Top 5 providers of fake numbers for online verification – When registering on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Line and other social media, mobile phone numbers sometimes become a barrier.

5 best sites for selling fake license plates to check online

It is possible that your mobile phone number is missing or that other conditions are met. This is probably an obstacle for you when you are asked to enter your mobile phone number.

The same applies if you want to shop online. Don’t get confused, because now you can make fake numbers for free.

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Wrong numbers are not uncommon these days.

The fake numbers themselves are now available as toll and freephone numbers. If you want to use this fake number too, you can do so from Android, from the iPhone to the computer.

What’s even more interesting is that this fake number appears to come from several countries, the UK, America, Belgium and even Indonesia.

Working systems that are chosen incorrectly are more or less the use of virtual numbers provided by the website for specific applications.

Do you need a fake phone number too? If that’s the case.

Top False Number Provider Sites for Online Verification 2021 offers fake virtual numbers from all over the world, including Indonesian numbers.

You can use the number to access social media like Instagram, WhatsApp on Facebook and others.


Another website that also offers fake phone numbers is

On this page you will find Indonesian numbers and numbers from other countries. However, the number of Indonesians from this region is quite limited.

Currently, there is only one number that can be used to receive text messages and calls. If you want an Indonesian number, you can copy and paste the website address.

TextPlus application

TextPlus application

It’s not just websites that offer fake numbers. There is also a Textplus application that offers fake numbers that can be used entirely by phone, SMS, to receive WBS codes.

If you want to obtain a virtual number, first register your email address and your original mobile phone number.

If you do not have a mobile phone number, you will receive a separate virtual number later. However, the numbers listed in this request are international numbers only.

TextPlus Application

Next application

Next request

Like nextplus, this application also offers fake numbers. You must also register in advance. The next Plus application will focus more on US than Indonesian figures.

Next application

Talcaton request

Use of the call tone

If you want a wrong number, but in Indonesian, you can call the Talkatone.

Talkatone numbers can only accept OTP codes used for SMS and phone verification and recording.

Talkatone application

Burner: Smartphone number

Smartphoneburner : Smart phone number

Brenner: Your smartphone number is a paid virtual mobile application. Therefore, you cannot use the service to obtain free verification codes via phone and SMS.

However, the advantage of this application is that it contains at least 40 phone numbers from different countries.

In this way, you can alternatively select numbers for a created social network account or chat room.

Brenner: Smart phone number

Anonymous numbers Shhh

Anonymous telephone numbers for confidentiality

This application not only offers fake virtual toll-free numbers, but can also block foreign numbers.

Pretty cool, huh? Hidden anonymous phone numbers can also help you hide your cell phone number when you call someone else.

Anonymous numbers

More information can be found here:


So, my friends, here are the best fake website provider numbers for online verification, credentials and fake application numbers that could be an option. This eliminates the problem of verification.

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