The world we live in is increasingly dependent on digital services. Automation is now a reality for most developed countries in the world. But although these new technologies improve our lives, they also have a number of weaknesses. Commercial software is generally not developed for security reasons. If you put safety first, you have to turn around to be strong.

What is reliable software?

Reliable software is more an idea than a certain type of code. This is a coding style where security is the first priority. Developers who take a hard approach to coding use a completely different approach when making their software.

All software has a purpose. Commercial software is designed to be a top priority. With reliable software, everything is different. Devices that develop reliable or secure software do so with a few important aspects in mind.

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They keep wondering how they can misuse their code? How can we put this program in an embarrassing position? How can this software be protected against attacks from highly qualified and often more talented people?

Finding answers to most, if not all, of these questions during the development phase of a project can greatly improve its safety status.

Continuous improvement of safety

Modern cyber security is a reactionary discipline. Malicious actors tend to take the first step by forcing those working on software security to react.

With robust software you play a proactive role. Combined with the right military hardware, you can significantly improve the software’s ability to repel potential attacks. The experts at servers/military/military/ stressed the advantages of special equipment in combination with reliable software. The results speak for themselves.

However, reliable software is not safe in the usual sense of the word. Security is about responding to known threats and preparing for what has already been deployed in the field. A robust approach to software design keeps you one step ahead of future threats. It’s a continuous cycle.

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The idea of developing such software arose from the cyber security tactic with cookies used in large organisations. Today’s massive systems depend on simple penetration tests to correct potential vulnerabilities. It doesn’t work anymore. In fact, this approach has not worked for years.

Less costs

Evolving threats require evolving solutions. It’s as simple as that. But it’s not so easy to stay ahead of those who are constantly looking for ways to decipher the code. This type of cyber security requires the continuous development of new updates for existing software. Reliable software is the same in this respect, but there is an important difference.

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With reliable software, you create a system that is not only more flexible with regard to future updates, but also offers better protection from the moment you receive them. As a result, you or your organization will need to implement far fewer security patches to stay one step ahead of the malicious forces working against you.

Full control over the funds of third parties

The creation of specialized software usually requires the use of third party resources. Although sometimes necessary, such third-party software may seriously compromise the security of the software itself. With a reliable approach, you continuously monitor the use and approval of external resources as part of a reliable and continuous process.

The goal is to keep your code as safe as possible without having to write user code for everything.

Automated tests

One of the most important assumptions in the development of reliable software is the continuous testing of safety. A large part of this software development mentality is based on automated audits that check for potential software vulnerabilities at each stage of the process.

Every time an update is distributed or a patch is released, the entire system is checked. This is to ensure that the software is generally safe and that any changes along the way do not pose a safety risk.

Development of the Community Initiatives

Finally, with the spread of the idea of secure software, a community of developers is gradually emerging that understands the importance of a unified and proactive approach to cybersecurity. A standardized block diagram for this encoding style alone is sufficient to increase security awareness for any developer who decides to make a reliable attempt.

Over time, the community will grow and reach a critical mass. Once this is done, we will see much less critical security breaches and hacking attempts in all types of software currently in use. In fact, using a robust approach may be the only way to protect critical systems in the future.

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