CCleaner is an excellent program to remove unnecessary files from your computer, but it has some drawbacks, so we will look at some alternatives to cleaning. You need enough space on your hard disk to make the device work without any problems.

Even if you delete your data from time to time, the remnants of the deleted data may still consume the memory of your device. To completely erase deleted data, free up memory and increase the speed of the device, you can choose one of the above options.

20 best alternatives for CCleaner

1. Own master

Garbage is usually old or discarded material. However, the term garbage can in the gadget world means the remnants of a deleted file. This waste can take up most of your phone or laptop and ultimately reduce the storage capacity of your device. This will significantly slow down the operation of the device.

Clean Master is a great software that removes all unwanted data. It also destroys all sensitive files, prevents connection to risky websites and optimizes the system for better performance. It is a complete software for the management of the data and the speed of the device. By using this software from time to time, you can take your device out of rotation.

2. SystweakSystem Optimizer

This is the best free alternative to ccleaner for Windows 10. This extremely useful cleaning software works with maximum efficiency on all Windows platforms, from Windows to Vista and XP. If you notice that your system slows down or crashes frequently, you can use this application to improve the performance of your device. If you have a lot of large files, like. B. Games, it’s possible your system crashes.

This application is designed for passionate gamers who want to enjoy a super fast game. At the same time, it also protects your computer from confidential and corrupt files. Generally, this application increases the speed of your device while protecting it from threats.

3. Smartass

This is another PC cleaner that will improve the performance of your computer. It’s easy-to-use software that optimizes the performance of your device. This application has two modes of operation. It automatically detects and deletes unusable and deleted files. On the other hand, you can also select files you no longer need and delete them without leaving a trace.

This application also protects your privacy by erasing your Internet traces and history. The application updates itself automatically and performs a disk cleanup from time to time. An empty hard drive means both more storage space and maximum speed.

4. IObit Advanced care

The advanced IObit system has two main functions. On the one hand, it increases computer performance. Secondly, it also protects your data. Like all other wiping software, IObit Advanced System Care also removes unnecessary files and cache from your device, improving speed. It also updates your browsing history and removes cookies from the Internet, protecting your privacy.

Another interesting feature is that this feature blocks applications from authorized websites unless you give permission. This ensures that your device is protected against viruses and threats.

5. CleanMyPC

CleanMyPC is an efficient software to exploit the full potential of your PC. This application ensures that your device operates at very high speed without any problems. If you install this application and follow certain steps, you can remove all unnecessary files from your system. This application, like other similar applications, has an online privacy feature.

If you find unnecessary or inactive files, you can also use custom software to delete them all. The waste search function scans all files on your computer to ensure that the waste of your device is completely eliminated. This application is both easy to install and easy to use.

6. Cleaning of avast

Avast is known for its antivirus software. However, this particular version of Avast speeds up your computer by deleting unnecessary files. In addition to simple junk, it removes broken shortcuts and automatically updates your applications.

If you find that your device’s battery is running low, Avast Cleanup can also help you identify and remove applications that consume your resources. This software’s dialog box often warns you about your computer’s performance and also tells you what to do if your machine slows down.

7. AVG PC TuneUp

AVG PC Tuneup software is an all-in-one tool to keep your PC healthy. If you often encounter problems as a result of errors and malfunctions, this application is made to solve them. It scans your hard drives for unnecessary programs and removes all unnecessary and bloated software to keep your system running smoothly.

No matter how many files you have, this application scans each file to improve the performance of your system. AVG PC Tuneup also speeds up your web browsing experience by clearing your browser’s caches and cookies. In addition, your navigation data is also protected by this application.

8. Blinding services

Next on our list is Glary Utilities. Multi-purpose software. First, it works as a registry cleaner and removes all unnecessary files from your hard drive. It identifies and removes spyware if it is present. The memory optimization option ensures the deletion of repetitive and corrupt files.

The application also supports faults and errors to keep your PC running smoothly. This simple application can perform 20 different functions, all for the maintenance of your PC. All you have to do is download and grant a few permissions, and Glary Utilities will take care of the rest.

9. Power Tools JV16

If you are looking for software that will optimize your PC by removing all unnecessary and damaged files, JV16 is easy to use and efficient. If you want to remove software from your system, this software can help you remove the last piece and save space.

The application works best with all versions of Windows, including Vista and XP. User manuals and information for this application are also available in languages other than English. You can speed up your device with this simple software.

10. Ninja System

The next application that can help your laptop and desktop computer run smoothly and without interruption is System Ninja. This software is the best solution for all your PC problems. Install this application and click on the one-click optimization option. Virtually all the junk hidden in your computer is removed within minutes.

The next amazing feature of this software is browser scrambling. No matter which application you use, be it Chrome, Firefox or Opera, System Ninja also analyzes data from these applications. It removes waste from the navigator and speeds up your navigation.

11. Ace Utility supply

It’s an application you can rely on to remove waste from your system. The software scans your system and provides accurate data on all files on your system. If there are duplicates or multiple copies of the same file, it is useful to identify and delete the same copy to save space.

In addition, defective labels can be repaired if possible. Otherwise, these defective files will be deleted. It also cleans the register of your system. Like all of the cleaner programs mentioned above, it also cleans the Internet of garbage and cache to enhance your online experience.

12. Winutilities Pro

The tool is an indispensable part of any computer. And Winutilities Pro is a must have for super fast computer speed. This software searches for and deletes files that reduce the speed of your computer to improve the speed of your device.

The program also searches for traces and erroneous files and deletes them to save space. With this software you can also manage your Windows memory and window settings. There is no need to clean it specifically every time. You can schedule a cleanup that automatically removes unnecessary data from your system.

13. Iolo System Mechanical

This software is used to monitor the overall performance of your computer. It saves disk space by eliminating hard drive waste while accelerating memory. It also improves the startup time of your PC and helps you manage Internet caches and cookies.

In addition, the program searches for unnecessary files or files that slow down your computer. The software also identifies hidden pages to speed up loading and browsing. The mechanics of the Iolo system is designed to solve up to 30,000 system tasks to improve the performance of your computer.

14. Tree size

Tree Sizing is an ideal tool for space management on mobile phones. With this tool you can easily manage the data in your files. From copying, moving and archiving files to identifying and deleting duplicate files, Treesize Professional does it all in a snap.

This utility provides detailed information about the available storage space and how much space each file on your phone takes up. This information allows the user to configure the deletion of large files that disrupt the operation of the computer.

15. Winzip

Winzip is another tool for managing the data storage space on your system. This tool is designed to solve the 20 most common computer problems. It also performs a garbage disposal function and deletes trace files that take up space on your hard drives.

Winzip also protects your security and privacy. It also works as an optimizer for Windows. This application is designed to increase the performance of your computer and improve its speed and efficiency.

16. WinOptimizer 2020

In general, the system has built-in tools to optimize performance. But that’s not enough. Therefore, tools such as Ashampoo WinOptimizer play an important role in eliminating waste and improving performance. This utility shows the current availability of disk space and the space taken up by different files.

With this tool you can manage your storage space with one click. It finds traces, invalid tags, cookies, caches and garbage and removes them all to save space. It will also increase your system memory for more efficient operation. With this versatile program you can manage almost everything on your system, including fonts.

17. Private fibre

Privazer is a software that you can download for free from the internet. However, this tool is safe and reliable and guarantees that your system is perfectly clean. Like all other tools, Privazer permanently removes unwanted traces and files from your system.

Manage disk space efficiently by deleting damaged or corrupted files. Not only, if your file is partially deleted, you can also try to recover your files based on the remains, but this tool can also help you to recover lost files to some extent.

18. Confidential Gum

As the name suggests, this tool is primarily intended for people who are concerned about their privacy online. The software is ideal for almost all browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer. From viewing the history to saving passwords and cache cookies, this file allows you to erase all details. So you can be sure that your data is ultra secure.

Although it is designed to clean the cache on the Internet, it can also remove unnecessary files stored on drives. You can also clean your registry and monitor your Windows system in real time with a single program.

19. File cleaner

The next one on our list of programs is a file cleaner. All you have to do is download and install this software and set up a custom analysis program. The program will then take care of your computer. The software manages your system, from removing shredded and damaged files to optimizing your computer for better performance. You can see the difference before and after the scan. Manage files and remove duplicates with a single tool.

20. Duplicate cleaner

If you are a person with a very large number of files, then this tool is for you. No matter how many files you have on your system, this tool will help you identify and delete duplicate files without leaving a trace. You can even search for archived files with this tool.

It scans and verifies the content of each file. Ultimately, it protects the system and effectively maintains the system space.


Now we know for sure that you can choose one of the 20 best cleaning solutions and get started. In the digital age, we all live with so much data stored in files and folders that it is a bit impossible to manage what is best and what should be ignored. Applications such as File Cleaner and Duplicate Cleaner only help us to get rid of unnecessary data stored on our devices, they clean the device and make it run easier than before.

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