BTC betting is now more exciting and entertaining with the advent of prop bets. These bets are so prominent most BTC betting platforms consider it essential to offer them. Every sports game available on the Bitcoin betting sites has its preposition bet option. 

While proposition bets are fun to stake on, they are also equally profitable. However, if you are playing these bets to make a profit, you need to apply specific strategies. Moreover, many people still play the preposition bet and win without any plan. An example of games where this type of bet is especially compelling is the annual playoff of the national football league (NFL). 

However, you should know the difference between skilled and fun bets to profit on BTC betting sites with a proposition bet. This article will cover all there is to know about bets while explaining how to win games with them. 

What is a Prop Bet?

You don’t have to use a BTC betting site before you can play prop bets. Some people have been playing these bets all their lives unknowingly. For instance, if you ever promised to give someone a gift When they pass a test, or you dare someone, and you assure them rewards if they succeed, that’s a prop.

Proposition bet employs options of events which can be a pass or fail. However, it’s a proposition bet when a wager is attached to the event. Sometimes these bets are referred to as specials by a few BTC betting sites. Moreover, they feature in different circumstances and are of another form. Sometimes the stake does not necessarily affect the result of an event.

Benefits of Playing Prop Bets on BTC Betting Sites

Many customers of Bitcoin betting sites love these bets because of the several advantages that come with playing them. However, each person’s approach and chance depend solely on individual preferences. So now, let’s discuss the top benefits of playing proposition games on BTC betting sites.

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Betting Flexibility

Sports betting would be very dull if people could only play a win, draw or lose. Betting on specific events or scenes of the event adds all the necessary spice to sports betting. BTC betting sites know how important it is to offer flexibility, allowing several betting options. 

With these selections, bettors can use their sports intelligence to predict certain parts of the events. For example, if you believe a player will thrive and the team will lose the event, you can choose this selection. 


The main reason people choose to play these bets on BTC betting platforms is to profit. Therefore, these games give you the best opportunity to make a lot of money. Moreover, you don’t have to do much when playing proposition bets on BTC betting sites. For instance, if you are unsure of the fighter to win an MMA event, you can play a proposition bet. Without the proposition bet, you could only play a winning bet.

Proposition bets allow you to bet on how the fight will end rather than playing who will win directly. So, for example, you can play a fighter to win by a particular style like knockout rather than playing outright winner. However, with the several options of BTC betting prop games and the offers of cryptocurrencies, you can be sure it’s better than playing them on traditional sites.

How the Prop Bet works on the BTC Betting Site

The first and most important thing about starting a prop bet on a BTC betting site is to fully understand the event and how to place them on the sportsbook. Although prop bets may initially sound confusing, this article will show that they are straightforward. Let’s now look at some real-life examples of prop bets.

These examples are based on an event between two NFL teams. The New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles played in the final called the Super bowl. However, some of the prop bets offered by the BTC betting sites include:

Team to Score First

Eagles EV

Patriots -120

Successful 2 Point Conversion pick – Yes or No

Yes +220

No -330

Opening Coin Toss Heads or Tails

Heads -120

Tails -120

These BTC betting sites prop bet shows what the bookie offers, and gamblers may play instead of an outright win. However, they can play whether the eagles or Patriots will score first. Clicking the top line means you are betting on the eagles, while the one just below is a bet for the patriot.

However, if you click the top line and the Eagles win with even numbers, you will get your reward, but a win for the Patriots is a loss to you. When you pick each of these bets, the sportsbook proposes options, and you get to bet on whether or not it will happen or what the outcome will be. For example, you can bet on which team will score first. 

The units are the first thing you see on each bet line. The top line bet is a bet on the Eagles to score first, and the second line is a bet on the Patriots to score first. However, if you bet on the patriot, you can be confident you will get odds of 120. 

In the second example, what you are staking on differs from the first selection. Here you are staking on if there will be a 2-point conversion during the game. Moreover, gamblers can pick an action depending on their preference. 

The options clearly state a yes is confirmed by clicking the first line under the bet type, and the line that follows it is no. The odds of this selection range (+220) if you pick a yes; however, if you are keen on winning big, you may insist on playing the no option with an odd of 330. 

The last example shows the option of playing where the open toss coin will reveal. Both the head and tail have the same odd. All these prop options are what you can enjoy on BTC betting sites and make a lot of profit.