers, you turn to different webmasters to show your existence.

This increases the chance of linking your website to your articles in the shortest possible time.

3.     Improving the structure of internal connections

Try to improve the internal structure of content communication as it helps the audience focus on what they are looking for.

This means that if they have had a good look at the blog articles, they will certainly find a way to access the homepage via one of the internal links.

By improving internal communication, you can also offer visitors various linked blogs.

The internal link method prevents the public from leaving the website due to disappointment or other reasons.

This allows them to stay in contact with the website for as long as possible and facilitates the indexing of the entire site by search engines.

4.    Removing bad connections

You need to go to your website’s link profile to find toxic back links.

If you find poisonous links, quickly remove those links from bad sources to increase the authority of the domain.

You need to remove the links that lead to malicious sites from the site.

5.    Making your website mobile

Most users access the site on mobile devices, and if the site is not optimized for mobile use, you are far behind your competitors.

To check whether or not a website is Mafia-friendly, it is best to check it using Google’s Mafia Compatibility Test.

He analyses the entire website and tells you how user-friendly the mobile website is.

If a website is not mobile, it plays an important role in lowering the ranking of the site in the search engines.

6.    Improve lateral speed

Improving the speed of the pages will not only increase the credibility of the domain, but also improve the user experience to get more leads and sales.

To increase the download speed of your website, check the following points:

  • Remove unwanted plug-ins
  • Optimization of the file size
  • Update all WordPress plugins with their latest versions.
  • Use of the video streaming service

7.    Increased social signals

Most sites only occupy a high position in the search engine because of the many preferences and promotions.

And to increase the authority of the domain on the site, do the following:

  • Work on your business page on Facebook and do your best to increase the number of followers.
  • Ensure a strong and active presence in the various social networks.

In this way, the content you share gets some attention in the form of preferences and promotions.

  • You need to add a social networking button to your content to attract a new audience.

Once you have completed these improvements, you should check the site’s “yes” digits to verify overall performance.


To increase the credibility of the website domain, you must first work on optimizing the website, both on and off the page.

It then improves the internal structure of the links on the website and also removes all bad links from the website.

In addition, you need to make the website mobile and increase the loading speed of the page to get a better position in the search engine.

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