The 15 Time Tracking Software For Employees

It is important to note that the employee time tracking software is simply a tool used by employees and managers to track and record time spent on payroll or on transactions and billing. It deals with the time spent on tasks and projects and helps to set objectives and deadlines. He is also accustomed to executing tasks and projects on time. This is such a large amount of employee tracking software used by small entrepreneurs and consultants.

Time tracking software is the electronic or digital counterpart to the standard paper timesheet and can be a stand-alone platform or an application that integrates with other solutions that require time tracking capabilities, such as B. Accounting and project management software. It is an essential tool for professionals, including accountants, lawyers and the self-employed, who invoice their clients by the hour.

It is used in many industries to track the time of employees and teams, measure and evaluate project performance, and automate or streamline the time of tracking tasks and processes. While most solutions allow simple time recording, others offer more advanced tools for real-time work produced at any given time. This is often more advantageous for production, construction or transport companies that focus more on determining the production, construction or mileage and the time needed to reach or travel the distance.

Time tracking software can automatically generate invoices and statements documenting both work and time spent and, in some programs, even operating costs and estimates relative to tasks and projects. You can also give instructions about, for example, your workflows. B. Which tasks take the most time and cost your employees the most, so users can plan their project budgets. Time registration software can be a tool used by managers and employees to keep track of time in general. They record the time spent on tasks and are used to automate payroll administration or customer invoicing.

Benefits of employee time attendance software

1. Responsibility:

With time registration software, your team keeps track of what is going on and what they have done. If you have a team member who chronically loses time or someone who spends significantly more time than necessary on certain tasks, you have documented evidence that you can use to justify disciplinary action or recommend changes to improve their performance.

2. Motivation:

You also use time registration to motivate your employees. By means of objective measurements, your employees have a concrete specialty, a goal against which they can monitor their progress. For example, you set a goal for your team to complete a certain project in 10 hours of work, and if this goal is reasonable, your employees will strive to achieve it.

3. Transparency:

Time registration creates clarity throughout the organisation. Employees can get a clearer picture of their performance and what they can improve, and managers know what information they need to identify weaknesses. Transparency tends to contribute to happier and more productive workplaces, so it is an important advantage to control.

4. Objectivity:

Keeping track of time will be more objective than evaluating performance at a high level. Rather than just looking at specific behaviors or a history of performance quality issues, tracking time can show exactly how much time your employees spend on a task. They will also use this information to justify price increases or other internal changes.

5. Analytical:

Finally, time tracking software offers you highly analytical functionalities that allow you to calculate the cost and value of your projects, the efficiency of your employees and even the effectiveness of your management style. It is almost never difficult to get more information from your side.

Shortcomings in the software for recording employees’ working hours

1. Reductionism:

You measure the time it takes to complete a task, but that doesn’t say everything about how the task is performed. For example, a software developer can rush to fix a bug in less than an hour, but his hasty and disparate fix can end up with even more bugs. Also, you may have a great and dedicated employee who isn’t willing to work as fast as his or her colleagues – in which case keeping track of time may not make your assessment any easier.

2. Paranoia:

Excessive workplace control is detrimental to an employee’s well-being. You will want to keep an eye on their movements, making their environment less personal and less hospitable. Ultimately, this leads to lower productivity and lower morale.

3. Reliability:

Tracking products is not always perfect. If your platform fails every day, you may lose information about a major project. If your employees also don’t use the platform consistently, you may not be producing the quality data you need to draw accurate conclusions.

4. Treatment:

Most time attendance platforms offer employees the possibility to enter times manually or to change times already recorded afterwards. So your data invites manipulation.

5. Award:

Any form of enhanced supervision also carries a risk of bias. If one of your employees takes twice as long to perform a task because of a physical disability, you can’t legally blame them – but what if they consistently fall behind in overall performance? Timing can only lead to problems in this service.

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15 Software for recording the working time of workers

Time registration software for employees

1. Time Doctor

Time Doctor could be the time and performance tracking tool launched by the owners of in 2012. This fully customizable workforce management application with a detailed list of Time Doctor functions can be a time attendance program that allows employees to track their hours in real time. It provides an overview of time usage per customer, project or task.

Time Doctor is an employee tracking solution with advanced time and attendance tracking features. Particularly suitable for a team of 30 to 350 employees. Time Doctor can be a time registration system that can help you improve the productivity of your employees. This application provides context-sensitive alerts to remind you to keep track of time as you work.


  • This allows users to track time based on a specific task rather than on a global basis.
  • This gives users a boost to look for something productive for a change.


  • You can only follow one track at a time; it’s not multitasking.
  • In the past, users have complained that the pop-up warning was annoying.

2. Habstaff

Dave Nevogt and Jared Brown founded Hubstaff after they hired freelancers and wanted to improve their management. Hubstaff organizes user meetings with project specialists after evaluation of each project. Hubstaff receives a commission with the employee’s hourly rate. Hubstaff provides electronic time sheets, pay slips and invoices. This allows you to enter activity levels and schedules for each employee. The supplier provides a free version of the software.


  • It’s easy to use.
  • He has incredible qualities.
  • The administrator can check the rest.


  • His screenshot is vulnerable.
  • The time zone is in principle difficult to classify.
  • It does not have the flexibility to follow in real time.

3. Time storage

It is a web application launched in 2009 by Kamil Rudnicki, programmer and founder of Time Solutions, to track the activities of computer users, and is aimed at freelancers or teams. This tool is also time registration software that allows you to invoice your employees on an hourly basis, measure performance and manage projects. TimeCamp combines time recording, billing and invoicing in one combination. It features a timer that records the time spent on assigned tasks, so you can create accurate schedules for your employees’ payroll.


  • He carries out his duties after you give him the order.
  • The interface is clear.
  • There is an iPhone application for recording and viewing time sheets.


  • Sometimes the total time is not counted.
  • Sometimes the report is not updated when the timer is running.
  • The Android version is less complicated than the website.

4. TimeSolv Pro

It is also a web-based time registration and billing application with features specific to your business. It works seamlessly on PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices. TimeSolv helps lawyers increase their billable time and get paid faster. TimeSolv Pro Edition is the billing product of choice for law firms that do not need a variety of specific legal invoicing functions such as fiduciary accounting, electronic invoicing formats (LEDES, Chubbs, etc.), conflict control or ABA task codes. It is an ideal choice for billing consultants, accountants, engineers and other time-sensitive project staff who need to make professional invoices.


  • It’s easy to use to move between the things you need to do.
  • People who want to do research find it a bit difficult to learn.
  • It allows you to change the data in a case.


  • Some information is not automatically added to the timeline.
  • The search functions and other elements are very easy to navigate.
  • Learning something new is annoying.

5. Bitrix24

CEO Sergey Rizhikov founded Bitix24 with four Russian businessmen in 1998. Bitrix24 was originally Bitrix. Over time, the company changed direction until Bitrix launched Bitrix24 Cloud in 2012. Bitrix24 is also a task management tool that provides Gantt charts, Kanban tables and time recording. It also has advanced project planning tools that help you complete projects on time. Bitrix24 is also a collaboration platform with a complete set of tools for social interaction, communication and management of your sales team.


  • He’s got rich features.
  • This allows you to respond to extranet users.
  • It is a great tool for project and task management.


  • The mobile version of the application has limited functionality.
  • Sometimes it’s hard to work.
  • It’s a bit difficult to get in as administrator and user.

6. Harvest

It is a web-based time tracking tool that allows you to track the time spent on specific customers, projects and tasks. Harvest is also a time tracking tool in the cloud, designed for businesses of all sizes. It is a smart and easy to set up interface. The solution provides billing and time tracking capabilities for small businesses and the self-employed. The system streamlines and fluidizes the time tracking process, allowing users to track business processes. Harvest uses a flexible time tracking mechanism to give you an overview of your company and projects.


  • It is also easy to check during installation.
  • It is easy to set up and operate.
  • It is a super simple application that manages customer payments.


  • This can lead to a delay of the task due to a malfunction.
  • It has a limited built-in installation.
  • From time to time there are problems with the notification setup.

7. Strike

It is software that enables users to manage and track projects, appointments, calendars and other workflows. It also allows users to collaborate. Wrike has a time recording tool that allows you to keep track of your time by using an automatic task timer or by adding manual entries to your logbook. One of the many features is time and budget tracking, allowing you to track the time spent by a project or team member for more accurate planning and budget management.


  • It has flexible project models.
  • It has an accurate control instrument.
  • This allows project managers to easily assign tasks to other people.


  • There is a tool for missing data. Users want a tool.
  • It’s expensive for a small organization.
  • The default filter is fixed and forces the Job Status Filter to hide all tasks marked as completed.

8. TimeLive

This allows you to keep track of your employees’ time and costs efficiently and accurately. It is an intelligent, intuitive and user-friendly time tracking platform. It enables users to manage their time and projects by optimizing resources, planning and executing executable work, and supporting plans to achieve optimal productivity and efficiency while reducing operational and other project costs. With TimeLive, you can easily find reports and view your metrics and indicators so you can understand your projects, improve your workflows and practices, increase your overall productivity, and more.


  • It’s easy to handle.
  • It is dynamic and easy to use.
  • Easy to navigate.


  • It doesn’t have automatic storage.
  • The interface is heavy and confusing.
  • The report should be made available to a specific department.

9. Ring

Jibble provides time tracking that allows you to monitor and improve the performance of your team. These are daily, weekly and monthly timesheets that you can use for your payroll administration. Jibble can be a cloud-based application that allows you to efficiently track the working time of your employees. With Jibble in & dead set, you benefit from automated time tracking, including activity tracking/project tracking, customer billing and powerful reports. The simplicity of assigning inputs and outputs via I/O commands makes Jibble very easy to use. You can activate Jibble to meet the needs of your organization.


  • It has good automatic facial recognition.
  • It’s accessible and understandable.
  • It’s not hard to know and understand.


  • The weakness of the Internet can cause it to fail.
  • It could not warn the user once he was logged in.
  • It needs to be worked on, just like in other browsers.

10. Number of hours

It is a time tracking software that provides you with time tracking tools to monitor the working hours of your team. Clockify is the only truly free time tracking software that allows you and your team to keep track of time so you can see where your time is going later and increase your productivity. Clockify allows freelancers and project agencies to track the time they spend on a project and is free of charge, regardless of the diversity of the team or project.


  • It allows you to be confident and responsible.
  • It is easy to use for the user.
  • It can set and configure many options


  • Delays may occur when you change customers.
  • There are some basic options missing to create a project popup.

11. Switching

Here’s how to improve your team’s productivity with timers and follow-up reminders. It also has reporting capabilities, project management dashboards and accounting tools. Toggl provides time recording and reporting and is one of the most effective productivity tools on the market. You can use the application to divide your working time between projects and tasks. Toggl supports most project management tools that are often used in business processes.


  • The time can easily be changed and edited via the user interface if needed.
  • It provides a full report.
  • The timer is easy to use.


  • He has trouble making the connection between time and cost.
  • Sometimes it’s just as hard to commit time to money.
  • It will be difficult to take on new customers/projects.

12. leaves

It was co-founded in 2006 by CEO Matt Rissell and CTO Brandon Zem. It is an online time management software that will save your company time and money. It is convenient and convenient to use as a time tracking tool. It offers you a clean and hassle-free interface. It gives you a complete overview of your projects and provides you with reporting tools that give you valuable information. Cleaning eliminates the hassle of reading paper time sheets and allows employees to record their time automatically via their mobile phone.


  • So it’s easy to knock the worker’s watch in and out.
  • Makes it possible to program work schedules and commands.
  • This allows you to view the report for the person and details relevant to the project.


  • There is no search option in the desktop version.
  • He uses a lot of batteries. Sometimes it is difficult to create change.

13. My watch

This is a time tracking application that allows you to register hours worked, invoice customers and generate reports. The software works on both Android and iOS devices. You can use MyHours for free, or you can use the Professional Plan for $6 per active team member. It is a time tracking software that is (apparently) used by freelancers who have to invoice the hours worked to a customer or project, broken down by task. Small teams with similar needs up to 20-30 members. It is therefore recommended for small businesses that do not have many employees.


  • It’s useful day after day.
  • Sign up quickly and get to work.
  • He’s smart and easy to follow.


  • Sometimes it doesn’t always work out.
  • He has a bad cancellation policy.
  • It’s not hard to use, but it’s not consistent.

14. Ebillitete

Combines time tracking, payroll, invoicing and productivity tools on one platform to streamline your time tracking and payroll processes. Ebillity’s Time Tracker is designed for teams to easily report employee time for payroll and billing purposes. Customizable settings and versatile add-ons let you grow your account as your business grows.


  • It’s very safe to use.
  • He has a new way of seeing and following people.
  • He is very flexible in his work.


  • He’s not working on time.
  • Sometimes it can be difficult to tell the difference.

15. In due course

It is simply a fully automated time attendance solution that collects data on all hours worked and activities and stores all data in a highly secure private calendar. It integrates with various project and task management platforms to ensure accurate monitoring of all activities. Moreover, the quality of your work improves over time: You can learn from the editors you create and automatically submit suggestions for keeping track of time. At the same time, managers can quickly get to grips with the situation by making detailed visual reports to see how they can improve their business operations.


  • It is easy to use and understand.
  • Understandably, you don’t need a full-time coach.
  • It has no linguistic support.


  • This doesn’t always work.
  • There is an extra tax that has to be paid over time. The Mobile IOS is not working properly, an update is needed.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q : How can I record the working time of my employees?

A : 1. Follow employees remotely with a free visitor system.
2. Use a wall bracket for card remote controls.
3. Make sure your watch is complete, accurate and up to date.
4. Use attendance control software that can support the staff.
5. Choose a system that easily integrates with other applications.

Q : What is the best tracking software?

A : The best time registration tool in 2020 is Time Doctor, a time registration software for internal and external teams. The response has a time scale that is accurate to the second and can take screenshots of your employees’ devices at regular intervals. They even give the customer access to these screenshots and performance reports at no extra cost. Time Doctor has a built-in notification function and provides employers with information about what their team does, the applications and websites they use and how much time they spend on them. You can use this tool on all operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and more.

Q : How do I ensure that my employees hand in their timesheets on time?

A : 1. Request to connect your time attendance: They won’t want to follow their time if they don’t understand.
2. Define clear rules and guidelines : In doing so, account must be taken of the possible consequences and thus the impact.
3. You have to learn how to use the time frame: If they don’t know how to use it, they certainly won’t use it.
4. Send automatic time reminders.
5. Perform the following action. It’s necessary.
6. Use gamma radiation. Encouraging employees with gifts.
All too often the standard methods just don’t work and other people are unwilling to commit their time – not on time or not at all. Employers then need to come up with creative ways to motivate employees to meet the schedule on time.

Q : What is the best application for keeping track of staff time?

A : DeskTime is one of the most efficient time tracking applications. What’s more, it keeps track of time and productivity, so you can calculate employee productivity efficiently and intelligently. Furthermore, not much configuration is required. Simple and secure time tracking DeskTime is the ideal time tracking application for companies and teams that are more interested in the big picture than in the detailed analysis of URLs and programs used by their employees. Set a performance target and see how your employees achieve it.

Q : Is there an application for keeping track of your working hours?

A : Clockify is the only real free time tracking software. It helps you and your team to keep track of time to see where it’s going later and to improve productivity. Keeping track of time is so easy that you only have to season it at the end of the day. You always go back to change some temporary records. You add keywords to the timesheets to improve the group reports. Allows for the separation of paid and unpaid working time.


Time tracking software enables you to optimize the work potential of your team and each individual member. The deadlines are clear and comprehensible, so that all parties involved are accountable and aligned. A waste of time is often easy to identify and remedy. There are other important things you can try to do besides recording billable hours. The application takes care of the routine task of time registration and payroll or invoicing and ensures accuracy and transparency of knowledge, even better than manual input. Once you have set up the base, the entire payroll or payroll processing is automated.

But let’s not forget why someone didn’t do it because they think it’s cumbersome. This requires a lot of effort, takes a lot of time and slows down the team. People forget to fill in the schedule anyway. The implementation of a working time monitoring application can encounter resistance from employees, especially if the company has been too lax with working hours. This is often a problem in the workplace, but leads to low user acceptance of the application. For example, even if an application is difficult to use. B. If many clicks are required to perform a single function, managers and employees are less likely to switch to the system.

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