OfferUp and similar applications/websites allow users to sell products online. Unlike Amazon, Walmart and other popular e-commerce applications, they do not require users to own a government-registered company. Sacrifice Up is a great organization. This year, in 2020, it bought one of its main competitors – LetGo – for more than 100 million dollars. Why do people buy things from OfferUp (or similar website/applications)? The main advantage of buying anything from Offer Up (or similar applications) is the product. In applications such as Offer Up, the seller uploads an image of the actual product. On the e-commerce site the seller can download an image enriched by Photoshop. On Amazon you will find many responses from users who complain that they have received an item that does not look like the image on Amazon. You will find very few reviews of this type in OfferUp or similar requests. Because if people find out that the object in the picture looks fake, they will ignore it and buy something else. The other reasons are as follows:

Delivery and evaluation : The services can ship products to many countries. Applications allow customers to evaluate salespeople.

Making money: OfferUp and similar applications help users make money online without having to register a business or invest a large amount of money in a small business. All you need is a product that works on the internet and a computer/smartphone to become a seller.

websites: Most applications are cross-platform. A similar on-demand website is also available on the Internet.

OfferUp is not the only application that allows anyone to offer products for sale or discover nice local offers. Here are five large ones that look like SacrificeUp:

Best applications such as OfferUp for Android and IOS

Mercari – Proposed sale


Mercari is an application/website such as Offer Up, created by a Japanese company. To start selling on Mercari, click the Sales button and follow the on-screen instructions. The application allows users to set transaction alerts and register on Facebook. The buyer can send a message to the seller. The seller may also respond to the buyer’s messages by asking questions. Mercari accepts payments via most major credit cards including Discover, American Express, Master Card and VISA credit cards. It also supports the world’s most popular payment service – PayPal. Mercari informs its users about the last time the seller updated the product. It also indicates the date on which the seller puts the goods up for sale. Mercari is a great mobile application, just like Sacrifice Up. He’s got three days to get his money back.



Lista is an application like OfferUp and LetGo for unwanted products. According to Lista, you will find more than 55 million products on Lista. Each course belongs to a specific category. Some of the categories are jewellery, telephones, etc. Once you’ve found a category, you have to bet on it. If the seller manages to sell something, he gets points. The seller can use these items to buy something that is on the card.



If you are in India and cannot use applications like Offerup, use Meesho. Meesho allows anyone who wants to start a business from home to sell on his platform. The application can ship products to more than 15,000 Indian cities and has more than 10 million sellers. The Meesho is only available for mobile devices. In Meesho you will not only find product photos, but also videos in which the seller shows the product from all possible angles. With Meesho users can make transactions lasting X hours or minutes. Many of the items you will find on the Meesho are shipped free of charge.

Facebook Marketplace


The Facebook marketplace is an excellent alternative to similar offers and applications. In Facebook groups, people can post offers on the products they want to sell. To increase your chances of success on Facebook, you need to join a group of 1000 users or publish your product on the Facebook marketplace. The best thing about FB is that anyone with an FB account can become an FB vendor. The application also has a range filter. The Marketplace feature is based on other interesting Facebook features, such as Messenger, different email background styles, smileys, and so on.

5 miles

Five miles.

5Miles is a secret service that allows you to find the best deals in your area (within a radius of 5 miles). You don’t have to pay to transfer goods five miles away. The application offers a $5 discount to new users. A new feature called Dash has recently been added to 5 Miles. This function allows users to create or participate in auctions. The application has an integrated module for the exchange of messages.

In addition to the applications listed above, you can also use the best ranked applications to sell/purchase used or antique items online.

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