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The battery is what keeps your laptop alive when not plugged into a power outlet with influence. A number of customers have experienced problems with the location where the battery of their laptop is not recognized in the Home windows 10. This can seriously affect the stability of your working life. Especially when you’re like me and you’re constantly on the air. In any case, that’s why the laptop has become such a favourite in the first place. So you can travel and work anywhere, even if you don’t have a permanent power socket.

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There are usually several reasons for this problem. Some of the most common problems are unusable batteries, software problems, outdated drivers, and so on. I have made a list of all possible problems, so please go through the mail until the battery is recognized again.

Let’s get started.


You know what this is about. Press home windows+I to open the settings and click Replace and Security.

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Here you can check for updates, retrieve them and configure them. Remember to restart the notebook before checking to see if the battery is still working or not.

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It is possible that the plant adapter is free. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. If you have already checked, the site adapter may not work, which means the battery will not charge. I can advise you to try charging with a special power adapter. Go to the nearest dealer to check it out.


Although the odds are small, it may be possible, especially if you have recently dropped your laptop. Remove the battery from the laptop and reinsert it. The best way to hear the convincing click of some guys is to know when everything is okay.

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Take the opportunity to clean the battery compartment with a dry cloth or hairdryer. Dirt can accumulate everywhere and possibly disrupt the loading process. And don’t use water!


Find and open the Gadget Inspector from the Home menu. Double-click on Select Battery to open the 2 objects.

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Right-click on each device and click Remove System. Sure, do it. This makes it possible to remove the drivers. Now take the battery out of the laptop and replace it after a few minutes. Connect the laptop to a source of influence. Reboot the laptop and it will mechanically reinstall the drivers.

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Click on the battery icon in the taskbar to check if the notebook detects a battery or not.


Home windows 10 has troubleshooting capabilities for embedded applications and people developed by Microsoft. Re-open the settings (Home windows + I key) and search for detection and recovery problems, as well as your computer’s power consumption settings.

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Click on the top option to apply repair mechanically.

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Click on Next and from there follow the instructions on the screen. Restart the computer as soon as necessary before rechecking it.


Whether your laptop does not recognize the battery or the battery is recognized but not charged, discharging the capacitors can help. Switch the notebook off and remove the battery and all external devices. Some Lenovo models are equipped with batteries for this purpose. You can skip this step or open the panel again and manually disconnect the battery from the mainboard. If you are not sure, contact a technician.

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After discarding, press and hold the button on the object for at least 60 seconds. Otherwise, the remaining mainboard battery may be discharged. The Board of Directors of the system retains the vitality necessary for the performance of tasks such as. B. to make sure the clock works. Have you ever wondered how to set the time and date correctly, even if you turn off your computer? Store it for one day, then reconnect the battery, connect it to a power source and charge it.

This even eliminates the overheating problems associated with not charging or not detecting the battery.


Immediately open the command with administrator rights by looking it up in the Start menu and entering the command below.

Report on the supply of electricity and batteries

A battery report is generated and can be stored directly on site.

C:WINDOWSsystem32battery report.htm

Open the report and browse through it to see if anything is unsuitable for the battery. You can also try another command at this level that even generates a battery report.


The report can be created mechanically and opened in a new tab of the web browser.


While most newer computer systems are equipped with UEFI firmware, some older mods continue to move the BIOS. It is recommended to change the firmware here to correct the detected errors. Paste msinfo, the missing quotes, and open System Info to discover your current BIOS model.

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Here is a full guide on how to enter BIOS mode. Some BIOS modules have a built-in replacement option. Since the structure may vary from one motherboard to another, you will have to do it on your own. This will only take a few minutes.

If there is no replacement option, go to the manufacturer’s website to get the latest BIOS firmware and save it to a USB stick. Here’s a good guide on how to safely flash a brand new model.


It’s hard to imagine how long a laptop will last without a working battery. You just can’t do without a battery that isn’t even recognizable in Home windows 10. We hope that one of the many options above has worked for you. If you discover another remedy, please share it with us in the feedback in

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