The video game industry continues to grow. It is not surprising that this is a trend, given that developers release great games every year. Games have become a popular pastime.

The MacBook may not be the first choice when it comes to video game platforms. Most people would lean towards personal computers or consoles.

However, Macs have benefited from hardware improvements over the years, and it’s no secret that Macbook owners have also played more video games.

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How to optimize your MacBook for a better gaming experience

You can also go a step further by optimizing your computer for a better gaming experience on your MacBook. And the suggestions in this article should be a good reference for Mac owners who want to get the most out of their PC games.

Proposal 1 – Closing down redundant historical uses

A quality video game requires system resources, and a lot of them. If applications are running in the background, don’t be surprised if you experience image loss and other performance problems when playing video games.

There may be some exceptions for in-game background applications. For example, it is advisable to keep your antivirus software active at all times, even when playing video games and not surfing the Internet.

At the same time, playing video games on a robust platform like Steam can disable the antivirus and free up system resources.

In summary: The fewer background applications there are, the better the performance of the video game. You can check the active Mac processes in the Activity Viewer.

Proposal 2 – Hardware upgrade, if possible

Upgrading your Mac hardware isn’t that easy. Most models are not compatible with plug-ins. On the other hand, if you have a scalable Macbook, it might be worth spending some money on it.

The most popular options are extra memory and replacing the hard drive with an SSD. The latter is particularly recommended in order to increase efficiency.

It is also worth considering the purchase of an external graphics processor, especially if you want to promote your video games. At the same time, the new graphics cards are quite expensive.

Suggestion 3 – Clean the dirt in the computer

The loud sound you hear and the high temperature coming from your computer can not only be due to video games that require a lot of computer resources.

Too much dust and dirt inside is one of the main reasons for internal fan noise and computer overheating.

Removing dirt from the inside of your MacBook is good advice, even when you’re not playing video games. By doing these things regularly, you keep your laptop in good shape.

Proposal 4 – Scan for potential malware

Do not underestimate the potential of malware and viruses. Even a minor threat to cyber security can lead to serious performance problems.

Provide reliable antivirus software that detects and eliminates potential threats. Virtual private networks are also worth considering because they provide security and anonymity when surfing the Internet.

Motion 5 – Memory release

You shouldn’t end up with a few gigabytes of free space. Today’s video games require a lot of storage space and some users are reaching the limits of their hard drive.

Regularly delete unnecessary files. This includes old applications, downloads, email attachments and unnecessary temporary data such as application extensions and plug-ins.

You can transfer some of your files to external storage devices and to the cloud. Finally, instead of storing large media files on your computer, you can use streaming services and consume media on Netflix, Hulu, Spotify and other similar platforms.

Suggestion6 – Try full screen and window mode

Generally, video games work best in full screen mode. However, there may be some exceptions. In addition to the full screen mode, there is also a window mode.

Wind-up mode can be an optimal choice for games that don’t require a lot of resources to run smoothly. Even if the computer has to deal with a different background than the video game itself, you can still enjoy the game. Finally, different games work differently, so check for yourself to find the best option.

Motion 7 – Regularly restart your MacBook at

Regular restarts prevent memory leaks. Rebooting your MacBook improves overall performance. Ideally, you should restart your computer every few hours.

If the startup time is too long and you don’t want to restart your MacBook, narrow down the list of startup products, enable autorun, and remove desktop application shortcuts. This should improve the boot time of the laptop after rebooting.

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