PowerToys Stable Version 0.29.0 is Now Available

Microsoft has released a supporting version of PowerToys. Version 0.29 contains some new features, but all major changes planned for the software are postponed until the next version, which will be released after the holidays.


What’s new in PowerToys for Windows 0.29

  • Error reporting tool and improved logging.
  • Various improvements to the location.
  • CodeQL added. Activated twice a day by the crown bell.
  • To use the documents, it has been moved to https://docs.microsoft.com/windows/powertoys/.
    • This enables the community to do direct public relations on these documents.
  • ARM64 Progress : The update of the .NET kernel for the PowerToys team codebases is ready. We still have two external dependencies, namely the .NET framework, that need to be updated.
  • Color picker :
    • General bug fixes
    • Added the possibility to set the color name according to Office and WinUI Color Picker.
  • FancyZones :
    • Allows you to use Windows Snap on non-Snap computers and for applications on the exclusion list.
    • Bugfixes
  • Let the toys work:
    • Performance improvement
    • PT Run now supports accented characters.
  • Plumber:
    • Ability to extract MSIs from .exe for business scenarios and more options for unmanaged installations.
    • Remote toast messages during installation.

You can download PoweToys on GitHub.

Toys requests

Windows 10 PowerToys currently contains the following applications.

  • Screen Recoder is a new tool that allows the user to record the application part of the screen and save the recording in a . It will be possible to create a GIF animation of what the user has captured. Other functions include the ability to crop the recording and adjust the video/GIF quality. Video menu editor
  • Videoconferencing Mute is an experimental tool that allows you to mute audio and video on your computer with a single keystroke or mouse click. PowerToys Video Conference Mute Tool VcWindow PowerToys Video Conference Mute Tool Options
  • ColorPicker is a quick and easy color selection system that allows you to call up a color value anywhere on the screen. PowerToys ColorPicker
  • PowerRename is a tool for renaming a large number of files using different naming conditions, such as. B. Search and replace part of a filename, define regular expressions, change case, and more. PowerRename is implemented as a shell extension for the file explorer (playback plugin). A dialog box opens with a number of options. PowerToys PowerRename
  • FancyZones – FancyZones is a window manager that allows you to easily organize and incorporate windows into efficient layouts for your workflow and restore these layouts quickly. FancyZones allows the user to define a range of window locations on the desktop, which serve as drag and drop targets for windows. When the user drags a window into an area, the size of the window is resized and the window is repositioned to fill that area. Improvements to the MultiMy Fantasy Area
  • Windows Shortcuts List – Windows Shortcuts List is a full-screen overlay utility that provides a dynamic set of Windows shortcuts that apply to a specific desktop and a currently active window. When you hold down a Windows key for one second (you can adjust the duration of this action in the Preferences), a window appears on your desktop with all available Windows shortcuts and the action these keys perform, based on the current status of your desktop and the active window. If you hold down the Windows key after pressing it, the overlay remains in place and the new status of the active window is displayed. Overview guide for PowerToys
  • Image Editor, a Windows shell extension that allows you to quickly resize images. PowerToys Image Surveillance
  • File Explorer is a set of add-ons for File Explorer. Currently it contains two additions to the preview window to display the contents of *.MD and *.SVG files. PowerToys File explorer options
  • Window Walker is an application that allows you to search and switch between open windows from the comfort of your keyboard. Power windows 2
  • PowerToys Run, offers a new run command with additional options such as. B. Quick search for applications, files and documents. It supports extensions for functions such as calculators, dictionaries and online search engines. PowerToys Run
  • The Keyboard Manager is a tool that allows you to redirect any key to another function. It can be configured in the main PowerToys dialog box. PowerToys Keyboard management Allows you to restore a single key or a series of keys (shortcut).

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