Our gaming predecessors experienced an entire spectacle as this hobby evolved from 8-bit visuals to striking ultra high-definition displays. While no one would want to bring back the poor dial-up connections and the inconvenience of disconnecting from their game whenever someone needs to use the phone, the transition has been satisfying to witness.

Music in gaming also received its share of tremendous development. We saw how mere bleeps turn into the earliest synthesized electronic music. In 1980, Namco released Rally-X, the first game that featured a continuous, melodic music background.

From then on, music became another money-making channel for game producers. Apart from the added allure to their titles, their soundtracks turn into passive income resources, thanks to re-releases and royalties.

The vinyl industry is another sector that benefited from video game music. Despite the popularity of music streaming channels and various digital doohickeys, the turntable craze remained robust. Interestingly, by the looks of it, this once-perceived zombie tech is here to stay. Read on why we think so.

Nostalgia Sells

Independent merchants have realized the impact of nostalgia on every consumer. Thus, they did not let YouTube and other platforms monopolize the potential benefits. After all, the new generation appreciates tangible items more than digital representations.

The retro theme targets the millennials, especially those born in the late 80s and 90s. This segment underwent the most significant technological transition with a familiar cycle wherein new gadgets would lead to the demise of their older versions in the market.

This intense longing for the past resulted in one rare phenomenon where an ancient prototype outlived those supposed to kill it: turntables.

Turntables are beautiful apparatuses with a timeless appeal. Beyond their looks is the unmatched user experience — that pre-listening chore where you lay down the huge vinyl disc onto the revolving platform and lower the tonearm.

Reminiscing the old times through this encounter warrants the costly maintenance and replacement parts. While some would spend a fortune on high-end cleaning services and accessories, others choose the practical route by purchasing economical yet efficient options like Shure Stylus.

Enthusiasts also claim that nothing beats the quality of analog-recorded music if played in an analog device like record players.

Most retro video game music albums are in vinyl as this may be the only platform during their original launch dates. However, due to the power of nostalgia, even new game OSTs get their vinyl versions.

Quality Soundtracks

Nostalgia can make a boomer or a millennial burn their hard-earned money in a snap without questioning a record’s usefulness. However, many soundtracks deserve your love, attention, and cash.

These classic titles that you must check include The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, Final Fantasy VII, Streets of Rage (1 or 2), Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest, and more.

The video game industry expects more quality songs and scores, so collecting vinyl soundtracks will not cease. With their pretty covers and appreciating value, this format is here to stay, and no kind of technology would ever replace the turntable in the hearts of the old souls.