A quick search on the Internet shows how desperate people are to find a reliable alternative to iTunes. Most people are looking for a quick way to send and stream music, videos and images to their iOS devices, or a more intuitive application that goes beyond the boundaries of iTunes. So whatever your motivation, there are many alternatives on the market and AnyTrans is the best option.

This versatile iOS manager brings all your Apple devices together for faster access and control. This tool gives you easy access to music, photos, videos, safari history and other content. The best thing about the programme is its unparalleled dynamism. Whether it’s your iPhone, your computer, iCloud or iTunes, there are no limits. In addition, the minimalistic design makes it easy to navigate through the software.

In addition to the efficient and minimalist control of iOS data and files, AnyTrans makes it easy to back up your iPhone/iPad wirelessly and automatically. Easily transfer books, messages and voice notes from one iPhone to another or to your computer and vice versa. And for download maniacs, AnyTrans lets you download videos from over 1000 sites, including YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram and Facebook.

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Anytrans Overview Summary

iMobie AnyTrans is definitely the best alternative to iTunes, especially when it comes to managing iOS content. I think it’s much better to work with him because he has a simple and minimalistic design. A clean interface works almost like iTunes, but with more clarity and efficiency.

The application contains many functions such as the iCloud data explorer, application manager, easy file transfer and file manager. AnyTrans lets you easily transfer data and files between two iPhones/iPads or from an iPhone to a computer and vice versa.

Anytrans iTunes Manager

Believe me! We looked at tons of alternatives to iTunes, and AnyTrans is the only program we thought was too good for an alternative name. This digital data tool syncs Apple, Android and Windows devices to transfer data and files faster. Contacts, music, videos, photos and safari history, you can save it all at once. In addition, the Auto & Backup function works in the background while you spend the day.

With AnyTrans, you can instantly download applications and updates in batch on your computer and install them on your iOS device with a single click. With iCloud Manager, you can better manage the storage space in your iCloud account by simply deleting items you no longer need. AnyTrans overcomes the limitations of iTunes and other commonly used applications and enables selective backup and restore, copy music directly from your computer to your mobile device, and easily manage the syncing of your iTunes library. In general, this tool allows you to manage data and files on mobile devices while bypassing the usual restrictions.


  • Easily sync and back up files between iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac devices
  • Better manage your iTunes and iCloud data and files.
  • Easily transfer files from one iOS device to another or to your computer and vice versa.
  • Automatic and wireless backups make your life easier
  • Tailor-made backup and repair
  • An excellent technical support team


  • With the free trial you can send only 30 items per day.
  • This is desktop software, which means you can’t transfer files without a PC and Mac.

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What is iMobie AnyTrans?

AnyTrans is a digital data tool from iMobie that makes it easy to manage files on your iPhone, iPad and iPod. With this software you can easily transfer movies, images, music, applications and other forms of content from your computer to your phone and vice versa. It’s also easy to back up files and data wirelessly without moving a finger. Usually your content is integrated in one place, so access, sharing and backup are easy.

How much does AnyTrans cost?

Like most other data management tools, AnyTrans of iMobie is available in both a free and a paid version. The free plan is limited to three days and you can only transfer 30 files per day.

In addition, the free version is subject to strict transfer restrictions. The paid version will unlock all restrictions of the free pricing plan. In addition, a license starts at $39.99 a year and $49.99 for life. If you want a license for 5 computers, the family license costs $69.99.


In addition to an ultraminiaturized and clean interface, iMobie AnyTrans offers flawless features that simplify data management. Some common features are:

1. Synchronization and transmission

The most common feature – Sync and Transfer – allows you to transfer content from your computer to your iPhone and vice versa. Connect your phone with a USB cable, open the AnyTrans application and transfer whatever you want. Whether it’s music, videos, or photos, you’re just a few clicks away from a successful transfer from your iPhone.

It’s more like iTunes because it makes it easy to transfer photos, data and files. But unlike iTunes, you can download music and other media to your iPhone or iPad by hand. Most importantly, it eliminates unnecessary library concepts, avoids duplication and is constantly resynchronized to make your experience more enjoyable than ever before. After all, it wasn’t easy to move content between two iOS devices.

2. Backup Manager

Anytrans backup function

One of the biggest drawbacks of using iTunes is the inability to let you know exactly what’s being backed up. And no matter how crazy it sounds, it’s impossible to know how many messages, contacts, browser safari history, emails and photos are in your backup. And that’s where AnyTrans comes in. With this tool you can easily manage your backups and check what is being backed up at the touch of a button.

What’s more, AnyTrans Backup allows you to selectively back up specific applications or text messages on your phone. And while this seems to be the basic principle of the iTunes alternative, selective saving is a feature few instruments possess. This function allows you to easily select what you want to save and leave everything else behind, saving you time and space.

Hint: The AnyTrans software also has an airlock function that allows you to secure your wireless iPhone. It is not necessary to have a monotone USB connection. In addition, the backup is made in the background when you are on the same network.

3. Application and administration management

The integrated AnyTrans Application Manager provides detailed information about the installed applications and at the same time facilitates the display of the file system. From here you can delete old contacts, save important notes for backup, and export your Safari bookmarks and URLs. You can also use this feature to manage your voicemail, messages, call history and more.

4. iCloud scout

Anytrans iCloud Manager

The iCloud Explorer allows you to easily access your iCloud backup at any time. The user interface is also different from what you see on iCoud.com. Most importantly, it is easy to sync sample files and folders on your iDevice directly to an iCloud backup.

Other features of iMobie AnyTrans are the following

  • Send WhatsApp messages to another phone. AnyTrans allows you to easily transfer WhatsApp messages to your new iPhone. Moreover, depending on the number of messages, the transmission does not take much time.
  • Setting the ringtone. The Create Ringtones function allows you to create your own ringtones and save them to your phone. Just select a music title and edit it.
  • Cloning your iPhone. The cloning function of iOS devices is very easy to use. Open AnyTrans and connect two iPhones to your computer. The interface allows you to select new and old iPhones and select the files and media to be transferred.
  • Download the video. AnyTrans lets you do more than just watch your favorite videos. You can simply download your favorite videos and watch them later if you don’t have an internet connection.

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Alternatives to inputs


iTunes is a mobile device management tool that lets you add, back up, and organise data on your Mac. You can also sync media files and other content with your iPhone/iPad.

It provides a convenient way to manage data with a variety of exciting features. However, as mentioned above, iTunes is subject to a number of restrictions, so we recommend switching to AnyTrans instead.


Like iTunes, iMazing is an incredible mobile management software that makes it easy to transfer data between iOS devices and MacOS or Windows computers. It also has better features than iTunes, especially since it has no restrictions on data transfer.

Read my review of iMazing here >

Media Monks

MediaMonkey is a digital media library application designed for Windows and MacOS computers. Music lovers will be pleased to know that the software offers incredible features that help them better manage their music collection. In addition, it contains the necessary plug-ins to facilitate the transition to video and other media formats. It also helps you find duplicate music files in the library so you can easily delete them.


Syncio’s Anvsoft Inc. mobile data transfer software helps manage data and files on the phone. It also works as an online video downloader, media player and ringtone maker. Most importantly, it is available for both Windows and MacOS computers. This means you can manage data on your iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android.


Is AnyTrans safe to use?

Using AnyTrans iOS is absolutely safe. It does not contain any malware and the installation file is downloaded by iMobie. Once downloaded, it is installed immediately, making it impossible to link files from third parties. Therefore, you can be sure that you are installing the most secure and up-to-date version of the software. Moreover, both the installation file and the downloaded program are subject to the Microsoft Security Essentials and Malware Scanning standards.

Does AnyTrans run on Windows?

Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! The software is also available for Windows computers. This device management tool allows you to easily manage and transfer files and data between your Windows computer and your Android phone.

How do I install AnyTrans on my computer?

Downloading and installing iOS AnyTrans is easy. It’s very simple:

  • Download the software.
  • Start the installation file – click on the downloaded file to start the installation file.
  • Install the program – follow the installation instructions to start the program.

Last words

And that’s it! iMobie AnyTrans is an efficient data management tool for your iPhone or iPad. Of course it’s not free and will cost you at least $39.99 per license, but the return is greater than the cost. And while most people compare it to iTunes, everything around it shows unparalleled superiority and efficiency. You can freely transfer music, photos and videos to your phone, computer and iTunes. And unlike iTunes, you don’t have to worry about AnyTrans limitations.

After trying dozens of applications that are being queried as an alternative to iTunes, I have no problem recommending AnyTrans for iOS.  And I’m going to make it the best iOS device management tool I’ve ever used. Take a look at some of the features the software offers and compare them to other solutions. It is affordable, efficient, safe and secure in the long term.

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Thank you for reading this report.



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