Every year, Apple releases new products, software and updates, which are presented at the WWDC (Apple Worldwide Developers). At this event people are present and see the live updates, but this year the format was different. It was totally different because of the coronavirus and the big incident with George Floyd. According to Apple, they value the health of their customers, not their enjoyment. However, they managed to make the WWDC show so beautiful, entertaining and at the same time educational. Some fans even tweeted that this year’s WWDC was better than previous years and that they didn’t have to pay to see the show. In this article I will show you how to install MacOS Big Sur on VirtualBox on a Windows PC.

Some of the biggest launches include Big Sur MacOS, iOS 14, iPadOS 14, WatchOS 7, TVOS 14, Apple’s silicone chips, AirPods and many minor enhancements, but there have also been changes that many fans didn’t appreciate. For example, no material was presented and many fans were annoyed by this situation. All Apple fans have waited all year for WWDC to introduce new products and updates, but this year the new products were not at their best. Anyway, let’s take a look at this year’s WWDC updates. Let’s take a look at Maco’s Big Sur. In the following sections we will show you not only the functions of Big Surs macOS, but also how to install Big Sur macOS on a Windows computer.

What’s new with MacOS Big Sur?

The new Big Sur Apple MacOS pays special attention to small details and customer needs. MacOS Big Sur has a powerful design and settings have made it one of the most advanced desktop operating systems in the world. This is the latest version of the MacOS and the full version will be released in the fall of this year. MacOS Big Sur is a big improvement because Apple does not use the number 10 for MacOS Big Sur. MacOS Big Sur is version 11.0 of MacOS.

Because the version number has increased the number of better functions, the new, easy-to-use formulas have been changed. With MacOS, Big Sur has brought Apple a big update since the introduction of Mac OS X (many years ago). In this article, we’ve explained every detail of MacOS Big Sur from head to toe. And we’re also looking at WWDC. After that,

Since the previous MacOS was called Catalina, Apple used an image of Santa Catalina as a desktop image. Apple had beautiful photos of Santa Catalina Island as a profile picture on their desktop. And it looks much better with the time-shifting office function. But with MacOS Big Sur we don’t have a Big Sur deck photo as a desktop or profile picture. Instead, we have beautiful and colorful colors in the profile picture, which can match the mood and personality of each of us.

In macros, Big Sur widgets can be configured in three different sizes. And users can choose the size of the widgets and get information more easily than ever. The new MacOS makes windows appear brighter, giving you extra transparency and rounded corners. The icons of the application have been updated and have a new square shape that is very aesthetic. In the new macros, the Big Sur menu bar has been redesigned in applications and offers more space with much better editing tools. And thanks to new tools that allow you to better integrate into your content, the sound system has been completely redesigned. In addition, new icons have been introduced on toolbars, side panels and controls to ensure clarity and consistency in applications.

Another big improvement of macOS Big Sur is the newly designed Notification Center. The notification center has been redesigned, grouping a large number of interactive notifications in the same way as iOS 14.  Safari has been fully updated and recycled as never before. This new safari is beautiful, let me explain.

iOS 14 is a new updated version of the iOS. According to Apple, they spent time rethinking the most iconic elements of the iPhone experience. And after a lot of thinking and effort, they’ve made 3 new important and amazing changes to iOS 14. The first and one of the most important changes in iOS 14 is the screen, the application library. As we get more storage space in the new iPhone devices. We want to download more and more applications, but with the growing number of applications we get more and more applications. At the end of the day we have a lot of pages and sometimes we forget what was on the last or penultimate page.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to organize all these requests without too much work? Yes, Apple has rejected our request and has added a new feature, App Library. It has a new place at the end or on the start screen that automatically organizes all your requests in a simple and easy to navigate form. And you can hide the application pages if you don’t need them now or if you want to keep them secret. We have offers in the App Library, and all requests are organized from A to Z in the search field. At the same time, I will explain to you step by step and show you how to install MacOS Big Sur on a VirtualBox on a Windows computer.

Another feature that Apple has made important changes to is the widgets. Every iPhone user needs the help of widgets to get information at a glance. But a lot has changed since Apple introduced widgets and the first iPhone. And now the use of gadgets is less than ever because we have an Apple watch. And we can get information from our wristwatch in seconds. This year a lot has changed in the market for widgets.

The gadgets are now more beautiful and the data is available in different sizes, which you can choose according to your own needs. And now they’re even more accessible, except that you can drag and drop them from today’s news and see them on your home screen.

Previously, iPhone users had to download applications to watch videos and work. But thanks to the new picture-in-picture features, iPhone users can now perform more than two tasks at the same time. For example, you can meet a friend and navigate through Instagram.

Siri has been completely redesigned, and there are now a lot of new updates, like when you ask a Siri question in iOS 14, your screen isn’t black and you don’t see any spelling or conversations about you and Siri. Siri also helps you dictate and translate speeches, sentences, conversations and voices, even offline. And this translation can be done in 11 languages, such as Chinese, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Portuguese and Russian. There are many more changes in the news, emojis, group messages, maps now available in 3 new countries, CarPlay, App Store, AppClips, Safari and many small quick changes.

iPadOS takes full advantage of the great features of iOS while delivering an exceptional iPad experience. This year iPadOS offers a unique design for the iPad that takes full advantage of the iPad’s large Multi-Touch screen. ipadOS has over a million apps available from the App Store, and iPadOS provides storage space to download all these apps to your iPad. You’ll also find redesigned widgets like IOS 14 on iPadOS, and in Photos, the new sidebar makes it easier than ever to edit your photos and videos. You can drag the image to the edit section in the sidebar and edit what you want. And the instruments are better than ever.

You can also add a photo to multiple albums. This sidebar can be found in many other applications, such as notes, files, calendar and music. And there are many more improvements in these applications. Siri has also been updated and redesigned in iPadOS. Siri is in the corner of the screen and you can watch and read while you talk to Siri about your new appointment. Calls have been enhanced on iPadOS and iOS 14. And now it will be like a notification instead of shutting down all your screens. The search has also changed and evolved, and you can now search on the screen or in an application of your choice. And now the suggestions developed by the research. And now you can find the answers online via search. Whether you’re a fan of Windows or Mac, we have a great option for you, so not both. Here is a guide to installing Big Sur macOS on VirtualBox on a Windows PC.

With the inclusion of these applications and enhancements, you can use everything introduced with iOS 14 on your iPadOS. Even an Apple pencil is designed this way and cannot function in the same way as a text. Now even a non-professional artist can draw and work very professionally with an Apple pencil. Users told us that after using an Apple pencil, we didn’t want to remove it. Apple has now introduced new features in Apple pencils, and after the update, users can use an Apple pencil to work on any application or software. Apple has made huge improvements in handwriting recognition, and when a user writes, they can now make a simple selection, just like with text. You can double-click on a word to select it, or change the color and move the spelling.

In addition, many great updates come and go in the air capsules. AirPods can now be easily exchanged between your devices using the manual switch. AirPods can automatically switch from iOS to iPadOS and from iPadOS to Mac. AirPods Pro also has an exciting new feature called Spatial Audio. With space audio, you can enjoy your movies at home in the cinema on your ipadOS or iOS.

macOS Big Sur (macOS 11)

MacOS is one of Apple’s greatest inventions. Every year at the WWDC (Apple Worldwide Developers Conference) the macros are updated and improved. The star of this thread is macOS Big Sur. macOS Big Sur features a brand new design and major updates for some key applications and platforms. And just like its name, Big Sur brings with it an incomparable amount of power and beauty. At the WWDC 2020 conference, Apple said we’ve enhanced some of the Mac’s most iconic features. The first job Apple mentioned was the Doc. The Dock has a streamlined new design that floats at the bottom of your desktop, and you’ll notice the beautiful icons of the new applications. The Finder also has a new design from top to bottom of the side panel. And it has a compact toolbar.

The post has also received a wonderful update. Users will notice that there are more and more glyphs in the mail in the page section. And colors are back, so each application uses its own key color. The new toolbar makes it very easy to get full control.

The statues are beautiful now. Users can access all their albums and media types via the sidebar, and the photo grid is supported by Metal. Apple refused to design all applications in the system. And applications such as calendars, notes, podcasts, music and iWork are now great and easy to use.

This menu bar can be used to control and run all the things you can use with the new Control Center for Mac and MacOS, such as Wi-Fi and sound. All your controls will be there, and they’re easy to set up.

Your Notification Center has also been reinvented and will now present your notifications and widgets in a single view. You can view the full notification via the Notification Center and use newly designed widgets. You can also edit these widgets.

Many changes have also been made to the Big Sur applications. News has many new features and updates, and one of the most used is the powerful search. This new feature it – you’ll find it at the right time. The massage also features a redesigned photo selector that makes it easy to share photos and videos. That’s what I like best, Memoji. Now I can take my notes on a Mac, and so can you.

Maps on MacOS Big Sur are great with a new edition of favorites. You won’t lose your favorite coffee shop or library. You can also make your own guides for the places you want to visit. And when your card is closed, you can’t get lost in a public place like Airpot. Features introduced in iOS 14 will also be available in MacOS Big Sur.

Mac Catalyst is my second favorite thing on MacOS, but this year it’s even better. This year, developers can optimize their applications to take full advantage of Mac native screen resolution. It includes powerful new menu and keyboard APIs and updated controls such as check boxes and date switches. The list of available third party catalysts is getting longer and longer.

Safari is the best application, and we love Safari for its fast performance, energy efficiency, and advanced data protection. Safari is the fastest desktop browser in the world, and this year Safari will be faster than any other browser. The safari will always be more private and you will not be followed by anyone on the safari. And you can see how this website relates to user privacy. macOS Big Sur is great and offers many other new features, including a customizable home page, redesigned tags, native language translation, and much more. You already know a lot about Big Sur and its quality, but let’s continue with the installation of MacOS Big Sur on VirtualBox on a Windows PC.

What is VirtualBox?

Before proceeding with the installation, we need to know what VirtualBox is and how it works. Is the VirtualBox harmful to our computer or not? Before we talk about habits, good and evil, let’s talk about their definition. What is virtualization? Virtualization is the main activity of VirtualBox. All processes running VirtualBox are called virtualisation.

Virtualisation allows a hardware computer to use different operating systems. 20th century computers. Computers of the 21st century have powerful processors and hardware, but no operating system works with this performance. That’s why virtualization was created. With virtualisation, a single hard disk can function as multiple hard disks. And users can install and use different operating systems on the same drive.

Now that we have understood virtualization, we can understand VirtualBox. VirtualBox is an open source expert guide to x86 virtualization.  VirtualBox is a virtualization program that helps users to run two or more operating systems on the same disk. VirtualBox is a huge application that can create and run almost any operating system in a virtual machine. But that doesn’t make it complicated and expensive at all. On the contrary, it is very easy to use and absolutely free of charge, yes. With this in mind we will continue with the installation of MacOS Big Sur on VirtualBox on a Windows PC.

How to install MacOS Big Sur on VirtualBox on a WindowsPC?

Regarding the installation of Big Sur macOS, you may be interested to know how we will install Big Sur macOS on VirtualBox on a Windows computer. The answer is how we, and especially you, could do this using the third party application mentioned above. It’s a VirtualBox. Just like we introduced VirtualBox, it’s a free, simple and great tool that lets you install MacOS Big Sur on VirtualBox on a Windows PC. Because it is a free virtual machine application different from VMware, it does not limit us to the operating system that owns it. I mean it’s got all the operating systems we need, including macros.

If you have Big Sur macOS installed on VMware on a Windows computer, you know that VMware does not provide the default macOS option on your operating system. To do this, you need to download and install Unlocker for VMware. But this is certainly not the case for VirtualBox, because it supports the installation of MacOS Big Sur on VirtualBox and other versions of VirtualBox. It also means you no longer need to install MacOS Unlocking for VMware, known only as VMware. So, without installing the patch, you can easily perform this installation and these steps and install MacOS Big Sur on VirtualBox on a Windows PC.

Step 1 – Create or download MacOS Big Sur ISO

The first step, and certainly one of the most important, is to create or download MacOS Big Sur ISO. Don’t worry, we have both options, and under no circumstances do you have to do it alone. Whatever option you choose, we can help you. And we did it with another article that completely showed how to do it with the steps and everything.

If you think you can get it from the App Store or Apple’s beta program, you’ve got it all wrong. The reason for this is that it’s not an ISO file, which means Apple has its own file format, DMG, and even if you download Big Sur from Apple’s beta program, you won’t get Big Sur right away. However, if you try to download Big Sur from there, you will probably beta access the MacOS Developer utility. If you continue downloading MacOS Big Sur, it won’t end up being ISO.

That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive step-by-step guide to creating Big Sur ISO macOS. Check it out and it’s as easy as copying and pasting commands while taking your MacOS Big Sur with you. And so as not to embarrass you, it should be in Mac. So, if you have a Mac and a reliable connection, you can probably make MacOS Big Sur ISO pretty easy. It’s good to have the latest version of Big Sur with you, whether in beta mode or in the final version.

However, the problem is that not everyone has a fast and reliable internet connection, and some may suffer from limited connectivity, which is really hard to achieve. In this case, we did the work in advance and you don’t even need a minimum of work. Just download the Big Sur ISO, and that’s all you have to do.

macOS Big Sur Beta 11.0 Developer Beta 2 (20A4300b) 7. July 2020.

With all these things and obstacles, most of you would like to download MacOS Big Sur ISO, because I think most of you don’t have access to MacOS and don’t have a reliable connection. If you have a Mac, you don’t need to install MacOS Big Sur on VirtualBox on Windows. In this case you can just download it here, because that’s all you have to do. So, if you have the option, you don’t have to choose the first option.

Step 2 – Installing Oracle VirtualBox VM on Windows

Only with this file we cannot install MacOS Big Sur directly on VirtualBox on a Windows PC. We need a platform or environment we can work with. That’s why we need to install VirtualBox, which is not our only option, but certainly our preferred one. We therefore recommend that you download VirtualBox and first install it on your Windows computer so that we can continue our work. The startup and installation process is as simple as you can imagine. At least some work is needed to get the file and perform it with different wizards for the violin. Moreover, it is not heavy and does not need to slow down the PC, but can be installed very quickly and does not take up a lot of time and space.

In this case, download Orcale VM VirtualBox using the link below and install it when the download is complete. Don’t forget to download the VirtualBox extension package at the same time.

VirtualBox Wizard

And best of all, all you have to do is download and install, take out a subscription or ask questions or buy a license or whatever. So, when you start the installation, it looks like this. Just click Next.

Click Next several times and when this window appears, click Install.

Install VirtualBox

When you’re done, click Done.

Complete the installation

You can operate it and just leave the installation.

The third stepis the installation of the VirtualBoxexpansion pack.

This is why you must also install the VirtualBox expansion pack after installing VirtualBox. It is basically a set of tools and functions that allow us to use USB, including mouse and keyword management and many other things it supports. But it’s not as necessary as it sounds or as VMware tools. Nevertheless, we will continue with the installation, which will prevent some problems and errors that may occur during the installation. Also, since Big Sur is not yet fully released and is still in beta mode, there may be problems or bugs, so it is best to install the VirtualBox add-on package to try to avoid or catch up with it. For your convenience, I recommend installing the VirtualBox expansion pack. Learn how to install MacOS Big Sur on a VirtualBox on a Windows computer.

Don’t worry, it’s also similar to installing VirtualBox and can be obtained from the same site where you get VirtualBox. Upon receipt, launch VirtualBox and open the box and ask you to install it. Click on the Install button and it will be installed.

Installation of the VirtualBox expansion pack

Other windows, such as Conditions, etc., appear there as well. Just go ahead and have it installed.

Accept the conditions

Click OK when you’re done.

Ready for installation

Step four – Creating a brand new virtual machine

The creation of a virtual machine in VirtualBox is different from that of VMware. This means that it is very simple and, as mentioned earlier, does not require a patch, but supports the standard MacOS installation. In addition, it provides a wizard option that groups the wizard into a window so that you can configure the device in a window that does not go through the options. So let’s see what it looks like, what it looks like. So let’s start by creating a new machine to install MacOS Big Sur on VirtualBox on a Windows PC as soon as possible.

To create a new machine, open VirtualBox and click New.

Creating a virtual machine

A window will appear that allows you to create a virtual machine, just click on the Expert Mode button.

Now fill in the blank line with the name probably macOS Big Sur, and then indicate where the files should be saved. It then automatically detects the operating system and version. Then, increase the memory to 50-60% of the system memory and choose hard drive in the last section to create a virtual machine.

New car

In this window, first specify the location where you want to save the computer’s hard drive and then the size of the drive. For the size of the hard drive, make sure you have allocated at least 100 GB or more of hard drive space. Finally, select VHD as the disk type, which automatically increases the size of the disk when in use and does not take up extra space when not in use. When you’re done, click Create.

Creating a hard drive

Step 5 – Setting virtual machine parameters

At the moment we’re almost done working on the machine, but without adjusting it, it’s useless. The installation is primarily designed to meet our needs and also to run the machine according to our computer resources. Don’t take it lightly, because if you miss this part, the construction will seriously fail and the game will change forever. Even if you have problems with some things, you can assume that you may have done something wrong in this game. This is almost the last step to install MacOS Big Sur on VirtualBox on a Windows PC.

Continue with the machine settings.

And in the System tab, uncheck the disc.

Remove the checkmark from the floppy disk

In the next tab, CPU, set the CPU to the highest value, i.e. 50-60% of the system resources, but at least 2 or more.

Zoom processors

In addition to the Display tab, set the maximum value for the video memory and change the setting of the graphics controller to VMSVGA.

Enlarge the video

Go to the next Memory tab, click on the player icon, then click on the player icon on the left and select MacOS Big Sur ISO. It tells the computer to use the MacOS Big Sur ISO for startup.

To change it at first startup, set macOS Big On ISO in the optical drive menu to SATA port 0. Make sure not to lift the disc, as this indicates that the device will start from where it is located.

add macOS Big Sur ISO

Step 6– Apply commands to command line

Like the execution of a command, it requires a simple command, which is quite simple. These codes are no different from the other codes and are very easy to use. If you’re wondering what it does, it essentially solves the installation and launch of MacOS Big Sur without a hitch, even though VirtualBox supports the installation of MacOS itself. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt your car or your computer.

Don’t forget to find the exact name of your virtual machine and copy it. To do this, open VirtualBox, click on the settings icon and copy the name of your computer from there.

Name of the VM

The procedure is very simple. First close the VirtualBox with the machine, which is very important.

Close VirtualBox

In this step, copy and paste the following code into the notepad and press Ctrl + H Then write the name of the machine, in this case we write the name of the VM, then write macOS Big Sur on the next blank line and press Replace All. It simply replaces the full name of the VM with the name of the machine ready for the next step.

Team management

Then copy all commands and just open a command line from the Start menu. You don’t have to open it as an administrator.

Control line

After opening, paste all commands with a single click of the right mouse button and press the Enter key.

Enter the commands.

Step 7 – Installing Big Sur MacOS on VirtualBox on Windows.

The car’s ready, yeah! !! And that’s all there is to make and configure the machine, and there’s nothing more to do or have done. It’s time to install MacOS Big Sur on VirtualBox on a Windows PC. It’s a bit different from VMware, but it’s actually quite simple as you can imagine. Let’s see how it goes.

Now start VirtualBox and use the button to start the machine. Since this is the first time, it will take some time.

Starting the machine

It’s no different than the actual installation on a Mac or installation on VMware, it’s like installing MacOS Big Sur on VirtualBox on a Windows PC. Thus, after a long wait, it turns out to be the same installation that you may have already seen. Select your preferred language and click Next.

Then select Disk Utility and click Continue.

Go to Disk Utility

Now select the disk we created earlier on VirtualBox and click Delete.

windscreen wipe

Enter a special name and press the Clear button.

windscreen wipe

When finished, click Finish and close the window.


At this point, when the drive is ready, click Install MacOS and continue.

Install MacOS

You can continue with the installation of MacOS. It’s like installing MacOS Big Sur on VirtualBox on a Windows PC.

Continue with MacOS

Accept the terms and conditions and click on the I accept button.

General terms and conditions

Finally, select the only drive we have removed and click Install.

Install MacOS

The installation starts in a minute, so don’t worry, she’ll do it herself. This means you can make it look like this for a while, and with a few reboots it will install everything itself and wait until everything is ready.

Definition of macros

The eighth step is to configure the MacOS Big Sur settings on VirtualBox.

The installation is almost complete. All you have to do is choose how you want to configure your Mac and what it should or shouldn’t do for you, and what you want your Mac to do for you or something. This is the last small part of the installation, which is very simple. And the good thing is that you can start testing the parameters, so whatever you choose, go after it.

So after a while, when the installation is complete, it will be there.

Select your region below this point and continue.

Choose your language

Select your preferred keyboard and items and press Next.

Written and spoken language

If you have physical problems or want to solve them, that’s fine. Otherwise you don’t need it. Just click Not Now.

Select accessibility

If a data and privacy window appears, you agree to the following.

Data and data protection

Do not transfer anything from your PC unless you want to use it as your primary operating system, which we assume you will not. However, if you need to translate something, you can do it later, so don’t choose.

Migration Assistant

Whether you want to register now or later, you can do both. If you have an Apple ID, you can do it now, or if you don’t have an Apple ID, you can do it later.

Login with the Apple ID

Read the terms and conditions or accept them simply by clicking on the I accept button. Then click on I accept in the pop-up window again.

negotiation terms

As with Windows or any other operating system, you’ll need to create at least one user account to work, but because the Mac is more secure, you’ll need to create a password-protected account to use the Mac. Fill in the details and click on Next.

Create a user account

Express Setup reminds you of this and includes maps and other applications that allow you to track and see your position to improve things.

Express Voices

Like the name, Analytics will send information and diagnostic data to Apple to improve the situation, so go ahead.


Proceed to the screen time by clicking on the Customize button later, because I don’t think you want to customize, and also because you may not be familiar with it.

Show time

When Siri appears, you can either connect or disconnect and simply click Next.

Select the desired display and press Next.

Choose your opinion

And that’s it! The installation will be ready soon, only the preparations are in full swing and we are working on getting it ready for use, so relax.

Mac configuration

Once it happens, it should be in the main area. And find out how beautiful it looks, how it’s leveled and how fast. And check out everything you want to know and find out why it satisfies or challenges Windows. It takes control of Windows, day after day, so you can use it safely. This is the procedure for installing Big Sur macOS on VirtualBox on a Windows PC.

Install macOS Big Sur on VirtualBox on a Windows PC.

Here’s another picture of the details.

Install macOS Big Sur on VirtualBox on a Windows PC.

Final Step – Capture the screen resolution of MacOS Big Sur to VirtualBox.

After the successful installation of Big Sur on VirtualBox, you can rest assured that you can now get your hands dirty. But it’s not really like that, because there’s a problem, it’s not really a big problem, it’s a small problem, and it’s the screen resolution. If you’ve used it before, or even if you haven’t used it much, you may still feel like using full screen resolution, but if you do, you’ll see that black covers everything around the screen except the middle, which is wallpaper, and that’s not much.

And of course it happens to everyone, even us, but fortunately it is very easy to fix. By default, the screen resolution is the small resolution you see in VirtualBox, not only in VirtualBox, but also in VMware if you have installed it before. But don’t worry, we can fix it with these measures.

These methods work not only for MacOS Big Sur, but also for MacOS Catalina, MacOS Mojave and other versions, simply by changing their machine name and other identical names, steps and so on. There are different ways and methods of doing things right, but as you know, we choose the one that works best, or at least the one that works better than the others.

And if you’ve installed previous versions of MacOS on VirtualBox, you might have an idea of how we did it and how we’re going to do it. So get ready and let’s go.

First close the machine and the VirtualBox.

Fixed Screen Resolution MacOS Big Sur

Then close the VirtualBox.

Close VirtualBox

Then open the Big Sur macOS code for VirtualBox and press Ctrl + H, the replacement panel will open. Then write down the name of the VM first, then the name of your virtual machine on the second, which for us is MacOS Big Sur. Then press the Replace All button.

If you do not know the name of your virtual machine, go to VirtualBox and then to the machine you can see there or in the settings.

On this screen you open a command line (you do not have to do this as an administrator) from the Start menu.

Control line

Now change the resolution or leave it at 1920×1080 by default if you have this screen resolution. You can also change the screen resolution as shown below. The resolutions are listed below, and you can simply choose the resolution that suits your screen and replace the current resolution, which is 1920×1080, as easily as possible.

Screen resolution code macOS Big Sur

Then copy a single line command, open a command line, and paste the line into the command line by right-clicking and pressing the Enter key.

The teams have been set up

Then start VirtualBox and turn on the machine.

VM startup

Here we go, macOS Big Sur is here with full resolution. When you sign up, you’ll see the most advanced Big Sur MacOS with all the features and full screen resolution.

macOS Big Sur on VirtualBox – full screen resolution

To check, go to the Apple icon and click About This Mac, and you’ll see the screen resolution in the View menu.

macOS Big Sur on VirtualBox – full screen resolution

This is the simplest and most functional way. There are many ways to do it, but because sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t, it makes them unattractive or very good to use. Besides, they’re not very easy, on the contrary, they’re a little more complicated. Because they all do the same job, but what we’ve chosen is better, there’s no other choice.

In general it was about the installation and configuration of MacOS Big Sur on VirtualBox. So we installed MacOS Big Sur on VirtualBox on a Windows computer from scratch, from overriding or creating the file until we solved the low screen resolution problem, and made it fully operational. We are also working on the video, which will be released soon and will keep you informed.

As with previous versions of MacOS, users may experience problems there, and some good users who know the solution will also help them, but don’t worry, we’ll listen to you and try to catch your problems and throw them into the computer to solve them. So whoever has a problem can easily comment on it and we will respond, but whoever knows the solution would be grateful to share the solution that has worked with him or her.